Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Mumblings.

We were up by 0600AM for coffee this morning, Donna was off until tonight at the restaurant, About 08:00AM she decided to griddle some pancakes so Adam & Her & I enjoyed a nice hot breakfast.

Adam was off to his buddies house about 10:00AM for a hard day of play, about 02:00PM he was back to say he cut the bottom of his foot on a piece of glass in the creek where they were playing. Brandon’s Mom put hydrogen peroxide on it. and sent him home for a band aid since they were out of them. It wasn’t bad and had stopped bleeding. Later before he goes to bed I will spread some antibiotic cream on it and put a fresh band aid on it overnight. Told him to keep his feet out of the creek for a couple days until that heals, so he doesn’t get any swamp water in it.

Not much doing it was sunny and about 72 today here at the Ranch. a good outside play day for the kid’s. My son had to borrow my good truck to go do a side job, so his girlfriend could use his Jeep. Her car needs brakes , so that will have to be done before the week is up.

Next week I will provision the fiver and put our rations aboard, and of course out Happy Hour supplies. Then it will be at last ready to go.

Hope Everyone is having a good Easter weekend , be safe out there.. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Happy Easter to you and Donna! hope you have great Sunday!

  2. Happy Easter to you, Donna and your family - including the muttzo's of course!

  3. Happy Easter Sam and Donna - hope you enjoy your day tomorrow.

  4. Happy Easter to the entire family... and yes, don't forget the happy hour supplies....That is my favorite hour of the whole day..

    I can feel your excitement building....I hope you take us all with you on your trip....

    God Bless you all!!!

  5. Happy Easter to you and Donna. Hope you have a wonderful day.