Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts.

Up about 05:30AM and had our coffee, Sam went back and got another hour nap.

Then we had a nice breakfast with Paul & Helen, One of the rear stabilizer jacks on the rear of the fiver one the way down to Fla. when I tried to put it up it wouldn’t stay up so I had to pry it up and strap it so it wouldn’t go down while we were traveling. Paul and Sam took it off this morning and they found a broken pin, Paul managed to drive the broken pin out and we put another one in and that fixed the problem.So nice to be able to make repairs on the road.

After that it was Swim Call for the four doggies, it was cool this morning the temp was 49 degrees when we got up and it only got into the low 70’s by afternoon. The water temperature had drooped from 85 to 73, So the humans stayed out. Of course the dog’s were in seventh heaven,They swam over an hour in and out fetching toys, and Coco diving to the bottom to retrieve hers. Rigg’s, Jodie& Sandy don’t dive, Rigg’s has never been in a swimming pool so he was hesitant at first to jump in from the wall but he is gaining his confidence and doing it now, Jodie & Sandy are Ladies and only enter the water in a ladylike graceful manner on the steps. Coco is the wild card and will leap halfway across the pool in the air.


 Rigg’s after his swim, he needs his nap by his Dad.

This afternoon Donna & I took the truck and went to Wally World for a couple of things. Then we topped off the truck with fuel so when we leave there won’t be a need to stop for awhile.

Tonight we are having Chicken on the grill, and some relaxing talk time.

Everyone has asked that Donna get some relax time and she is doing great, I like these getaways where she has no stress and she looks and feels better.

Hope everyone is having a great time. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. Glad Donna is enjoying this trip...Looks like you and Riggs are pretty "laid back" too :-)

  2. Nice photo of Riggs & Sam doing just what best Pals do best.

  3. Happy to hear everyone is getting some R & R, except Riggs. He looks plum tuckered out from all the swimming.

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    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Crazy weather here in NW Kansas. We run A/C during day and heater at night. Last night it was down in the 40's. Right now (6:15pm) it is 94.

    Okay - so who wrote the blog today? At first I thought it was Donna then it changed to Sam. Am I the only one who is confused?

  5. Yep, first it was Donna,,then Sam,,,,Its good if you both do write some,,,,,ms pat refuses. She says "that's your baby"!
    i couldn't handle it everyday like you do.....
    Sit back and enjoy!!

  6. so glad you are having a fun,relaxing time. I love to watch dogs swim - woof!

  7. So glad you guys are having fun and relaxing. To bad you didn't get down to Florida before we left ~ we've been so busy siteseeing that I am having trouble keeping up with my blog, Facebook and visiting my friends blogs...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  8. So glad you all are having a great time and getting in some much needed rest!! Love the picture of Sam and Riggs just chillaxing!!