Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Happenings.

Up at 04:30Am had coffee with my bride and finished loading the truck and fiver, and at 05:30AM we were off.


Sunrise as we entered the State of Illinois.

We headed across I-64 to I-57 and then headed south  I-24 then we stayed on 1-24, until we got to Chattanooga Tn. where we got on I-75 and headed south into Georgia, We are at the Leasure RV park, a very small park in Adairsville Ga. It is clean and a Passport America park, so for $15 we are spending the night without unhitching, we should be at Paul & Helen’s tomorrow afternoon sometime.


                Rigg’s the Happy Camper Dog.


              Going into Kentucky from Illinois.

We had a long travel day so we will be calling it quits early tonight. Five states in one day, tomorrow it will just be the rest of Georgia, and then Florida.

It really was a relaxing drive although we put some miles on, we will have less to do tomorrow.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Glad you're having an uneventful trip. Enjoy!

  2. Drive safe out there. Have fun. Riggs looks like he is.

  3. You did cover plenty of miles today! So glad you had a great travel day...you know the kind "uneventful."
    Have a good rest tonight and travel safely tomorrow!!

  4. Great to see you on the road, Sam. I took a train photo for you, and Donna put it on the blog. Hope you enjoy it. Have a great day.

  5. Riggs sure looks like he is enjoying his travels. Our Poppy likes nothing better than to be moving down the road.

  6. You're off, off and away.

    I found something that interested me today. I looked up our visit to Osage Beach, MO in 2004. I was surprised to see that we must have driven right by Dardenne Prairie so now we know where you live.

    We went to the Indianopolis Race Track then stayed at Fayette, Indiana for a couple of nights. From there we drove west and stopped at Boonville MO before going to Lake of the Osarks for a 3 day break from driving. I was checking on Mapquest and put Dardenne Prairie in just for fun. We loved driving through Missouri. Beautiful farming country.


  7. Gee,,,I'm sittin here wishin I was out there with ya!!!
    Enjoy yourselves and be SAFE!!!

  8. We use to drive almost 500 miles the first day out..Not any more...McGyver ages about one year per 500 miles...Glad you got to your destination safely.

  9. Glad you had a great day driving yesterday. That would definitely be way too long a day for us. How's the new floor on the fiver?

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. Have a safe and fun vacation.

  11. Did ya break the news to Riggens that he was NOT going to see Duke and Ducky this time? Wish we were with ya!