Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Meanderings.

Up at 04:30AMwith my pretty bride for our morning coffee. Then it Blogged for a little while,
Rigg’s had to got to the Vet’s as we had got a card saying he was due for another distemper vaccination. So I called and got him a 1230PM appointment, and then told him we were going for a ride in the truck. At the vets he was weighed and he was 104.7 lbs. I hope he can run some of that off on his vacation with his girlfriends at their pool. The vet said he needed three shots and Donna wanted me to ask about his snoring so loudly.She examined his nose and said everything looks fine and also said, Labs are pretty well noted for snoring and the bigger they are the more prevalent it is. The bottom line was he is healthy and ready for his trip and I am $105 dollars poorer.
Right now he is sleeping at my feet in the kitchen, whenever he gets shots it zonks him out and he barely lifted his head when Nicole came in from school. I had to tell her he had three shots because she is so used to dodging his licks.
Brought my two small suitcases up to pack with clothes for the trip. donna has one basket ready for the fiver with some of her stuff in it.
Tomorrow I will go and get a loaf of bread, buns and a quart of white milk and that will be it for the provisions.
Only 2 more days and a wakeup and we will be trucking south.
That’s about it for today from beautiful downtown Dardenne Prairie MO. where we are enjoying a sunny but windy day about 70 degrees but feels colder due to the winds. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. You are a great blogger and I read your words just about every day. Today I broke out in a huge grin - Does your vet charge by the pound?

  2. Glad all things checked out fine for Riggs!! We have certainly spent our fair share of time at the Vets lately not to mention the $$$. Oh well, they are well worth every penny!!

  3. you got off easy at the vet office!..glad that Riggs is doing well!..and boy will he have fun with the 'girls' in Florida!

  4. Not long now until BLAST OFF....You will be trucking down the road soon! I'm excited and I know you two are!!

  5. Always great when our pups check out fine at the Vet. Must be getting excited with blast-off so close now.

  6. Glad Riggs had a great checkup...always a good thing before a trip. Have fun rolling down the road.

  7. Lady, who is mostly shepherd, snores louder than I do. I think my black lab Smoky also snored, but not as bad as Lady does. I think it's pretty funny.