Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Well it was another nice sunny morning today, At 08:00AM I was in front of Lowes, when they opened the door, went to the tool department, and found the pop rivet guns, they had three models, $15.99, $19.99, & $25.99 the difference in price being how long the handles were and how big a diameter rivet they would hold, Naturally I needed the heaviest one for the size I had, and that was good since that one came with the longest handles. Anyone who has riveted with one of these tools know you have to crimp the handles closed using quite a bit of force until the tail of the rivet snaps off, hence the name pop rivet.
When I got home It was nice and comfortable so I started work on the project which was replacing the rubber seals that cover the hinges on the front and back section of the four sections of my hard cover on my truck, the center section was still fine. there were 13 rivets on each side of each hinge, for a total of 52 rivets. All had to be drilled out and then the old rubber taken off and new rubber and gasket material put in, when you put the gasket under the rubber seal it covers all the holes so you have to put the seal on the hinge and then find the holes by gently probing it and once you get the rivets in the four holes in each end of the hinge and riveted you can work your way to the middle. A tedious job to say the least. It took one hour per hinge and about 30 minutes additional cussing time as out of 52 rivets I got three that wouldn’t pop the tails off, so I had to run an air line out and cut the tails off with a cutting wheel.
Didn’t have the camera down by the truck while I was doing the job but here is a couple of the finished job.
Sam’s truck bead seals, the front and rear were changed.
After I got finished at about noon I took Adam home to Warrenton MO. and on the way back I remembered Donna telling me her A/C wasn’t working on the Escape. So I stopped and got 2 lbs of Freon, at the auto parts store, anybody priced that lately, last year I paid $7.99 a lb. Today it was $14.99 a lb. I got home and it took just shy of a lb to have her back to getting good and cold in the front seat.
If Momma’s not happy nobody’s happy.
I got her job done about 02:00PM and then it was time for a little relax time.
Rigg’s and Sadie haven’t had much blog time lately, Rigg’s is Mr Gentle Ben still when it comes to his sister, and Sadie plays him to the hilt.
Gee Dad Sadie is in my bowl again, I know share with your little sister.
Of course for sharing I gave him some more food later and a treat.
Not much else going on here at the Weeb Ranch, hope everyone had a great weekend. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Nice Blog Sam. Looks like your getting some of your odd job's caught up.......Way to go!!! I got lot's of them to do myself....

  2. Len wants to put a cover on his truck bed eventually. Maybe you can give him a few hints when we see you in May. Good job!

  3. I've heard of Rosie the Riveter now I'll have to add Sam the Riveter. Nice job!

  4. Wow prices have gone up for sure - hope you keep cold when the weather heats up..
    OK now your pups are just too cute. Hope you post more pics of them in your future blogs....

  5. Nice job on the cover Sam. Rigg's is so patient.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Your work on the cover looks good. I didn't think you could even buy the stuff anymore for your ac. I guess I was wrong.

  7. Isn't it wonderful to be "handy?" I love hearing from Mr. Riggs. Sounds like he may be writing a post soon!