Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Notes.

Up at 06:00AM for coffee, to day Donna is completely off at the truck company and the restaurant.

We had a little sun this morning for awhile and then it darkened up really dark and the wind picked up. but so far no rain or thunder storms like they predicted.

Samantha and my son Andy got Cardinal baseball tickets so they headed for Busch Stadium for a 01:00PM game.

Looks like the skies are a little brighter and still no rain so maybe they will get the whole game in without rain delays.

So far the really nasty stuff has spared the east end of MO, we had a couple days of soaking rain. but no violent stuff.

We’ve lived in the tornado belt for 30 years, but I guess no matter where you go it’s something . Like now down south is beginning the hurricane season.


Here is Adam, almost 10 years old and just today trying his first Tasty Kake Butterscotch Krimpet.


Rigg’s on the other hand was on guard duty next to his Dad’s kitchen chair, which is conveniently located under the ceiling fan.

With the kid’s gone Donna and I are doing some chores, that need to be done before our trip, She is doing some laundry, and I am getting the kitchen straightened up.

Lets see today is April 15, an we will be heading out of the driveway early AM on April 19, looks like four days to go to me. Rigg’s knows something is going on and every time I walk out on the screen porch he runs out with me to take a look and make sure his trailer is still here.

Got to get him a shot and a bath before we leave so he smells good for the trip and his girlfriends in Florida.

He wants to wear his Navy Seal bandana when we leave to impress the girls.

That’s about it for today, we are going to relax a little and then have a nice supper.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend in blog land. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. The weather has been rough in many places. Glad you guys have remained safe during this recent weather system.
    You all take care!

  2. With Adam growing up so much, you'd better think about a new picture on the blog of The Dardenne Prairie Gang. :)

  3. We have some storms due later tonight..Riggs in a Navy Seal scarf..get a photo of that one!!!

  4. Sure glad to know that the storms have moved further east. Only 4 days - yippee!!! So what did Adam think of his Tastykake?

  5. Tasty Kake must be a regional thing??? Never heard of them - we have Hostess and Little Debbies here in the west.

    Four more days - wow, that'll go fast.

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