Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Notes.




Up at around 06:00AM and had coffee, my bride was up a little later and had hers. Adam got up about 08:00AM and found his basket waiting on the cook station, the bunny knows that if it was hidden. Rigg’s would find it.


                              And the winner is….

Adam said his foot is feeling better where he cut it yesterday. His Mom picked him up about 11:30AM. to take him home for some more Easter basket hunting.

The kid’s, Andy & Samantha are joining Nicole at Samantha’s Mothers house for the day of Easter and a family gathering. So it will be just Donna, Rigg’s and I today for the holiday.

Donna will be baking a ham and making a big dish of Au Gratin Potatoes to go with it.

We plan on an afternoon trip to the Doggie Park with Rigg’s, he doesn’t know it yet maybe some pictures in tomorrow’s blog.

It is a gorgeous sunny 69 degree day here it the Ranch, all the little girls will be out in their new clothes and looking pretty.

We pretty much have three more days predicted just like this. I hope they are right about it.

That’s about it for now be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Easter day especially for Riggs. We'll be taking my Aunt Happy for lunch here shortly.

  2. Glad Adams foot is feeling better and hope he enjoy's all the goodies in his basket. Sounds like a good Easter dinner. Hope Riggs has a good time at the Doggie Park.

  3. Happy Easter to you and your family, Sam. Hope they find all the eggs, and you don't end up stepping on one later. Riggs could help. Our Rusty sure enjoys looking for Easter Eggs. He still likes to get the plastic ones, so he can chew them open. I think he like the candy, too, but I'm not supposed to give that to him. I like it too, but Donna won't let me have any, so I just have to hope the Easter Bunny will bring some for me, or maybe I can sneak some into the grocery cart next time we're at the store...it should be on sale by then!

  4. Lucky you with the great weather back there. We woke to thunder and lightening, and told to expect more of the same rest of week.

    Probably headed your way.....

    Happy Easter!

  5. And over her in Rotorua, New Zealand, it's a beautiful Easter Monday. We will be visiting our son who is a paraplegic today and also another friend.

    Perfect autumn weather and we expect a high of 23'C or 73'F

    Better than most of our summer.


  6. happy Easter sounds like a nice day at your place...hope the weather holds for you...

  7. Happy Easter to you and yours...One year we hid the eggs outside and before the grandkids could find them, Ter and Tim's chocolate Lab, Homer, had most of them in his mouth...

  8. Happy Easter to you and Donna!..and the furkids too!

  9. Some times a quiet day at home alone is fun,,,,,,just not to often.... Hope you had a great Easter....

  10. Sure hope you enjoyed your quiet Easter together and that Riggs got to enjoy his time at the doggie park.

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. Sounds like a wonderful Easter for the two of you, with sassy Riggens vying for a chance to swipe the ham???

    Karen and Steve
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