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Friday, November 12, 2010

TGIF Vol.2 DL 3642 is back on her feet.

When I left you earlier today I couldn’t contain my curiosity, so I headed back to my old teenage haunt, the Scranton railroad yard, sure enough DL 3642 was still sitting with her front truck derailed, and looking almost lonesome with no one around. I went over to the old girl and told her things would be better today and maybe she would feel fire in her cylinders today later.
I took some pictures of the far side that I couldn’t get to with the MOW gang there yesterday.
Look at the forces involved here to the track structure with the rail rolled over and the alignment pushed to the right.
Traction motor ( electric) sitting on pushed up ballast.
                   Overall left side view.
After hanging out about an hour a large truck mounted crane, with 3 semi trucks of equipment arrived, the big guns were here.
After the crane lifted the front of the locomotive, the roadbed had to be shifted back where the kink is and then the whole locomotive shifted to the right and the front truck aligned to be lowered back onto the rails.
                   Finally back on the rails.
And that’s the way it was November 12th Two Thousand and Ten in Scranton PA. Walter Crankcase reporting live.


  1. Loved all the pictures from both blog posts today. What a big job those guys had to get that train car back on the tracks.

    Your pizza sounds so good. Do you ever share the recipe or is it a family secret? If you posted it already excuse my second round of asking.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I am enjoying writing each one this month of focused thankfulness.

  2. Dang, I have to admit I didn't read the title closely, just the "she's back on her feet" part. I thought you were going to say that Wendy was up and walking around. Soon, I hope.

  3. Great report Uncle Walter!! Just the way it was!

    Glad Sam was there to supervise this whole repair and fix-it operation or that old train may never have got back on the tracks!

  4. Always amazes me how big things like that with all that tonnage of weight can be moved. As a small boy in our town I once saw a big steam locomotive tipped up precariously against a telephone poll beside the tracks on a curve. No idea how that happened or how that locomotive could be balanced like that but it seemed like the whole town turned out to watch how that locomotive could be tipped back down on the track. I don't remember that part so maybe it was finally done later at night when small boys were in bed.