Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sat/Sun Ramblings

Missed my Saturday blog yesterday and so I decide to combine them today.

I want to welcome my 103rd follower JANET & WAYNE, they are veteran campers with tent & popup experience, the just bought a tow vehicle, (Chev Duramax) and are now looking at fivers to go with it, I know since that’s the combination several of us have that they will love it. You guys came to the right place here in blogland, lots of information on fivers out there. I see you are fellow Missourians, There are also several out here in blogland  so maybe we can all meet someday. We live here at the Weeb ranch in Dardenne Prairie MO. which is in St Charles County on the east end of the state. were only a couple miles off I-70 and I-64. We hope you enjoy our blog here.

Today I moved the fiver back to it’s pad so I could get John Deere out and get it ready for cutting, tomorrow I will be doing it’s spring tuneup and getting the plow off and the cutting deck on. It’s still a little too wet to cut yet but we are supposed to have a couple days of 80 degree weather and if there's any kind of wind that should dry some the the higher ground up.

While I was piddling with the trailer since I had it hitched up I checked all the lights and found that my left side rear signals weren’t flashing, I checked the junction box under the bed and it was all tight so now I will check the socket at the truck and see if there is power there.

It was quite at the ranch no kid’s this week. but Grand parents need a break once in awhile too.

Donna is making a pot roast for supper, I love the smell of the house when a pot roast is simmering away all afternoon. makes you hungry just waiting for suppertime to roll around.

Well that’s about it for today, hope everyone had a good weekend. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna..


  1. I'm with you on that good smell around the house Sam! I wonder how much weight a guy gains just from the smell??? LOL Have fun with them chores. Soon you will be cuttin grass with that JD!!

  2. Nothing like a good roast dinner on a Sunday. Have fun with your John Deere tomorrow!

  3. Yum...pot roast. Got enough for two more? I'll bring some fresh sheepherder bread!! Hope you and Donna are getting some rest while the grandkids aren't there. As much as we love them, they do take a toll!!

  4. We have a pork roast cooking right now....Yes, the smell is the best...and since the weather is not good for cooking outside...this will do!

  5. is there yorkshire pudding to go with that potroast??..if so we are so there!!!

  6. I somehow miss my inventation - lol... I am a sucker for pot roast... A major yum in my book. So if Donna brings the sheepherder bread we'll bring the pies... hey this is sounding good!!


  7. I grew up on Sunday pot roast dinners & still love that smell to this very day. A big heap of mashed potatoes smothered in gravy with a big splash of creamed corn was always my fav:))