Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Mumblings.

Okay before I say anything else, WELCOME  to our two new followers, Eric’s Ham Radio & RV Blog, and Cathouse^Adventures I sure hope you guys will enjoy my rambling on and stay with us until Donna and I can hit the road. I am sure I will enjoy reading about your adventures in life also, after all that’s what a blog is all about.
Now I went out and got picture of my cousin’s new puppy Dobie, a female miniature Doberman, What a cutie, never knew they made them in that size.
Miriam & Dobie11-13-10a 
Miriam & Dobie11-13-10b
                   Cousin’s Miriam & Dobie.
When I was at the train exhibit that was being assembled at the Mall the other day, (Thursday’s Blog) something else beside’s train caught my eye. I think a lot of the guys out there will like this it is a display of cars, and an especially made display of Presidential Limo’s.
Top to bottom, FDR’s(1 Cadillac,1 Packard), Truman (Lincoln) ,Eisenhower( Cadillac),Kennedy (Lincoln),Johnson (Lincoln) Nixon(Lincoln),  (, Reagan (Cadillac), and Bush (Cadillac). From Johnson on they are hardtop, armored, and bullet proofed.
How about ships?
Bottom up, HMS Titanic,HMS Queen Mary, HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS QE2,SS United States, River oat Robt E Lee.
Fire Trucks anyone?
And cars and trucks.
This is just a small example of the collection that will be on display with the train exhibit at the Steamtown Mall in Scranton Pa. during Christmas Season 2010 opening next Saturday.Nov 20th.
As Donna always reminds me I never grew up but I still enjoy looking at toys and models and taking the Grandkids and any others to see this kind of stuff, Maybe Donna will bail me out with another dessert recipe soon for you Ladies.
Please, everyone, be safe out there, Sam & Donna..


  1. Must be a man thing. Leonard has a collection of construction (earth movers, bulldozers, etc) replicas. Me? I like crocks. However, left them with daughters - no place in a fiver. Too heavy, anyway.

  2. My baby brother put together model "EVERYTHINGS" when we were growing up. As a matter of fact, he had a model train in his den as an adult, and made the entire village around it by hand..(FYI, he sculpts, paints and carves too. I didn't get any of those genes....It was all Michael...)

  3. Those models are really neat! My brother used to put together model cars all the time when we were kids. I remember helping him....lots of fun.

    What a cute little puppy! :-)

  4. Sam, I find miniatures to be wonderful things - whether they're doggies, cars or trains, (or doll house furniture or tea cups and saucers). Take care...

  5. It was great seeing those models of all those Presidential limos! The ships too, pretty neat stuff, thanks Sam!

  6. For me as a kid it was mainly model airplanes. The smell of LePages glue still instantly transports me back to those days of putting together kits with a friend of mine on Saturday mornings.

  7. Sam the last three days have been a wonderful adventure, full of eye candy as the saying goes.

    Scranton is anything but boring. It's amazing what is going on around us all the time.