Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Notes

A great Sunday morning, looks like another warm day, Donna got to sleep in after a double shift yesterday, Sam was up at the usual 04:30am. I had my Sunday morning treat, Donna always stops at the donut shop on her way home on Sunday mornings and gets 2 plain cake donuts for me and 2 chocolate old fashions for her, also 2 glaze for Adam and 2 choc long johns for Andy.

Later in the morning she offered to cook breakfast, but I told her the donuts and coffee would hold me over.

The big news for yesterday was Rigg’s, He got to go to the 7th annual Paws in the Park, at the Quail Ridge Park in Wentzville MO. This is his second year, and they have all kinds of activities, it is a no leash dog park, and Rigg’s loves to go there. Andy took him and while he was there, Rigg’s got a micro chip installed, last year he was still to little. He also got his nails clipped for free. Andy said he let him run for an hour or so to play him out and then had the chip put in, He said Rigg’s was a real trooper and didn’t even notice the shot. He also got a good report on his behavior getting his nails trimmed.

When he got home he was wearing a new bandanna that he got and had a big bag full of stuff, like toys, chews and a new Frisbee that were being given out by different sponsors. He also got another tag to put on his collar to identify he has a chip. What a bunch of loot.

Andy forgot to take the camera so we had to wait for them to get home.


                              Oh boy did I have fun Dad.


             What do you think of my new bandanna


                          Here, is this my better side.


                             How about my serious look.


    Oh yeah my pedicure, Andy said I was good, How about a treat.

Got a little something done on the trailer, It has those round lights on each side, along with the little square yellow porch light on the awning side, The round lights had a white bulb and they were just too bright and we never used them as I figured they would attract bugs and bother other campers, last time I went to the camper place I asked if they had amber lenses for them and they said no they didn’t make them in amber. Yesterday I got the ladder out and took the lenses off and found out they had a single filament bulb like an auto bulb inside, So off I went to the Auto Zone and they had an amber auto bulb in a two pack for $4.99 number 1156A,  brought them home and installed them and now I have a less bright amber light that can be used and will not be as bothersome to other campers..

Adam is at his Mom’s for the weekend and will come home tonight, he still has a couple weeks of school left and then he will be moving back with his Mom in Warrenton MO.

That’s about it for now, I have a grocery run to make, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Wow! Sounds like Riggs had a super day. I better not let Rylie and Molly read that or they'll be bugging me to find one of those events!! Those Sunday morning donuts sure sound good, but unfortunately, we're still our diets so no donuts for me for a while! Nice pics of Riggs!

  2. Am wondering if Rigg's is a black lab. Looks a lot like my pal Corky from when we were at the ranch in Arizona these past couple winters. Super great dogs for sure & very playful.