Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, March 5, 2010

It’s Friday

It’s Friday, not much different around here though, Donna is off to the truck company and then the restaurant, Sam has some chores around here today, I went out to the 5th wheel since it was almost 50 degrees here yesterday, I took the TV converter down and tried to hitch it up but I couldn’t get the menu screen to come up, I hope it isn’t a bad unit, the trailer was 37 degrees inside when I went in so I fired the furnace up and in about 30 minutes it was up to 57 degrees so I guess the furnace is in good working order over the winter. Looked around for any evidence of humidity but it looked good, a month or so I will take it out of mothballs and get it ready for our trips. We have started thinking about getting rid of some stuff prior to selling the house. Donna asked me to go on the internet and see what the value of my Jim Beam police car decanters were, There sure is going to be a lot of stuff to get rid of that you collected over a lifetime, but like I told her those decanters have just sat on a shelf in the family room entertainment center for 30-40 years and there just won’t be storage room for them in my trailer, I also will have to drastically thin my HO Model Railroad collection, I told her basically I would keep a couple of Locomotives and my Lackawanna Phoebe Snow passenger train, along with my radio throttle and the rest would go, I will either place a garage sale aid at the club or local hobby shop and get rid it that way. Funny how you spend a lifetime buying stuff that you have to have and then there comes a time when you have to get rid of it. I guess anyone who has decide to go fulltime has made these hard choices and they surely are things you can live without, maybe some of you have suggestions on how you went about this.
How about a Rigg’s story.
                “Honest Mom I’m trying to be a good boy”
Sorry Mom how was I suppose to know you didn't want to brush your hair at 330 in the morning. I only had the brush
in my mouth and jumped on you so I could help you get ready for work and I wasn't really running away from you I was
just happy  you were up.
Now about that carmex stuff,....it says its for lips...I just forgot that dogs don't have lips and I only put teeth marks all over it
because I was trying to get the cap off !
Adam plays with those toys why cant I ?
sorry but I didn't like the channel you had on, you know what they say No news is good news.....really I was just trying to
see if Lassie or pets stars was on.  Yes I did run away this time, you are always hogging that remote.
No I don't know who I was going to call at 400 a.m. but you never know who else might be up. and no ,dog slobber on a phone is
not disgusting besides I hadn't had anything to drink yet so it couldn't have been that wet.
You bet I'm fast, you thought you could drop that underwear into the hamper faster than I could grab it......fooled you.
Hey when you got out of that thing that makes you all wet and were bent over with a towel at your feet how was I to know
that my nose was that GD cold...you smelled nice .
Well, you said you were going to work so guess its time for my nap, I'm a little tired.
Well that’s it for now, See Ya, Be Safe out there, Sam & Donna.


  1. awww that Riggs!

    He just wants to go camping---

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/

  2. It is good to get rid of the "stuff." I donated a ton of stuff to the Blue Moon Sanctuary when I moved from Missouri including my Pioneer stereo mini system. I have a small 840 sq ft two bedroom/two bath home on purpose. This way I CAN'T pack rat stuff. Seriously, if I am not using the item then I do not need it.

    I love music but the packaging on CDs was so bulky! Now all discs are stored in disc books and I did the same with my DVDs. No packaging. I felt really bad about disposing of all that stuff but it is what it is.

    Now with being able to purchase music as a digital file I don't even buy CDs anymore. I don't buy movies either. I use Netflix for DVD rentals and streaming movies to my TV over the internet. The nice thing is I can stream TV shows that are released on DVD too!

    It is such a good feeling to be "less" so many of the bulky material items. They have a way of sucking away your energy without you even knowing it! It will be absolutely awesome for you guys to sell that house and live on road. Fantastic! I'm so excited for you!


  3. Noticed your blog on our Feedjit feed this morning. We too lost a dog this past summer and sympathize totally. We also understand about puppies--GRRRR---we have a 9 month old schnauzer puppy and her trick is to howl incessantly when left alone. May you soon get to retire and live your dream!