Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Thoughts.

Well another day has gone by, and now a Thursday is here, looks like more of the same as yesterday with showers and clouds and temps in the 40’s. Pretty typical of this time of the year in fact a bit warmer than normal, night temps in the upper 20’s are the norm and night snow showers common in the mountains.

I got an e-mail from Rigg’s & Sadie today that I will share.

Hey Everybody

Hi this is both Riggins and Sadie.

Our mom told us about a special lady and we just wanted to pass the story on to you.

This lady has a big heart , just like Paul and Helen that foster mom's and puppies, I know Mom has told you about them.

Well, this ladies name is Deb, and she loves us, dogs that is, cats too, about a year ago she was at a baby shower and as she was walking across the parking lot to her car a dog came up and was showing interest in the bowls she was caring.  She figured the dog must be hungry but she had nothing. She went to her car to put her things in it and check out the doggie more.

Well, she opened the door and the dog jumped in.   Being Deb she figured she had a passenger on the way home.

When she got home she was greeted by her 2 dogs and 2 cats and a quizzical husband.  She told him the story

So the search was on....took dog, later named Molly, to vet to see if a micro chip....nothing, vet checked and said Molly was in good shape, but a little thin.  Well Deb and John made call after call, put up flyers, did everything they could to find Molly's parents...no luck....well Molly became another member of the family. And like Sandy at Paul and Helens she is a joy to Deb and her family as she knows she is a lucky dog. She’s a Lab too.

Now forward a year....Deb is out shopping, as she's pulling down her street what does she see? A dog running loose, a little beagle.  She pulls into her drive opens the garage door and at a full gallop in runs the beagle.  When she opened the door into the house....yep u guessed it.....in runs the beagle ! Greeted the other 3 dogs and made herself at home.

Detective Deb was on the case.....went all over the neighborhood, no one knew this dog.   Took her to vet and found there was a micro chip from an animal rescue group.  She called, but being weekend only one there was the janitor.  Again calls were made, no one had reported a missing dog.   On Monday, the rescue group got her in contact w/owner but all she got was voicemail......later a man called and said the dog was his granddog that he was watching while she was out of town and he would get the dog, whose name was Lucy.  Well, being the guardian of animals, Deb would not let him get the dog, she felt it may have been a perfectly good reason, but she wanted to make sure Lucy got to her real owner.  The lady called and they met, when Deb was satisfied that Lucy was happy she gave the lady Lucy.

Isn't that neat.....lost dogs and they wind up w/ happy endings.....You know we (animals) know the good people and we will

always find them, we have good instincts.  Hey Sadie, do u think when the little beagle got home someone yelled

"Lucy I'm Home !:"

Hope everyone liked this story and if we were ever lost, please put Detective Deb on the case

Riggins and Sadie….

For those of you new to this blog Paul & Helen Tempesta PAUL, HELEN, JODIE,COCO,& SANDY  are fellow Rv’ers and bloggers and have adopted their three labs from Fla. Lab Rescue, Sandy was abandoned with 9 pups that they raised and found homes for. This is the second litter of abandoned pups they have raised. They have visited us on their travels and we look forward to seeing them again, especially Rigg’s. JODIE,COCO,& SANDY have their own blog and keep in touch with Rigg’s and other blog dogs that way.

Detective Deb is a woman that Donna has on one of her companies accounts, they are good friends. She is really not a Detective, but she is relentless in finding a home even if it is her own for doggies that are lost.

I have to agree with Rigg’s &Sadie animals somehow know and sense good people with kind hearts and seek them out when in trouble or lost. Thank God nature has made this little arrangement.

While I was finishing this up I got another e-mail ,this time from Rigg’s. here it is…


Hi Dad, Its Riggs.

I read what Sadie said....boy can she spin a yarn for such a young one.

Has she never heard of PLAYING ?, that's why I drop things on her, it's fun to watch her try to wiggle out, Okay, so maybe I'm the one that's playing and not her.   But  you know there is only so much a big guy like me can do with a little thing like her.  I don’t want to pick her up and shake her like my toys. May seem like an amusement ride at first but she'd probably get hurt.

Now as far as stealing her toys.....I did not steal HER toys...toys were brought into the house and I didn’t see anyone's name on them (not that I can read, but that's another issue) so how does she say they are hers !.  Toys are fair game.

I don't complain when she plays with MY toys..  Does she tell you how good I am when we play tug ? Like her 1 lb body could pull this 95 lbs of muscle.....I walked toward her just to make her feel good.

She gets so excited when Mom comes home, running, jumping , wiggling and wanting attention. Did she tell you I am very careful not to step on her even though it's MY Mom and I want attention too from her.  And now I have to share my treats with her when Mom comes home.  Used to be "Has Riggins been a good boy" (and of course I have) and I got a treat when I sat down......Now it’s, Has Riggins been a good boy, Has SADIE been a good girl and she doesn’t even have to sit to get a treat talk about UNFAIR.

And I try to keep her clean by licking her, after all she picks up a lot of leaves when she goes outside cause she's so low to the ground.  Sorry if sometimes I knock her over a bit, but I think my tongue is bigger than she is.   Is she gonna grow any ?

Well Dad talk to you later gotta go looks like Sadie is running and you know I love to run too !

Boy it looks like Dad is going to have his hands full when I get home, just keep on being a good big brother Rigg’s you know your Dad is proud of you….

That’s about it for now. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Hello Riggs, Sadie, and Family,

    We can see how there would be a problem with such a size difference between Sadie and Riggs. When we were over the east coast a few weeks ago, Mom and Dad wouldn't even tale us to Ricky's house. Linda has a new Maltese all of seven pounds and they thought that the three of us would hurt her. Not that we would MEAN to hurt her, but our combines weight of almost 220 pounds would hurt her in the course of out somewhat rowdy play.
    They might be right. We notice that Dad shies away when we are at our rowdiest because HE doesn't want to take a spill. Also, when they have guests, they put us in the garage until the guests are seated, then we are allowed out. They don't want us to cause someone to fall. Someday, Dad might tell you about the time his old dog Sandy knocked him down in the driveway or the time Jodie and Coco got him hurt enough to go to the hospital. He's more careful around the big dogs now.

    J, C, and S

  2. Too bad Donna can't come visit you there in Pa...What you need is a webcam and Skype, that way you could talk AND see each other everyday!! I don't know what we would do without it, when we leave at Christmas time....Think about it...You just pay for the webcam (WalMart) and Skype is free!!!
    You could see Riggs and meet Sadie!

  3. Hey Sam we love the letters from Riggs and Sadie.

    If I let our Sam on the computer he would spend all day doing Google searches for treats and my credit card bills would be sky high.

    Hope you get home soon. I would love to see the greeting you get from Riggs.