Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Musings.

Well it’s another rainy morning, up at 04:30am, coffee with Donna, then she was off to the truck company at 05:30am. Adam was up at 06:30am and then off to school at 08:15am. My son Andy volunteered for the grocery run I was going to do this morning and is gone to the store.

Sam’s trip to the Eye Doctor went great, he had put it off and had not had an exam since 2004. After starting his diabetes pills his doctor told him his vision might change and it did, he could pass the DOT eye test without his glasses. The Eye Doctor confirmed that with the medication and lower sugar level his eyes are more relaxed and his vision is now 20/30 instead of 20/60. In the overall scheme of things this a a big improvement without surgery. He still prescribed a new pair of glasses with bifocals since I will still need help with reading, but he said driving with just regular sunglasses would be fine as it won’t strain my eyes, My old glasses were actually twice as strong as I needed and that is why I was seeing better without them for driving. He did a thorough exam of my eyes for any signs of cataracts and glaucoma and said I have no signs of either, just a little yellowing inside which is normal for my age. best yet I got out of there for $80 dollars for the exam and the new pair of glasses. Donna’s vision plan covered it and anytime i can save a few bucks I am a happy man.

After posting a question relating to adding links to other blogs I mention in mine, Cindy from FULLTIMING IS A CHINESE FIRE DRILL , Al from THE BAYFIELD BUNCH, and Rick from RICK & PAULETTES RV TRAVELS all were kind enough to send me instructions on how they do it and walla it looks like it will work. Thanks all of you for your help, and patience. I am still even after 74 posts a new guy in the blogger sense and I truly appreciate all the help I can get.

How about some Model train pictures, sorry girls I don’t know how to knit or weave, so you can bail if you want.

Since last winter the club I belong to has been adding lights to buildings and scenes and added a dimming feature to the overhead lights in the club room to be able to try to replicate nigh time a little better. I think it is turning out really good. What do you think?








                    The member that built this named it after Sam



All of this is in HO scale which is approximately 1/87th of real size.

I haven’t been scheduled for a trip with the bus again this week so I may be re-retired and not know it yet. If that’s the case it will give me the resolve to try to get this place sold and the stuff gone that we won’t need and then maybe we can start a new life. That’s it for now, Be safe out here, Sam & Donna


  1. We are still learning about blogger and blogging ourselves. It is a learning curve!!

    I am female... but I loved the pictures of the model train. We saw one in Foley, Alabama this past winter and I got kinda "hooked" on them. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care,
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Tee Hee I am not a knitter or weaver..and I love minature train sets!!The detail is always so neat to see!

    I am glad that you got it figured it out.Isn't it fun to discover new things on the blogs still?

    Have a great day..Cindy and Walker

  3. Those train town pictures look great from this altitude Sam. If I had to live in a town again I think I would shrink myself & move to your train town. Great job on the lighting for those buildings & everything looks very authentic. In fact I saw one of those guys standing outside the weigh scales get in that gravel truck & drive it away..........:))

  4. Great pics of the model trains. I've always liked to see model train setups wherever we go. Good job on the hyperlinks, looks like you've got it figured out.

  5. Nice photos today, Sam. I'm also very glad that the eye appointment resulted in good news!

    I e-mailed you about our pass-thru in the St. Louis area. This trip we won't be stopping in St. Louis, as we are having a long drive that day. We'll be having a one-night stop off in Owensville, west of the city. Perhaps someday in the near future we can meet up with you and Donna. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  6. I love your model trains, looks like an amazing set up. Take care of the diabetes, make sure you are checking your blood sugar and doing what it takes to control it. We want to see you out on the road for a very long time. I am enjoying your blog.