Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sat/Sun Mumblings.

Started Sat at about 05:30AM with coffee it was another hot day close to 100 and not much got accomplished, nothing outside, Donna went to work at the Restaurant about 04:00PM and that was it for the day.
Sunday we were up about the same time  and had our coffee, it was noticeably cooler at about 70 degrees and stayed that way all morning, I went out about 09:00AM and backed Donna’s Escape out of the garage and jacked it up, she had said that after she started driving it to work after the alternator job was finished, she was hearing a noise come from the right front wheel like something was scraping something. Since you have to remove the right wheel, caliper assembly,hub and front axle shafts to get the alternator, I figured something was rubbing that touched when it was being assembled. After I got the wheel off I saw the the metal dust cover for the brake rotor has been bent just slightly in and was just barely touching the rotor, I bent it back out about an eighth of an inch and no more noise.
Rigg’s and Sadie want to say hi so I will turn the blog over to them for a minute.
Hi, everybody....haven’t woofed at  you in a while.
I've been a good boy, really I have.
What Mom, the trash incident?
Oh yeah forgot about that.
Well, you see Mom thought that by having  the trash bag all tied up it was safe not to put it in the room that she can close the door on....Ha ha....I untied it. boy was there some good stuff in there....some bones, some half eaten sandwiches, but they were in some kind of plastic, so I just ate the whole thing.  And a lot more stuff. Mom was really worried because of the bones, and after a couple of days I wasn’t feeling too good.
Well off to the doctor I went.  I really don’t like that place much, but I'm a pretty good guy and don’t give anyone too much trouble.  First the lady doctor felt my tummy and said it was pretty hard and better get some X-rays, they took me into this room w/o my mom, put me on a table and held me, but then they wanted me to lay on my back...uh uh, no way.  They tried but as they later told my mom, boy is he strong! Hey I don’t run and swim for nothing, I got muscles.  Well pictures showed that I had something still in my tummy, but the rest looked okay.  I had to take some medicine and my mom and dad had to give me lots of bread to wrap around any bones that may be in my stomach....I didn't mind that I like bread.  Well guess is was all that bread, boy did I get sick to my stomach...out came all the plastic wrap so it wasn’t the bones after all.  I'm fine now, but Mom said if I got an allowance it would be forfeited forever to pay the doctor.
Sorry about the bruises, but Sadie started it.  There I was just chilling' on your bed while you were working in your room, then SHE comes in and taunts me, double  DARES me to chase her, what could I do.  So I leaped, away she went, me after her, into the kitchen, around the living room and the race was on back down the hall. Now  she is so much smaller she can stop a lot faster than I can, I just couldn’t put the brakes on fast enough not to slam you into the dresser.
See don’t we look sorry.
Ok, big brother you look sad about what you did to your Mom, but what about what you did to me the other day.
Your Mom had put you out when she got up, since I heard her I pawed at Andy's door to come out cause I really had to pee.  When she opened the door I charged down that hall toward the kitchen door.  You were just laying on the patio looking around, when your Mom open the door and told you to come in and said that Sadie had to go, you looked right at me and took off. When your Mom yelled at you you came back up, by this time I was on my hind legs dancing, I really had to go....you look strait at me and started chasing bugs !  You never chase bugs.
You thought it was so funny, knowing I had to go really really bad.  Finally when your Mom got that stern voice you came in so she could put me on the chain for outside.  That was rather mean of you.
Sadie do you really think I did that on purpose?  Well what can I say, while you were out I went back into Mom's room and LMAO.
I couldn’t even stand up it was so funny, if you knew what you looked like dancing around and spinning !!!
Oh well, I'll be better tomorrow.
Looks like a typical day for the Weeb Ranch K-9 Div. They actually do get along just like a brother and sister would.
Donna did a little baking this morning,  first she made Gluten Free Strawberry Danish Rolls, When Kevin & Ruth arrive next week Ruth has to eat Gluten free so she is trying Gluten free recipes, Also she baked a sugar free Apple Pie for me. What a gal..
             Gluten Free Strawberry Danish.
ApplePIe 09-04-11a
                           Sugar Free Apple Pie.     
Tonight we are going to fire up the grill and grill a couple of steaks, and Donna is baking some homemade  Au Gratin Potatoes . Did I mention apple pie for dessert, yes sir it will be a great country supper here at the Weeb Ranch tonight. I am getting hungry just typing and looking at the pictures of the dessert.
I hope everyone is enjoying their 4 day weekend here in the US. All you Canadians feel free to join right in. I for one would vote for a change from Labor Day to Sept 11 being a Nation Holiday of Remembrance  for everyone who was lost in that terrible day and what the cost of freedom really is.
Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Thanks Rigs for the update on you & Sadie...you better be good from now on - stay out of the garbage!!! Am so glad you are starting to feel better.

    Sam & Donna enjoy your time with Kevin & Ruth. I picked up some gluten free cookbooks and am going to start cooking from them to see if it helps me with all my tummy problems.

  2. Sounds like the fur kids are up to hi-jinks again. :)

  3. Just can't stay out of trouble can you Riggs. The pie looks so good. Enjoy it for me will ya?

  4. oh Riggs are you ever gonna learn?..garbage is bad!..just run and run and swim like me!..I never get into trouble..time for my nap..been swimming twice today already!!..found a nice shady spot under the tree at the campsite!..perfection..

  5. That Donna is quite the cook...We are doing zip, zero, zilch tomorrow for Labor Day...Well, maybe a little window washing upstairs...See?..I just cannot seem to relax!

  6. At least you can look forward to Riggs growing out of the puppy stage. The bad news, according to our dog trainer, is that Labs don't get out of the puppy stage until they're eleven years old. It must be a riot with Riggs and Sadie. When Jodie, Coco, and Sandy get going, I have to be quick to put them outside before they destroy the house.

    Donna's pastry has my mouth watering.

    By the way, it has been only 85 the last few days in Florida. Pool's down to 84 degrees, so you get down here pretty soon.

    The Inverness Group

  7. Furbabies are rascally, Food looked yummy and post was a great read!
    Have fun

  8. Hey Sam, Donna, Riggs and Sadie, You guys are always having good food and good fun! Hope your holiday weekend was just great in every way! By the way, thanks for dropping by A Camp Host's Meanderings and leaving your thoughtful comments. Levonne