Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

Up early and my bride and I had our coffee together, We were joined by Kevin & Ruth for breakfast. Ruth whipped up some super gluten free pancakes. Kevin & Sam worked on the laptops and then we decided to go to old town St Charles and then see the Lewis & Clark Museum and sights on the riverfront. St Charles was the embarkation point for the Lewis & Clark Expedition and that is where they started their journey up the Missouri River.


                            Kevin Ruth & Donna.

53 intl 3-4 ton

                 53 International 3/4 ton pickup.

Saw this gem parked in Old Towne.

After the sights were seen we headed back to the Ranch as Kevin & Ruth wanted to head for their first stop at a campground in Mark Twain Forest.

After many hugs and see’ya’s, and One Adios Amigo.With much reluctance we bid our friends a safe journey and watched Sherman head down the driveway.

We are happy they are starting there southward adventure, but sad to see such a nice couple leave. We truly had a wonderful three day visit and look forward to meeting again one day.


           ‘ADIOS ‘ Sherman & Company.

Thought everyone would enjoy one more picture of the three k9 buddies so here is a picture taken while we were enjoying supper last night, Look at that concentration.


Three panhandlers waiting to see if they are getting a handout.

Now it’s back to the routine here at the Weeb Ranch, Donna will return to her jobs tomorrow and I will have to find a project around here.

Everyone have a safe week and be safe out there.

Sam & Donna……….


  1. I certainly hope they were rewarded for all their hard concentration. Love the truck.

  2. I helped McGuyver split wood today...He ran the "Log Hog" splitter and I stacked it..Then we brought some into our garage and stacked it for our fire pit and fireplace..Whew! I believe I have earned my cocktail hour tonight!!

  3. Glad you had such a good time with Kevin & Ruth... they are on one great adventure that is for sure!
    Have fun

  4. It's always sad to see good friends leave......I hate being alone anymore and I used to love it. gettin old and sentimental I guess.....Sure miss my two boys and Rollie and Gina....

  5. sad to see friends pull out of the driveway..you will see them again!..once a blog friend always a blog friend!!..adios Sherman..safe travels as you head to Mexico!!