Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Today turned out to be the best spring day so far, at 01:00PM it was 86 degrees and by 05:00PM it was 90. Looks like it went right from winter to summer, last week we had lows at night in the 20’s. To night the low is supposed to be 60.

All that sunshine motivated me into talking my son Andy into helping cut the step bars that had rusted out off my truck.


Andy cutting the bars off with a cutting wheel.

Donna had been requested for a privaet party at the restaurant, never one to turn down some extra bucks she went in.

We are waiting now for her return for the big Birthday bash at the Weeb Ranch.

She got home at about 05:00PM and had pizza’s  and a six pack of Rolling Rock Beer, you know the beer that made Latrobe PA. Famous. This is some real old fashioned lager beer. No light weight here. I will sleep good tonight.


        Rigg’s gets the foam from the Rolling Rock.


       The Birthday boy with his Pizza & beer.

Donna also baked me my all time favorite white cake with coconut icing,Only half coconut, the other half sprinkles.What a gal.



So what else can a man ask for, Nicole will be home later and have a piece of cake & ice cream I’m sure. Thanks for all the good wishes on my Birthday and I will treasure them for sure.

Now I am going to say be safe out there and have a good week. Sam & Donna…


  1. I think I missed your actual birthday, but let me with you a very happy belated birthday. Enjoy that cake.

    I don't think I ever tasted a better draft than a Rolling Rock draft beer at Washington DC Union Station!

  2. Riggs is a lucky dog! How about that cake...are you spoiled or what? Again, Happy Birthday.

  3. Let us wish you the best of birthdays Sam! Yes, you couldn't have asked for more with your house of family to wish you well. And, 90 degrees? Unreal. You will be able to hear the spring plants rising up and blooming!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Sam! Pizza, beer and a terrific looking cake, it doesn't get any better than that!

  5. You Go Birthday Boy!! What a great cake....you are soooo blessed....Hope you had a super birthday..as Iknow you did....Better living through beer...

  6. If I haven't already wished you a Happy Birthday Sam then I'm doing it now. Careful with that beer in the 90F heat. Could get skunky on ya real quick....

  7. Can't believe those temps! Happy Birthday!!!

  8. Happy Birthday!!! That cake looks delicious and puts me in the mood for some cake...maybe I will get up early and make one tomorrow before it gets hot.

    Hope you had a great day!!!

  9. Glad you had such a great day. Kevin likes Rolling Rock and Yuengling.

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. Beer and Pizza! And a birthday cake to boot! Maybe getting older isn't so bad after all.

    Anyway, many happy birthdays to you in your RVing future.