Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Notes-Happy Easter

Easter dawned as a cold and rainy day , again, had my coffee with Donna and then waited for Nicole to wake up and start her hunt for her basket. Don’t know where Andy & Samantha had hid it but she found it in no time and brought it into the kitchen for Grandpa to see.  Notice the Easter Jammies.

Nicole&Rigg's Easter04-24-11a


            Nicole with her Easter basket.

After she was dressed and her Mom, Samantha had a chance to go out and hide them, We had the traditional Easter Egg hunt in the back yard, the rain had stopped but it was still cold and wet, notice the grass is tall from not being able to get it mowed from two weeks of rain.







The results of a successful hunt, notice Rigg’s is checking it out.

Rigg’s and Sadie had a good day, although no baskets for them, they aren’t allowed chocolates like Grandpa, but they did get a doggie treat. Rigg’s and Sadie started playing with a pull toy and Sadie got to demonstrate her technique for getting a toy away from Big Brother Rigg’s.


                   First she tries to pull.


     Then comes the sneak attack to the head.


               When that doesn’t work go for the ears.


         That usually gets Rigg’s attention.


                            Okay I got you now.


As usual Gentle Ben Rigg’s lets his little sister Sadie win..

The whole time the game is going Sadie is growling like crazy and Rigg’s doesn’t make a sound. Don’t know if you can notice it in the picture but Sadie had her Easter grooming yesterday and got a summer haircut, she looked so cute in the short time she had her bows tied in her hair.

Been trying to find a Red, White and Blue patriotic bandanna for Rigg’s before our first camping trip he is so handsome with it and we lost the one or the washer ate the one he had last summer. I would also like to find a Canadian Maple leaf bandanna before we go to Canada so if any of my Canuck friends see one in a pet store either grab it or get a website where I can order it.

Tonight, Donna & I, and Andy & Samantha and Nicole are all going out to dinner as a family for the holiday. We are looking forward to a great dinner out.

Besides the continuing rain, it was a cold and wet day here in Dardenne Prairie, supposed to be like this until Thursday. reminds me of 1993 when we had all the floods here, I hope that doesn’t repeat itself. Be safe out there and enjoy your holiday. Sam & Donna….


  1. Looks like everyone had a good Easter... your little one looks blurred in some of the shots - I am sure because of speed...Glad you all had a good day - started off with rain but turned out good!!

    Happy Easter!!

  2. Sam - we will be honoured to look for the Canada Bandana for Riggs. Leave it with us!

  3. We had the outdoor egg hunt here too...but our weather was actually sunny and warm....The EB lost count of the hidden eggs and there is still one out there in the yard somewhere...Guess the squirrels will be having an egg for breakfast..

  4. we will keep our eyes open for a
    Canada bandana for you!!..Happy Easter to you all!!

  5. Looks like you had a great day for an Easter Egg hunt. Happy Easter!

  6. Oh my it looks like a wonderful Easter at the Weibels!

    Those Easter Jammies really set the tone too. And I can just imagine little fluffball Sadie working over Riggs to get his attention.

    What FUN!

    Happy Easter, guys!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Happy Easter, looks like everyone had a great day. Your grass may be high but at least it is green. Ours is only just starting to green up. Still no green in the trees. It's just been to cold this spring.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. Easter egg hunts are a great part of the day!

  9. You sure look like you were having a ball with the kids and the puppies. Hope you had a great time with the family meal..

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  11. Hope you guys are safe from all the flooding and tornadoes going on with this wild weather!!!

    Looks like a very Happy Easter!!