Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Meanderings.

Up at 04:30AM with my bride, we had our coffee and then she was off to the truck company. No restaurant to night, but she has an appointment with her  neurologist on the way home.

Wanted to report on last nights supper, the Ham was a very tasty one, we will enjoy ham steaks and sandwiches from the tovars. Donna’s Homemade Au Gratin potatoes were also prize winning. I for one certainly went to bed last night full to the brim.

Rigg’s enjoyed his day at the Doggie Park, I don’t know who get more exercise , him or Donna with her throwing his toy constantly. there were about 6 black labs there but nobody could catch Rigg’s, one really young male about a year old could jump faster but Rigg’s would rip by him once swimming, like yesterdays news. Rigg’s practiced his buddy pull and pulled some of the others across the lake. Here's some pic’s.


               Donna’s got there attention here.


                Rigg’s is on the right with a buddy.


          Rigg’s tows his buddy through the water.


                 Rigg’s waiting for the throw.


                          Rigg’s and his friends.


               I have it and you can’t catch me.

As you see, it doesn’t take much to make Rigg’s a happy boy, Just add water and a float tee toy and he is a very happy boy.The one thing I noticed about doggie parks is a lot of people pay no attention to their dogs, It’s like drop the kid off for a movie for the afternoon. We spend as much time chasing down his float toys when other dogs steal them and there is no owner to call the dog down and help retrieve the toy. We would not allow Rigg’s to steal another dogs ball or toy he would be put on the leash for a time out. But yesterday their was about 3 dogs that appeared to be let run wild without any supervision. Most of the time with Rigg’s speed and size they don’t get much chance to steal. but Donna has been teaching him commands for his playtime , and when you tell him drop it and he does, and then someone's dog rushes in and grabs it, it takes away from the fun.

Anyway we came home all of us wet and muddy from the lake but having had a pretty good time all around.

Woke up this morning feeling feverish, so I am going to take a couple Day pills and some gatorade and try to knock this out , don’t want anything to ruin the vacation, all I can see right now is the pool and beaches.

Hope everyone is having a nice day. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Dinner sounded great, Au Gratin potatoes are one of my favorites. Sure looked like a fun day for Riggs, he's a beautiful dog. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Sounds like fun at the dog park!!..Riggs and Tucker would have a grand time!..is that an 'orange buoy' I see?..Tucker's favorite colour!!

  3. Labs are so easy to train due to their remarkable intelligence. Our Sparky obeyed whistle commands.

    Riggs is indeed a great pal to your entire family.

  4. I think Riig's has been waiting all winter to get out and play! :)

  5. butterbean carpenterApril 9, 2012 at 5:40 PM

    HOWDY Chief,

    STAY WELL!! Donna has earned this vacation, man!! Jack 'black' and lemon juice!!!


  6. When the Heck do you leave?? Get the Hell out of Dodge and you will improve instantly...I love Cesar, the Dog Whisperer...He says dogs are like kids..you can rehabilitate the dogs...and TRAIN the humans...If people have a dog who doesn't mind, it's likely their kids don't or didn't...just sayin'... NOW GET DONNA AND YOU HEADING SOUTH!!!!!

  7. Hope you were able to get lots of rest today. When do you head out on vacation and where are you heading (sorry if you have already blogged this)...hope you have fun!!! And get better now so you can enjoy that vacation.

  8. We had a German Shorthair Pointer that loved to swim in Lake Michigan, he always dragged some driftwood to the shore.

  9. I so loved watching Riggs at the doggie park. He really enjoys himself there and is able to get lots of exercise. Too bad about the few owners that don't watch their dogs though.

    Hope you're feeling better, definitely don't want to get sick before your trip away.

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. Riggs and his friends sure looked to be having a lot of fun at the dog park and in the water. A great day for Riggs and his buddies.

  11. Reminds me of ill mannered kids too. When our kids were little, we would take some toys to the beach and other kids would swipe them and play with them and not give them back. Sometimes toys were going home with other parents and we would have to keep track, and stop them on their way to their cars to get them back again! ARGGGHH As if they didn't know .....
    Karen and Steve
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