Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

nice weekend surprise.

Donna and i were relaxing on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon when Rigg’s went to red alert at the porch door.Out on the porch was a flower delivery guy for Donna.What a great surprise. Our good friends Paul and Helen Tempesta from Florida had sent Donna some beautiful  fresh cut flowers, They are so thoughtful we are certainly lucky to have friends like that. I can only hope Donna recovers enough to make another visit to their home.

Donna's flowers07-30-16a

Here is the two boys just relaxing and chilling at Sam’s feet.


No much else going on Donna says she is doing better. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Update,Good News for a change.

Donna just found out that she is dong so well, they will be sending her home tomorrow some time.I will be so glad to have my bride home again.When I saw her on that breathing machine the first day, I honestly was worried that she wouldn’t make it. Now she looks great again. Our prayers were certainly answered. That’s about it for now. Sam & Donna….

Friday, July 22, 2016

Not so good news and update.

This morning (Friday) Donna had to be taken to the hospital again, She had a couple of bad days breathing wise and this morning she could hardly breath,so we got an ambulance and she went back to St Josephs. Once thy got her situated, they put her on a machine to assist her breathing, not a respirator that breaths for you,and started IV’s, they are going to check her blood counts and see if she needs infusions, needless to say I stayed with her a couple hours  and then when she wanted to sleep I went home to wait until they got her to a room, won’t know much more until morning. I hope they can get her feeling better fast. Send prayers. Sam…

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy Independence Day



July 4th we Americans celebrate our Declaration of Independence . We have been a proudly Independent Nation since 1776,

I hope we remain that way for several hundred more years.

Some of the other things I am proud of our  my Grandchildren here is some new ones of the New Jersey Grand's.


Meghen on right.

13510863_866635020108348_2225211187725070658_n (1)

Katie in middle and Meghen on right at the boardwalk in Point Pleasant NJ.




Meghen left, Katie in middle.on Carousel.


Ice Cream break.

Looks like the girls and their friend had a great time and some big winnings.

Donna is getting around a little better she has in house rehab several times a week and is making good progress according to her nurses.That's about it for today hope all our friends are having a great 4 the of July weekend, we had a ton of rain on Sunday. Be safe out there. Sam and Donna…..

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rigg’s turn to see the Doc

Over the last few months just  about the whole Weibel Clan has has there turn with medicals issues, I had surgery on both my eyes, Donna has had two hospital stays and a broken leg, So yesterday since he was due for his shots, Rigg’s had an appointment with his vet he got his new Rabies shot, and several other shots along with heartworm medicine.The Lady Vet said, he is 105 lbs. which for his age (7)  is too heavy, she suggested cutting down on his food.So effective immediately Rigg’s is on short rations, He will still get two meals a day but the quantity of food will be cut.
On the Donna front she is doing well at home and getting around in her walker/scooter,I keep the wheelchair in her car for when we go out. Yesterday I took her to her Doctor at St Joseph’s where she had an infusion treatment for her blood count.That took nearly three hours so she sent me home and I went back for her when she was done.
She now has three in home nurses that come, a rehab nurse, a home care nurse from Medicare, and a second home care nurse from her medical plan (Esse Health).  So far she is progressing just fine.
OH yeah this morning Rigg’s saw me take the tag for his new rabies shot off the paper, he must have known it was his because he came running over and sat by my chair while I took his collar off and put the tag on it and then put the collar back around his neck,he was a happy guy.
Nothing else new around the ranch, so everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna……..

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Update on my bride Donna, today at 04PM Donna was released from St Joseph's Hospital, and allowed to come home. She will have in home rehab and I will have my bride back, she really looks good.and her blood level is back up. they will be keeping a check on her blood levels. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and well wishes while she was going through this ordeal.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Back in Hospital

Donna is back at St Joseph’s Hospital again, they discovered her blood counts were dangerously low, also her iron level. When I went to visit yesterday she was getting her second transfusion, will probably need one more before she leaves, Don’t know if she will be going to rehab or not seems Medicare is balking on the cost, Doctor said if not he will try to arrange home care. Either way in one way I would like rehab to continue to the point she is walking without trouble,in the other I would like her home with me. After the flu last week and this setback I am exhausted, however I will do my best to make visits and help as much as I can. I will cut this short so I can get a nap, haven’t heard from Donna yet today, but I got her laptop over to her yesterday so now she can communicate again, yesterday she was out of touch because her phone ran down. Hope all our friends are doing a lot better than us. Be safe Sam & Donna..