Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Big Change in Saturday plans.

Sam is really bumming, seems at about 02:00pm he got a call from his Terminal Manager Mike, and the first thing he said was I have bad news for you, Then he said, the office in Festus just called and they cancelled the Florida trip, I said, did the whole trip get cancelled or just my part, he said then that they had decided to send a bus from Festus instead of the Kingdom City terminal so we were out of luck. I said gee, that’s a coincidence, since yesterday I got a call from Janice in the Festus office ( I have never met her or in fact been to that terminal and now I care even less to go) and she wanted me to take a day trip on Friday and when I found up I would be picking up in St Louis at 02:00pm and going to Kansas City and not getting back until after midnight and then having an hour drive back home, I told her no I needed my rest as I was leaving Saturday morning for Memphis to meet the bus for Florida. I could tell she was mad because she said I would have 8 hours rest between trips , but that starts when I leave the terminal, not when I get home and actually get in bed. Needless to say I told Mike now just because she is mad I get screwed out of a weeks pay, some way to run a company, he agreed I was getting the  poor side of the deal and said he would see what he could come up with this week for me. The thing that really ticks me off is when Janice called him looking for a driver, he told her I wasn’t available and that I was leaving on Saturday. So just because I wanted to be rested for a trip with a bunch of kids I lose a bunch of money. Makes sense huh. I told him if they are going to hold back trips like this and try to starve me let me know and I can look for a company that’s better to work for. Enough of a rant, if the house sells we will be out of here and not worry about side jobs unless it’s at a campground to supplement our pensions.

I took Rick’s advice on The RV are we there Yet Blog Network and opted out , he is right, I am not to concerned with how many hits I have, since we are not on the road yet, but I would feel better if people that do care enough to visit this site, hear it straight from the horse’s mouth instead of on someone else’s site. Rick is very computer literate and I respect his judgment.

Adam’s Mom came home from the hospital so his other Grandma picked him up last night and he is spending the weekend with her, so now Grandpa will be home anyway,it is also cool and supposed to rain off and on all weekend so I can’t get much accomplished or take the trailer out and relax somewhere.

Donna signed up for extra hours this week because she figured I would be out of town and now she is going to have to stick to that. I feel sorry for her as she worries about money , and does put in to many hours.

I hope this doesn’t bum anyone out  I try to be more positive on the blog, sometimes you just get all the bad stuff at once. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. I guess you'll just have to practice being retired. :-) It's nice to have readers, but I think most people really blog for themselves anyway. I think it's a neat way to keep my daily diary, and I do check back on locations I've been to or other details I can't remember. Maybe some people think blogging is a race to see how many readers they can get. :(

    Emma thinks she's in love with Riggs.

  2. Aww I'm sorry you got juggled out of the trip..look at it as a blessing...get your honey do list out..and wa-lla less to do later when you move.lol

    Cindy and Walker

  3. Judy, Rigg's says to tell Emma he is smart and very good looking, and like all other doggies, I hope someday down the road we all get to meet, I'm sure Emma will enjoy playing with Rigg's. Sam & Donna.

  4. Sorry to hear about all the confusion and messing around with your trip schedules! It's irritating when those things happen and putting them down in writing is a good way to let go of some of that frustration. It sure beats going out and punching someone in the nose(well, maybe not)! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. AW bummer on the schedule change... but maybe it's nice for him to be home for Mother's Day?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Man! What a way to run a railroad! I'd be a little frustrated and irritated too! Hopefully it will work out anyway...

  7. I'm sorry about your trip cancellation. That really stinks. All because you wanted to be a sensible, professional driver!!! Go figure. Hope you enjoy the upcoming week anyway.

  8. Bummer about the trip and the lady with an attitude! Sounds like a good week to get chores done with some nice family time.