Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Mumblings.

Today started like all others except it was really quiet, no kid’s, Adam is home and Chris & Nicole are at their Dad’s for his weekend. What a sign of the times, today’s kids have separate weekends with either parent. I’ll bet my Mom would have prayed for an arrangement where she was off the hook for a weekend. Any way Donna decided to tackle taking everything out of the Pantry and cleaning and putting new shelf paper down, I decide that it looked like it was a good time to get out of Dodge so I volunteered to go to the grocery store.

Donna also baked my birthday cake for tomorrow and then after lunch took a couple hour nap since she has to close at the restaurant tonight.

The weather was great for a change, sunny and it got up to about 69 degrees, Rigg’s spent most of the day out side making sure he could run back and forth watching the kids behind us play and jump on their trampoline. He came in about 04:30PM and him and Sadie each grabbed a rug and are dead asleep now.It won’t be long and Rigg’s will eschew the rug for a nice cool air conditioned wood floor.

I got a kick out of the response to my April Fools day birthday and I didn’t realize I had so many fellow bloggers that also share that special day. But my Mom got the ultimate April Fools day. Because when I was born she had twins and she didn’t know their was going to be two identical twin boys instead of just one. Today they can tell what sex the baby will be, but back then in the country there was no ultra sound and x-rays were kept away from pregnant women. So Mom & Dad got a surprise.

That’s about it for today, Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We are and I look forward to another great day tomorrow. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. I missed wishing you a happy birthday. Darned time Zones. I waited too long.

    Bet you had a fabulous day, what with Donna's cake and family.

  2. I also missed your birthday,so happy birthday!

    Twins...what a surprise!

  3. HaHa,,,I'll bet your Mom was surprised!!! What a neat memory every April Fool's Day!!

  4. Hope you enjoy the cake Sunday!! Boy, I bet your mom was quite surprised to have twins!
    Glad you had a great day.
    Take care and be safe.

  5. Have a great day tomorrow Sam and don't forget to take a picture of your Birthday Cake!

  6. Hope you have a great Sunday celebration. Also hope you got my face book wishes. Stay safe.

  7. Yea, we know we have a boy coming April 10th..or before...amazing how they PLAN their birthings now...We just sat around like a balloon ready to explode..and waiting for the first hint....

  8. I've not been able to get online here in this part of OK. Sorry I missed your birthday but at least I got to say Happy Birthday on the most important day - THE DAY YOU HAVE CAKE!