Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Musings.

Well today starts with good news and bad news, might as well get the bad over first, got a call after I posted yesterdays blog, and Wendy’s Doctor appointment was cancelled this week and rescheduled for next Wednesday, seems the office forgot the Doctor would be on vacation. Boy I sure hope that doesn’t add a week to my stay. But no therapy has been scheduled yet and everything is going to wait a week.

The good news is I got another e-mail from my Granddog Sadie. Here it is.

Hi Sadie again

Just checking in again.

Got a favor, would someone please make Riggs stop....he jumps up on his Mom's bed, its real high, with one of his stuffless toys, If I'm sitting on the floor looking up at him  he'll look over the edge and drop his toy on me and its lights out....I cant see a thing I'm totally covered up.   Now he may think this is funny but I don’t !

Boy am I mad....Grandma brought me home some new toys yesterday. Some small ones for me to chew on cause I'm teething, she told Dad to take them to his room for ME, and Riggins went in and STOLE them. He has lots of toys why did he take mine, that's just not fair.  But you should have seen me he got one of his stuffless animals I think they call it a raccoon, he had it in his mouth and was wanting his Mom to play, she told him to play w/ me instead boy a stood up on my back legs and grabbed in right by his mouth !  He was so surprised.  I hung on and hung on.

Then I grabbed the other end and pulled and pulled, hard to get traction on the floor, but I was so strong he actually had to come forward..Grandma said something about never having a camera handy when you need one.

Then I was tired so I laid down but I didn’t let go ! Next thing I knew I was being pulled across the room, Riggins hadn’t let go either.

Well, I'm still little so now I need a nap, this took a lot out of me.


Wow, Sadie sounds to me like you had a fun day, I hope Rigg’s will stop teasing you, but you are the little sister and that’s how boys are sometimes, they like to tease. Sounds to me like you got him back though by grabbing the raccoon, Boy Grandpa can’t wait to see his little girl, you are so sweet and with the new haircut I’ll bet really cute. See ya soon. Grandpa Sam..

Will have to get out and get some things to day, remember things go better with coke. were out of coffee, cereal and a couple other things. You know the stuff that was not on the list this week. I think we will have submarine sandwich's tonight, and maybe some soup to go with them, that’s always a good warm Wednesday supper. Have to decide if I want a nuclear or conventionally powered sub now. Decisions , Decisions. 

I read someplace where Donna said she had to go to Lowes and get the guts for a toilet at home, Hey Hon get the Flow Master brand in the black packaging, it is the premium model and will last longer, and tell Andy he can just turn the water valve off under the toilet tank and replace the whole assembly and put some Teflon on the threads when he puts the valve back on.

I hope this can wait till maybe I get home, we have four bathrooms so as long as nothing is leaking it can probably wait.

Anyway that’s about it for now. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. How funny! It's so nice that Riggs has a playmate. Life at your house is going to be a riot with those two. Hope Donna can get a photo of the tug-o-war game. You must be so anxious to get back home.

  2. sounds like the 'fur kids' are getting along famously!..one day closer to being home, Sam!

  3. Great to hear from Sadie again. Rigg's is sure teaching her the ropes and trying to show her whose boss too!

    Too bad about the cancellation, like you, I sure hope it doesn't add a week to your stay!

  4. So hard trying to keep up on the blogs when you are travelling. I won't put a comment on each one, but I have been keeping up with everything that's been going on.

    Looks like Riggs is being a pretty good boy. Sounds like he is getting on well with Saddie. He will teach her all the tricks. She sure sounds like a cutie. Bet you can't wait to get home to meet her properly.

    Nice to hear that Wendy is coming along well and Michelle is such a lovely young girl to to come over and help to some cleaning and helping you out with supper.

    Take care.
    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Uh Oh!! Riggs is going to be so spoiled, you just may have to get him a brother!! :) :) HAHA!!

  6. Boy, Sam...I sure do feel your pain. Sure hope your sis's doc appt doesnt' set you back a week...Has anyone ever told you what a really great guy you are?? I have a feeling that they have, but I just have to say it too!

  7. It sounds to me like Sadie is getting to be quite a little tatter-dogtail. Poor Riggs!

  8. I hope your schedule to get home isn't altered either. Healing will still be happening even without the doctor's appointment this week. That Sadie. She sounds like a little rascal. Let's see how those stuffless animals hold up with those two!