Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Another Doctors visit.

Took Donna to her orthopedic surgeon, hard to believe its been 3 1/2months since she broke her leg, Good news, she had her boot/cast removed, the doctor said it looks real good and now to start getting some exercise, he said it shouldn’t take long for her to be back to normal on her feet, here is a print of one of her x-rays.
donna's leg
two beaks were between screws. The steel rod is down the middle of her leg bone.
The best news for her is she can start driving again again hopefully this will help her recovery a little bit if she can get out and mobile again.
Sadie’s new do, her brothers seem to like it too.
Maybe now we can take the trailer out for a short outing to see how Donna’s handles a short trip.
Nothing much else going on we are just glad for Donna’s good update on her health.
Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Donna


Today is my bride Donna’s birthday, she is doing a little better with her  breathing and putting a little weight on, I was going to take her out to dinner ,but she said she just didn’t feel up to it, yesterday I took her to the DMV to renew her license and she said she felt self conscious about still having her boot on her leg, she said she can’t wait until she is out of it and can look girly again.I can’t blame her as it takes a bit of effort to get around so may be two days in a row is a little much.

I know I have been neglecting our blog but I have basically been staying around the house since Donna has been housebound, I may start taking Rigg’s for rides since he loves his Dad’s truck and Donna’s breathing is getting better.

The Grandkid’s are getting bigger starting with Adam he will by 15 Sept 8th


Shana (Mom) and Adam.


Granddaughter Alex& her boyfriend Bryan.

Katie 08-22-16a





Katie & Meghen.

Last weekend on Saturday was Sam’s 50th high School Reunion in Scranton Pa. Since I didn’t want to leave Donna I was unable to attend, I had matching tee shirts made for Donna and I,her is a pic.

tech tshirt08-24-16a

Reunion Tee Shirt.

As I said Donna is slowly doing better, her breathing has improved and she is just looking better rather than sickly like she was before, although she said no pictures yet. she has put some weight on and is eating better. next week she is going to the bone doctor and we are hoping she will have the boot removed from her leg and maybe start a walking therapy that she can handle with her shorter breaths.

That’s about it for now hope all is well with all out blog friends. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna…..