Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts.

Another rainy day in Scranton. glad it isn’t snow. I went to the grocery store this morning, a place called Price Chopper, supposed to be cheaper than the others, like our Shop & Save stores in MO. They do have a good selection and a great meat section, but like Shop & Save they never have enough check out clerks, and I refuse to use the self serve aisles, I figure if I spend my money they should have someone to ring you out. I also don’t like the idea of eliminating a job by using a self serve aisle.

Anyway got that over and got back and put the stuff away, we will now eat for another week.

Levonne,  A CAMPHOST WIFE MEANDERINGS asked about an alternative to rawhide chews for her dog Gingee, She had trouble and her vet like ours recommended not to use rawhide, We have been trying to use non stuffed toys and hard rubber stuff, hard to find but the best is when you can find a large knotted hemp rope that they can use to chew and play tug with. The one we have now is several years old and our last lab Duke played with it, so when you find a good one it will last. They aren’t cheap and will be in the $15-$25 bracket.

I got a call from Adam last night and he wanted to tell me he made the Honor roll at school, he was so happy about it and Grandpa is very proud of him. If they had them back then my Dad would have had a bumper sticker on his pickup that said “ My D student can beat up your A student.”. Just kidding , but I seldom had to worry about an honor roll, It was an honor for me just to make it through and graduate.

Not much else going on my Buddy Rod, RETIRED ROD has left Olathe for his winter stay in Arizona, I believe they made it to Ok City OK. on the first day. Glad to see Rod has recovered enough from his recent surgery to be able to head out, You are getting out just in time Rod.

That’s about it , be safe out there… Sam & Donna….


  1. Here in north central Alabama it is rain rain rain too. Rained all day yesterday. Heavy rain and winds all night. Raining all day today. Sure glad we had nothing planned.

    You are probably like more people. We all seem tohave our favorite supermarkets. I grew up with ACME. Mom always went to Acme, so there I was. No ACME's out this way. Now it's Kroger, Ingles, Piggly Wiggly and the ever present WalMart superstore.

  2. Congrats to Adam on making the 'Honour Roll' at school, that's sure something to be proud of!

    I went to a private school that didn't have an Honour Roll system - it was just 'pass or fail' and that suited me just fine. It was easy to just cruise along shooting for an average score of about 75% on tests. That meant no pressure and lots of time left over for more important things like sports and getting into all kinds of trouble. My theory then was if I didn't learn it in the classroom, then studying later wasn't going to help. Those were the good old days!

  3. Since Sadie is still a puppy, chewing is her life most of the time. Our vet recommended that flat rawhide chews. We've gone through two sizes of them and have now moved to the flat rolled into, well, rolls. LOL! I suspect once her baby teeth are gone we can move on to other things.

    The one thing we have heard recommended are Bully Sticks. I think that is a brand name for some type of beef stick.

  4. Like you Sam I was lucky to make it thru school and looking back now wish I could have done better.

    Sunny cold here in KC

  5. I'm with you, I don't use the self check outs either. That's one of the things I hate about Walmart...too few check out lanes with actual people there to check you out. I try to avoid Walmart for that and other reasons. I prefer small town businesses. :)

  6. how great that Adam made the honour roll!..good for him..
    as for the rawhides..can you say flatulance problem for our boy..he is very distructive..no soft toys with stuffing for him..they wind up with stuffing everywhere...he is not nice to the squeakers..has to get them out no matter what!!

  7. How nice to hear from Ada. I too congratulate him for he success.

    Hope Wendy gets a good medical report and you can start planning your return home.

  8. Sam, I asked myself as I clicked on the link to your blog why I am so interested in hearing about your everyday life. It almost doesn't make sense. Then I remembered that a person who delights in their regular, everyday interests and activities is a "keeper of the culture." They're the stable, solid ones. That's you. You're an anchor. You're reliable. Thanks. And thanks for those doggie chew ideas. I have never heard of a hemp rope but I will find one and present it to my little Gingee for Christmas (if not sooner). Thanks!

  9. Congrats to Adam on his good grades. What grade is he in? Max is in the 6th grade.

    We have had lots of rain here too. Hoping the weather is nicer on Saturday/Sunday so we can get some customers.

  10. Only ever tried those self check-out things once & that was the end of that sillyness!!

  11. Congratulations to Adam on making the honor roll. You must be so proud of him.

    Kevin and Ruth