Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day, God Bless American & All it’s Veterans.

What a fitting way to give thanks for all our Veterans who have contributed to this great country but to show a photo of a mission that is ongoing as we celebrate this holiday. The USS Ronald Reagan, one of our nuclear powered aircraft carriers has rushed to the aid of the 4000 people on board the crippled cruise ship Splendor off the California/Mexico coast and is supplying food and aid. As always our young men and women serving our country are there when  they are needed.

Cruise Ship Fire

        November 9th 2010 off the coast of California.


                      1967 Somewhere at Sea.

I wish I had a list of the fellow bloggers who are Veterans and deserve much recognition. Rod Ivers Retired Rod is a fellow US Navy Veteran from the Viet Nam Era. Al, The Bayfield Bunch served in the Canadian Armed Forces during the same era. Rollie Thurston, Because Two People Fell in Love who served in the US Navy and has a son, US Navy, who gave his life in the service of his country, and also another son currently a US Marine, along with a Daughter in Law in the US Army, I hope I didn’t miss anyone Rollie your families record of service is exemplary, I am sure the list go’s on and on, I hope to hear from all our blogger family to be able to Thank each one of you personally, don’t be shy, I will tell anyone that that period in my life. Was one of extreme fun and pleasure, where would a poor kid from PA be able to live his dream to fly and get paid for it, it also shaped my future and gave me the motivation with discipline and leadership, to continue through my Law Enforcement Career.

freedom2 hugvet2vietvet tonkin2 WELCOMEHOME


I would also like to thank my deceased Dad who served in the Pacific during WW2, my deceased Uncle John Weibel who was killed on Normandy Beach, My brother Bill Weibel who served in the US Navy during the Viet Nam Era, and my son Tim Weibel who  served in the US Navy during Operation Dessert Storm.

I can’t say to much in appreciation for all the men & women serving now who are our future veterans, the holidays will be upon us soon and these people will be who knows where away from family and loved ones doing who knows how dangerous a job without complaint to make this a hopefully better world. Thanks just doesn’t seem enough.

Hey I jut got an E-Mail from Rigg’s, I’ll share it with my blogging family.

Hi Dad, let me catch you up

I've been a real good boy , Dad....you know how sweet and good I am.

Now in my defense, I thought Mom had hidden my toys, that's why all the couch, chair , and loveseat

cushions were on the floor.  I cant get a real good look if I just lift them with my head, I have to toss them

to the floor.

And honestly I wasn’t trying to land on Nicki's stomach....we were playing and she jumped on bed and laid down, well I jumped too,..just kinda misjudged the distance .  Wow, girls are such cry babies. Mom doesn’t cry if I jump on her.

I thought Mom was going to be mad but she wasn’t, she had given me a chew treat, but it made me real sick, I kinda threw up in the kitchen, didn’t quite make it outside.  She cleaned up and then gave me a hug and said no more of those.

And I really didn’t mean to push Mom off the bed, but you know I just wanted to be close to her and well guess I pushed a little too much...but she's ok.

Now we come to Sadie....she is so tiny I really can’t play with her. But I will protect her since she is part of the family now.

I just have to watch I don’t step on her. Sometimes if she's asleep on the floor I'll curl up around her to make sure she's safe.

And I wasn’t really trying to hit her with a big stick.  You see I was out and Mom brought out Sadie on her leash to go pee.

Mom had her beyond where I could go so the leads wouldn’t get tangled. And my favorite stick was close, no technically its not a log (at least not to big ol' me) and I wanted Sadie to play tug.  Mom grabbed Sadie out of the way and told me to drop the stick that it weighed 10 times what Sadie did and she would get hurt bad if I dropped it on her head.

Did you know Andy won’t let Sadie out unless someone watches her.??  He's afraid of something called a hawk taking her away.....what about me...doesn’t he worry about a hawk taking me away ?

Ok Dad that's about it for now. I miss you…


Well Rigg’s Dad’s sure glad to hear your trying your best to be good and I will surely reward you when I get home, you never know what might be coming for You & Sadie  from PA.

I also want you to know I am proud of you protecting and taking care of your little sister, and keeping her warm while she’s sleeping. Also at a hundred pounds you are too big for a hawk to grab, but they do steal and eat small animals like puppies, so you watch out for her too. Just look at the sky for a big bird when she is out with you and bark real loud if you see one.

BLESS all of you, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Thank you Sam and all other Vets for there service. I served in the Army 1969 to 1975.

  2. Sam,

    Thank you for your heartfelt comment about our family. It really means a lot to us. We also thank you and your family for their service. I agree with you there are so many who have served this great country. This nation would not be what it is today without all those who served before us nor will it continue to be the greatest nation in the world without future generations continuing the selfless sacrifice of duty to serve our nation.

    Please continue to keep Thomas, our son in your prayers as he deploys to Afghanistan in February.

    Love in Christ,
    Rollie & Gina

  3. Thank you for your service, Sam. Nice blog.
    I love the e-mails from Riggs. You are such a good Doggie's Dad. He's going to be so happy to have you home again.

  4. Rigg's writes great letters, Sam, he sure is a talented and thoughtful dog.

    You have a lot to be proud of on Veterans Day for your service to your country. Take it easy and enjoy the day.

  5. Thank You so much for your comments today on my blog! Also, thanks for your service in Vietnam. It seems that the call to duty has run a long course in your family! God bless every one of you.

    I see you are working on a plan towards REAL retirement! lol I hope it finally works out for you and you're able to travel while you still can enjoy it! And we're not too far apart from each other, so maybe one day we can meet up someplace!

    Happy Trails along the way!

  6. Ditto to that tribute..and a thanks to you, Sam...
    Riggs should write a novel..He has a gift of gab...

  7. what a great post, Sam..happy veteran's day!

  8. Thanks for a great post. Just wonder where you find and how you put the pictures (that looks like stamps) into your blog. I really like the one 'have you hugged a vet today?'

    Thank you too, Sam for serving.