Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, April 22, 2011


Got up and had coffee with my bride, after she was off to work, I found out that Nicole didn’t have school today, Easter Break, so she was going to her Dad’s to spend Easter weekend there. Adam is spending the weekend with his Mother and her family, so we will have another weekend without kid’s, Although Donna will make each of them a small basket from the Bunny for when they come over next.

It rained all day until about 04:30PM and then finally the sun is trying to peek through, we are supposed to have showers until next Wednesday I have to wait again for the ground to dry.

Not much to report, Rigg’s got his monthly application of flea stuff down his spine today, he doesn’t care for that at all. and has to be bribed with treats to stand still when he see’s me coming with the little flea applicator.

Then you have to watch him for an hour or so until it is ingested into his pores or he will try to rub it off on the rug. He was pretty good though this time and only got caught a couple time trying to roll on the rug.

Tomorrow it will be Sadie's turn but her medicine is for dogs under ten pounds, Rigg’s is for dog’s over 75. They go by weight how strong the stuff is.

Aside from it being a “No Meat Day, I will have to scramble for supper, I may just have left over cheese pizza. to Stay in good Grace. Be safe out there and have a great and Blessed Easter weekend. Sam & Donna…


  1. You and Donna have a great Easter dinner out...You both deserve some quality together time. Have a great Easter!!

  2. If I saw you coming toward me with a Flea Applicator, I would want a treat too!

    Have a blessed Easter.

  3. I use Frontline and Lady doesn't seem to mind it. I've used some products that you are supposed to apply all down their spine, and others that just go between the shoulder blades and right above the tail. As long as it works! We're going to be heading into the tick capital of the country, so I sure hope it works!

  4. A Happy Easter to all the Weeb clan. Give the pups an extra scratch behind he ears for us!

  5. You and Donna have a great Easter and I hope the Easter Bunny brings you both lots of good stuff!

  6. Best wishes for a good Easter, even though the kids will be at the other side's house. We all know that they really like Sam the best!!!