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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts.

Well I was up at the usual 05:30am Eastern Time. Made the coffee, had a butterscotch krumpet with it, what a way to start a day here in Scranton PA. Forecast for today is a high of 50 and rain, it could be worse, I had the truck washed the other day while I was out so I knew rain was a safe bet within a day or two. But it hadn’t been washed since I left MO. and with rain on the way up it didn’t look the way I normally keep it at home. Also it is parked outside here and home it has a heated garage to sleep each night in. I am hoping it doesn’t fall into the 20’s while I am here as I don’t have a handy way to plug it in when it is below 20 degrees. I was lucky at my last several jobs, at the lake they allowed me to have an outlet installed in front of my parking space, and at the bus company we had outlets all over for the busses so I didn’t have a problem last winter there.

I see the Dardenne Prairie weather widget says 53deg and cloudy so they have about the same day as here. My son Andy called and said he got laid off today, I told him that most rehabbers shut down about this time of the year as the market for that work is near zero in the winter. So he is in the market for a job. What did Reagan say, “ it’s a Recession when your neighbor loses his job, and a Depression when you lose yours”. I guess he is part of the 5% unemployed now.

Michelle came over after school and she is doing her homework, I always had Adam do his as soon as he got home so he would be able to play afterwards and not forget to get it done. She will end up doing little things for Wendy so she can get her allowance. I have a basket of my clothes setting on the landing to take upstairs to the bedroom I am staying in, I saved it for her so she has something to do so I can give her her Grandpa allowance.

Didn’t leave the house today at all, tonight will be an easy Spaghetti & Sauce night for supper.

Tomorrow is Wednesday which means Wendy will have her weekly Doctors appointment, I hope she gets more good news, she says her foot hasn’t hurt since the cast came off last week, so maybe they will start to set her up with some therapy, She had the surgery done on the 14th of Oct.  So it’s been a month now. I’ll let you know. I told her we would find a nice place and go out for Thanksgiving as there is no way she will be up to doing anything in the kitchen and I prefer the no mess way myself.

Not much else going on , Be safe out there, Sam & Donna..


  1. Sure hope Wendy gets good news when she sees the Doc!

    Doesn't sound like it has gotten too cold yet so maybe that will hold out for you.

    Take care!!

  2. Maybe you could grill up some turkey burgers..NO?...Hey, remember the movie A Christmas Story...where the family went to a Chinese restaurant for Xmas??? Stir fried turkey..I LIKE the idea...

  3. Hopefully, you'll get some good news about Wendy's condition tomorrow and maybe even get ready to head home soon after Thanksgiving! Wouldn't that be great!

  4. enjoy the spaghetti dinner!!..sounds yummy!!..comfort food on a cold day!

  5. Just as you said - wash a truck, wait for the rain. Leonard spent most of Sunday washing his truck. Last night it poured all night into mid day today.

    You sure are a good Grandpa!

  6. That's too bad about your son losing his job. I hope he is able to keep things going between now and getting the next job. The unemployment rate is 12% here in California.