Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, April 29, 2011


Well I missed my Thursday post, just couldn’t get to the laptop until after dinner and then I decided I would let it go until today, There was nothing really to say it was another cloudy day, but today the sun has been out and it is inching toward 70 degrees.

Up early and had coffee, waiting to see how the back yard looks before I try to do some cutting today, I hope the sunny weather holds out for a little while, we have just had so much rain in the last few weeks the water had no where to go or soak in. when it finally does it will be green for awhile.

Rigg’s and Sadie pestered all morning about not being in a blog for awhile so I finally broke down and said okay. Here they are.

Hi, Its Riggs and Sadie.  Guess we need to catch everyone up and what we have been doing.

Even though I am still a big muscular boy, sorry to say I am no longer a 'stud'.

I am after all a boy and there were a couple of days when Sadie was looking so cute I just had to keep

chasing after her.  Mom was really upset with me and kept yelling for me to leave Sadie alone, but

just couldn’t help myself.

Yes, Riggs you really were bothering me a lot, in fact you were scaring me a little bit. I know you would

never hurt me but you just wouldn't leave me alone. 

I know, but did you have to clamp down on my ear and start shaking like you were trying to kill something.

That hurt !  All I know is a couple of days later Dad took me to the doctor. I took a nap and woke up with

stitches.  I'm tough they didn’t hurt but I sure felt funny.  And for several days I wasn’t allowed to play with

you and wasn’t allowed to run.  But I'm feeling fine now.

I know you bounced back pretty quick.  Speaking of bouncing, why did you stick your nose under my tummy

and then flip me up and out of the chair.  I mean good thing I have cat like reflexes and land on my feet or

I could have been hurt.

You were sitting on MY Mom's lap and that's my place.  I didn’t want to crush you by sitting on top of you, so

I just flipped you out of the way.

Guess you going to the doctor gave Andy an idea because I was the next one to go.  Same thing, took a

nap and woke up with stitches.   I didn’t feel too good for a few days.

I know I was really worried about you....I tried to take care of you the best I could....I didn’t try any play or tug

see the sad and concerned look I have.


I know you were very good to me. I'm just not big and strong like you.

Well after all you are my sister and I have to watch out for you.  But you know sometimes I get

blamed for what you do.  Take the marker that got chewed up, I'm the one that got yelled at. If Dad

would only have checked tongues he would have been able to tell it was you and not me!  But finally

Mom figured it out when she found the cap and went to throw it away, she knew my big teeth couldn't

make those little bites.  And what about Andy's shoe, he thought I did it until Mom told him she had taken

the shoes away from you before.  He thought they were too big for you, but Mom told him she saw you

running down the hall with your head as high as you could get it and the shoe draped over your back !

Well what ? Do you think I'm going to admit it.  Much more fun watching you get yelled at.  Besides when

someone yells at me I get scared and start shaking, I just can't help it, and you are so big it just doesn’t bother you.

Hey I heard Jodie, Coco, and Sandy are in a sorority....and that’s just for girls and they wont let you join. Even though I'm not a lab like them or you, maybe they will let me in?


I don't know Sadie, they are MY friends, they don't know you and just 'cause you're a girl doesn't mean you

can join.  But they are really nice, so I'll ask them next time I see them.  Though you'd better not be getting

me into any more trouble.

Now, did I tell anyone that you were the one that moved the bird's cage about a foot across the floor?  And

don’t I always play with you ?  And am I not the one that gets yelled at if I get a little over zealous and bite

and growl too much. After all look at this picture....I'm so fast I'm just a blur !


That you are lil sis.  Well guess we have 'yapped' enough for now.  Just wanted to let everyone know we are doing good and we’ll 'bark' to everyone later. Rigg’s & Sadie….

Well that’s about it from the Weeb Ranch here in Dardenne Prairie as you can see the two fur baby's will keep you hopping, but we wouldn’t want it any other way, it’s Friday and the pizza shell is defrosting, I’m going to make a big square Old Forge PA. style pizza tonight and maybe wash it down with a couple of High Life Lights, It doesn’t get any better than that here. on the Ranch. Everyone be safe out there. Sa & Donna……



  1. Did I miss it? What happened that Sadie needed stitches? Sounds like a fun old time at the Weebs! Enjoy!

  2. Cute Dog-Blog! Enjoyed the doggie photos and hearing all about their adventures, or mis-adventures!!

    Enjoy your pizza and have a good weekend.

  3. TGIF....Ya how well I remember how great all those Friday's were. I had a date with my lovely wife every Friday evening for Seafood Dinner out at one of our favorite resturants...Oh, those were the days,,, Sometime we had a pictcher of beer (Oh so COLD) just to celebrate the week..... Yes, what memories....Always GREAT seafood.... something you don't see much of down here in AZ nor up in South Dakota...enjoy your mowing!!

  4. I love to mow grass. But volunteeing here at Central Methodist, they had me washing windows! While Leonard mowed! Hey, what is that all about?

    Poor Sadie and Riggs. They will never know what they are missing. Life can be sooooo cruel.

  5. lol at Phyllis - I so agree... some ouching going on!! I so hope you and the pups have a good weekend too!!


  6. I think your dogs should write a blog once a week!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. I think your dogs should write a blog once a week!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard