Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, November 19, 2010


Got up to a nice sight this morning, it was predicted to be a sunny day, so I decided after the morning chores were done I would hop in the truck and drive up into the Pocono Mountains to the Borough of East Stroudsburg PA, this is a little town about 3 miles from the Delaware Water Gap and the border with New Jersey, which happens to be the Delaware River.

One of the things I wanted to see was the Lackawanna Railroad Station that had been damaged by fire and is in the process of being restored, also they have a wood Interlocking Tower that has been restored.


                         Old Freight House


Old Passenger Station, 40 feet of the right side was damaged by fire.


                     Wood Interlocking Tower.


Where the pipes that threw switches and signals came out of the tower.


Right of way, used to have four tracks here, Water tower on left was used to fill Steam engines.


                  Lackawanna Tavern & Hotel,

They had a neat restored downtown shopping block including the above Hotel and Tavern, talk about stepping back into the 50’s and 60’s. I just had to sit at the bar and have a glass of Youengling’s on draft, good old fashioned PA Lager beer.

Then I went next door and got a ten dollar haircut in the Hotel Barber shop. what a deal.

The drive up and back was nice but all the leaves are dead and off the trees, small patches of snow along the shaded side of the road are a sure sign Old Man Winter is just around the corner.

Tonight is Pizza night here at Wendy’s, so I will get on that as soon as the blog is finished. Not much else to report today. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. Can ya stuff some of that pizza into the laptop, a bunch of us want a taste of it!

  2. What a neat old fashioned town that is..and the old train station too...Boy I was hoping it was pizza night again...We gotta get smelloblogs!!

  3. Looked like a great day for a drive. Glad you enjoyed it. Would have been better if Donna and Riggs were along.

  4. I am with Donna..smellablogs is a great idea!!..pizza!!..yummy..we can smell it all the way up here!!

  5. I sure like your Friday night pizza tradition!

    That $10 haircut sounds like a heck of a deal!

  6. The beer sounded like a good idea.

    Pretty railroad station and town too.

    When we were kids my brother and I used to sneak up to the train sheds at the Junction to look at engines. He was train crazy ... steam of course and knew lots of things while I tagged along being a girl. *smile*

    You remind me of those days of innocence.

  7. Nice day - I love exploring old towns, except I like to stop for an Irish Coffee in those old taverns!

  8. The old train station in my hometown was moved & converted into a house but is still recognizable as the old train station.