Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hi everyone, it's Donna.
To answer the question of Tuesday blog....nope none of it was me....all Sam. 99.9% of time he is the
captain of the Blogship.One shout out that Sam failed to mention...if anyone in blogland is an area where
they are tired of warm temperatures and blue cloudless skies, let us know we will try to get to your area.
The year we went to Cancun Mexico, it had lowest recorded temperature, even the hot tub was cold. The winds picked up and it rained.  Last summer when we visited Karen and Steve of RV'ing Small House... BIG Backyard....guess what???  it rained almost everyday and the temperatures dropped.  Now we are in sunny
Florida....not really ...until today it has rained and Paul(Paul & Helen's Travels to Alaska in 2010) said the temperature last night of 40 degrees was the lowest recorded for that date...again tonite down into the 40's.
So I repeat the offer, if you are somewhere and it is dry and the temperature is 75-80 degrees and you
are just down right tired of it...let us know I'm sure we can visit and bring you some rain and cold.
Also if any of you have any influence over Helen (Kevin/ Ruth how about you) can you talk her into letting
me do something!  This lady is making me wonderful meals, serving it and her and Paul are cleaning up.
All that she will allow me to do is pet and play with her amazing dogs...What torture she is putting me
through. I ask you how much can a girl take..  :-)))
Well I'll sign off now, as Sam would say, Be safe out there


  1. Helen is a good lady.

    And no, we are NOT tired of the sunshine and warm temperatures. But you're welcome to come here anyhow. :-)


  2. Donna, don't come to Oregon just yet. Sam sent us some sunshine and we're enjoying it...so you can't have it back! We're glad you're enjoying the Oregon weather...that was the least we could do, share that with you. Now all you have to do is figure out how to leave it behind, or make it go away. Darn rain clouds anyway...we tried and tried to make them go away, but finally all that was left for us to do was out run them. We still have a few around, but there is some blue sky and sunshine, too...so we're happy about that! Thanks, and glad you're getting some well deserved time off and maybe even some rest. Sam takes naps...you should too!!

  3. rainy here too..so stay where you are!..glad you getting some rest and relaxation time, Donna!..you deserve it!!!..so just sit back and enjoy!

  4. Might want to head over to Arizona & give all those folks a welcome break over there. You could end up on the front page of a Phoenix newspapers as traveling weather heros.....

  5. Being spoiled never lasts long, so enjoy it while you can! :) You can keep the bad weather...

  6. Donna! If I remember right when we were in O'Fallon, MO. last year, our hostess cooked for us and did the cleaning up too. Turn about is fair play. GET OVER IT! (And just sit back and enjoy)

  7. Donna - wonderful post. Yep, some rain here in Oregon, just as Russ said. When the relaxing is offered - take it! Even in the rain, it sounds like a great time.

  8. We were in the high 90's last weekend her in Corona,CA. Now we are in the 60's with rain forecast for today. Nice to hear that you are getting some rest.