Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Up for coffee with my bride, then waited until 06:45AM and got Nicole off to school, Wednesday is The Walking School Bus Day so I took her to the Augusta American Legion which is where they walk from to school. Glad I wasn’t walking it was only about 43 degrees and damp, no rain but you could feel the dampness in the air, I had Nicole where her coat. To cloudy to get a picture of their walk, so I waited until she got home and took a picture of her in her special tee shirt that each kid wears on Wednesday for the walk.

Nicole&Rigg's& Sadie04-20-11b

Rigg’s just wanted a good scratch, Nicole and Sadie  sat for the picture.

If you look close at the cook island behind Nicole you will see one of those PA. pizza shells thawing, Even though it’s not Friday, by special request I am making a pizza tonight for Nicole & I.

A few of you out there have bought new laptops in the last few months, Personally I love the Dell Inspiron I got a few weeks back for Donna, I had looked all over on the Web, Wal-Mart, Best Buys, private computer companies, But I took Rick’s RICK_PAULETTES_RV_JOURNAL advice and ordered direct from Dell, they not only have the best price and give a discount, but yesterday I received a coupon good for ten percent off any accessory I might want. Just seem to be a good company to do business with.

The one thing I have to get used to is the different versions of programs that are in Windows 7,The Live Writer you download is different than the version in XP and so is the Picasso Program. Maybe it has to do with Windows 7 being 64 bit instead of 32. It will just take a little getting used to. The one thing you notice right away is the speed difference with the 2.63gig processor speed and 4gig of ram when you compare it to the old Latitude Laptop I use, with 1.2gig processor speed and 1 gig of ram. This new one is lightening fast, Although I never complained about the old one and it seemed fast at the time, there is no comparison.

The weather is supposed to turn warmer on Fri, Sat. & Sun. so maybe I can get some mowing done, with all the rain the ground is saturated and there are several low spots that you can get the tractor stuck in.

Nothing much doing around the Weeb Ranch today to cold. Donna is going in to the restaurant tonight so it will be a normal kid night tonight with Nicole and Grandpa,( that counts as two) we’re counting on Adam coming for the weekend so then the kid population should go up.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. There's nothing like a bunch of kids to make things exciting...especially the adult "kids"..of which I can proudly say I am one too!!!

  2. Glad to hear the Dell is working out well for you, Sam.

    By the way, I'll answer your question on setting a default image size for Live Writer 2011 in tomorrow's blog o.k. A few other folks have wondered about it too.

  3. enjoy the pizza..sounds delcious..and alot more fun than what we are having for dinner!

  4. I.M. with y'all on the speed of them newer computers, though Nilda has implicated to me that it ain't the computer that are faster, it are me bein' slower.

  5. I'm glad to hear you like your computer,,,since I purchased one just like it. I got it direct from Dell also. I sure like it so far..

    Hope it warms up for you one of these days. It must be my imagination, but it seems that your heading picture gets a little greener every day!!LOL, I have a big imagination you know! Cheers my Man!

  6. I've heard of some school doing this - I think it's great. Brrr on the temps though for them - however most kids don't even notice over the excitement.. Hope it warms up for them soon...