Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Big News From MO.

I got call from my son Andy a little while ago and he said we have a new addition to the Weibel clan in MO. Her name is Sadie Mae and she is a Cockapoo pup That Andy & his girlfriend Samantha adopted, of course she will be staying with us until they find an apartment, so it looks like Rigg’s will have a little sister to break in and protect.
Here is a couple of flicks.
                       Andy & Sadie
                   Sadie Mae Weibel
All I can say at this point from 990 miles away is Welcome Aboard Sadie, and pay close attention and watch Rigg’s so you will learn fast to poop outside.
Look at that face, see what I mean when I say never take a pup for a test drive.
It was a nice sunny day here in Scranton, so I took a ride down to Steamtown and took advantage of my free admission with the senior pass. Got some pictures, of the CN steam engine going back and forth in the yard.
I also wandered around the shop area and saw these plates that had been cut out of the side of the tender of another CN steam engine, when the built a new tender from stainless steel so it won’t rust away.
They still have several Canadian engines that are just rusting away, it’s a shame some museum in Canada doesn’t ask for one and restore it.  Especially this one.
It’s a CP Jubilee 4-4-4 passenger engine, one of two in existence, This engine was clocked at 112MPH, not KPH, in Ontario in the 50’s. It just cries out for restoration, who know maybe Canada has a train buff like Warren Buffett with a lot of money who will sponsor it’s return to it’s homeland.
Anyway, that was about it for today in Scranton, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Love looking at the old trains and glad to see and hear of the new family member. I know Riggs is loving it..

  2. congrats on the new addition..a 'granddog'..how exciting is that!!!..now Riggs will have something to keep him busy until you get home!!

  3. Cute puppy - Riggs is going to have so much fun with her.
    That rusted old engine is a beauty. So sad to see them like that after the service they provided, and the history. Seems like someone would want to restore it, but it's probably a huge and very expensive undertaking.

  4. Congratulations on the new companion, Riggs! We know how nice it is to have another pooch or two around. The folks are often BORING with their TV and Computers. Now you'll have someone to play with and get into some mischief.

    Best wishes,

    Jodie, Coco, and Sandy

  5. As I am reading this, there goes that train AGAIN right behind us. Come on Sam - come down to Georgia and try to sleep next to this track!

    Cute addition.

  6. Well, well, well she looks like a very pretty addition to the family!! I think Rigg's will be glad to have a little sister to show the ropes to. Sadie is a very lucky little girl:-)

  7. Another adorable Sadie!!! What a sweet face on her!

  8. That little Sadie is a cutie. I love being in love with a puppy. Nothing like it! I know you really can't wait to get home now. If Riggs does his job, the hardest part (for the parents) of puppyhood will get resolved quickly!

  9. Sadie will be a lot of fun for Riggs I'm sure. Both of our pups are Cockapoos as well.

    Too bad about those old trains rusting away.

  10. Does Phyllis have the same loud trains going by her house?? Did I mention that I wrote a letter to Warren Buffet about BNSF train horns??
    Hey, on a more cheerful note, congrats on the new grand-dog...and Sadie couldn't have a better mentor than Riggins!!!

  11. Very cute puppy, and Riggs will love her. Hope Wendy is still improving. Give her our best.