Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Happenings.

Started the day with Donna heading for the truck company,then getting Nicole up for school, boy that little girl sleeps sound, she is harder to wake up than any of my boys were. It was 50degrees when we left for Augusta to get her to school. Got back and waited to see if the rubber seals for the hinges on my fold a cover for the truck were coming today, didn’t see UPS or Fed Ex or the postal service truck so that isn’t going to happen. The rubber seal over two of the hinges is cracked and for the first time since I got the cover 6 years ago it is not watertight. Luckily I could order replacements but it looks like about 24 rivets have to be drilled out, and Thankfully I own a rivet gun, so I will be able to do it here instead of having to pay someone.

Went and picked up Nicole this afternoon and since it was sunny and 70 degrees we stopped at the DQ and bought shakes for the three kids, Nicole, Chris and Grandpa.

Tomorrow I should be getting Adam after he gets out of school so we will have all three Grands for the weekend. My son Andy & Samantha have plans for taking them places since it is supposed to be warm and sunny this weekend.

After we got home from Augusta I went out and removed the two batteries from the fiver, the bottom one needed very little water, after being plugged in for the winter, but the top one took quite a bit, I will see if they both take a good charge if not they are about 3 years old, so I may see two batteries in my future, at least before our vacation trip. I forgot this new fiver didn’t have the charge wizard like my old one did, and I was spoiled since the charge wizard wouldn’t boil the batteries out. When it’s due for a converter, I will replace the one that came in it with a Progressive  Dynamic’s converter with the built in charge wizard.

Not much else to say. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Sam, thanks for the good information regarding the “Progressive Dynamic converter with the built in charge wizard”. I didn’t know such a “charge wizard” existed. I will remember this for future reference.


  2. Sounds like a great day and a busy upcoming weekend....just the kind you like with lots of wonderful "grands" to enjoy!!

  3. Looks to be another great, noisy weekend around the Weibel Ranch this weekend!

  4. OK!! Let's get these fivers ready to go....not sure where or when yet,but it cannot be soon enough!