Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, May 21, 2010


It's Friday morning, Donna and I were up at 04:30am, had a coffee, she got ready for work, and at 05:30am Donna left for the Salt Mine (truck company). Adam must have really been played out from bike riding yesterday, as soon as he got home after telling grandpa only three more days of school he asked if he could go bike riding with his buddy next door, actually a couple hundred yards away. I told him okay, well he rode until 06:30 PM when I called in for supper, Grandpa made spaghetti for him & I he then watched TV until about 08:00pm when he said Grandpa lets watch TV on your Bed, I don't think he lasted ten minutes and was out. Donna got him into his bed when she got home.

This morning it got to be 07:30am and he was still asleep so I said , Rigg's go wake up Adam. Off Rigg's went to Adam's room.


                   First Rigg's tried the Handlick Maneuver.


When that didn't work he went for the old standby, the Face Lick.

That was it Adam was ready to start his day, of course when I told him to hit the rain locker (shower) he said Grandpa Rigg's already gave me shower.

Since Tuesday is his last day of school and his Mom has a house in Warrenton MO now after the school year is over he will be moving back with his Mom, he had lived with us for over a year while she was getting started over after losing her job at the GM assembly plant and having to give up her house, Adam needed a good school and the school right down the rode from us is brand new. Since his Dad lives with us it was the perfect choice and he got to see his Mom on weekends.

Don't know who will miss him the most Rigg's or Grandpa. But there will still be camping and we told him that when Grandma & I hit the road when he is on vacation he can come with us for a month and we will make visits so he will see us.

Hope it dries out so I can start on the grass, I have three weeks of rain induced grass to cut, it will take at least two passes to make it look tolerable. John ( Deere) will get a workout this weekend, supposed to be sunny all weekend.

I mentioned Judy & Emma  Travels with Emma  in yesterdays blog and said that Emma , who is a real cute.  Was a Lab Female, Judy wrote me and corrected me and said "Emma is absolutely not a lab. She is a pure bred Heinz 57 variety mutt! The vet thought she might have some boxer in her. I think also terrier of some sort and maybe some pit. Whatever her pedigree, she is one bundle of energy, and the strongest 35 lb. dog I've ever run into." Sorry Judy, I just thought Emma looked like a small Lab and whenever you assume anything you know what happens, No matter Rigg's loves anything with two, four or more lags and it wouldn't have mattered to him. I am sure he is looking forward to meeting you guys and all the dogs we come in contact with in our travels.

I have been doing little things to the trailer as you have seen on the blog and hopefully as soon as I can get my bride to take a Saturday night off from the restaurant, maybe even a Friday too, Either way I can take the trailer and setup on Friday night and she can meet me Saturday morning at a campground and we will still have Saturday night to enjoy a night out. Rigg's will enjoy snuggling with Dad on Friday till Mom gets there. I would like some shakedown trips before our final departure just to see what will work and where this or that will fit or have to be moved. believe it or not with Donna working two jobs aside from one summer vacation for a week last year she has not spent any time in our Coachman.

That's about it for now, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. TGIF!! Thanks for visiting!! I just added a link to our rig on our blog and look forward to get new pics when it comes home this weekend!!

  2. You two are the best for helping out with Adam. He is one lucky little boy surrounded by so much love. Every time I see a photo of Riggs I am reminded of our black lab...Riggens is one hunk of a superdog!! Hope you get away together for a weekend!

  3. Hope you all have a great weekend!! I just love the picture of Riggs waking up Adam...just adorable. I know you will miss Adam but just think about all the wonderful camping trips he will be able to take with you all!!!

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri

  4. Oh I'm sure Grandpa will be missing Adam the most. Good thing he'll be able to camp with you from time to time.

    I sent you an e-mail Sam about my campground membership post on the blog. Hope you got it OK. Have a great weekend.

  5. These are times that Adam will remember fondly for the rest of his life. I know Riggs will miss Adam, but I have a strong suspicion that Grandpa will miss him more. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us.