Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Musings.

A gorgeous day again here at the Weeb Ranch sunny and a temp near 60.

Donna is working the evening watch at Walgreens tonight, she had an appointment to have some test done this morning for her leg swelling up, and they found no blockages. Now we wait and see what the Doctor decides next.

The oxygen machine seems to be helping, she only has to put the tube by her nose at night while she is sleeping. She had to wear a monitor for one night to see what the results were.

I am still gathering strength from my flu bug, can’t believe how that just knocks you for a loop. Actually a loop, two double back flips with a half twist.

All the pooches are getting along, Charlie is getting to know his place in the pecking order, third, after Rigg’s with Sadie in first. Rigg’s is enjoying the playtime more, but when he see’s Charlie ripping the stuffing out of a toy he distances himself so he doesn’t get blamed.

That’s about it for today, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sat-Sun. Notes.

Been a gorgeous couple days with sun and temps near the mid 80’s. Sunday I finally decided I would try to get out of the house, Even though my energy level is till low, I needed to get the dumper down to the end of the driveway and then go and refill a prescription. After the errands were done I got home and had lunch and just relaxed. Hopefully I am getting back to normal after a week of feeling knocked out.

How about a Charlie picture before you are all tired of seeing him.


Here he is laying next to his big brother.

Since we got home from Branson Charlie seems to be getting more and more social around the house, He knows his name, and where he is allowed or not, and of course the word NO. His mortal enemy is the fly swatter that Donna keeps next to her chair for his lapses of memory, it’s funny to see Sadie run when she see’s Grandma pick up the swatter. He is now limiting his playtime so he can nap with Rigg’s when Rigg’s tires of it. Not much going on here at the ranch. Hope all is well with all our friends out there. Be Safe… Sam & Donna………..

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Happenings.

Wow, haven’t had a post since Monday, Have to blame it on being struck down in my prime by a bad case of the flu that I inherited from my bride.

Donna got her oxygen machine delivered on Tuesday, It even comes with an emergency bottle like I used to carry in the police car. This is in case of a power failure. It is a large tank like we had on the inhalators, should be good for several days without power. Although we are generator equipped. It is also portable enough to go with us in the fiver, so we are set to go now.

Donna is doing a lot better now that her bug is gone. Me it may be a couple more days. I am taking Nyquil each night and that knocks me out. I have been catching up on train movies and naps.

How about a TBT.


                                       Donna 1981.

Charlie wasn’t feeling good the other night so he came over by his big brother Rigg’s and snuggled up, Rigg’s gave him a couple licks and I’m sure it made him feel better as he went to sleep.


                           Charlie & Rigg’s. 10-21-14.

One of my cousin’s from Dunmore Pa. showed up on Face book, Mike Scavone, I haven’t seen Mike since I went in the Navy in 1966. Nice to hear from him and see he is doing fine,one day maybe next time I get to Pa. I will meet up with him.I still have a bunch of cousin’s there, from my Mom’s side of the family, It was a large family.

Donna & I are slowly emptying the fiver since we are not planning any more trips until March. Sometime in the next couple of weeks after all the clothes are out, I will close it up and blow out the water lines and add antifreeze to the tanks and p traps, then that will be it until we head south in March.

Not much else going on all the pups are doing good Rigg’s is asleep after playing all morning with Charlie, while Sadie was hiding in our room. Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna………

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Musings.

After a great weeks vacation down in Branson, I came down with the flu bug , Donna had. I have spent the last two days on medicine. Rigg’s is helping by laying next to his Dad and making me feel better. Donna worked yesterday and today on the day watch at Walgreens.

Got a picture of my Son Tim in New Jersey riding a bull, he is really into horses and rodeo.


Not much doing here at the ranch, Charlie seems to have calmed down just a little , but is still a ball of fur action, He will play and play, then lay on the doggie bed for about ten minutes rest and then back to playing. Sadie wants no part of it , but big brother Rigg’s gives in and plays with him , although he has to put manners on him every once in awhile,That’s the way a pup has to learn his limits.

Hope all is well with all our friends out there, Be safe. Sam & Donna…

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Sam started feeling sick last night, apparently same thing I had. He has been in bed all day, only getting up long enough for more meds…Sorry Honey. My biggest concern is being diabetic he should eat, but as  I know you sure don't want to.

I took Paul Tempestas advise and did nothing today, so my dirty house is all his fault and Charlies.  I straitened up a bit, but floors really needing mopping after all the rain we have had here and dogs and kids coming and going. Today is Samantha and Andy’s only day off together so they were out most of the day. Good they are gone Sam is in bed, I’ll mop. Sounded good, but Charlie had other ideas. He barked and barked at mop, tried to kill it a couple of times, then when he discovered that the floor was slick when wet, well he made it into his own personal slip and slide. It was hysterical watching this little imp. He’d go down hallway get a running start put on brakes and do donuts on the wet floor. then repeat and repeat.

Riggs was behind closed doors with Sam, poor Sadie all she wanted to do was lie in her bed and watch out door for mom and dad.  She does not like Charlie very much, he’s a little too rambunctious for her.Charlie&Sadie10-18-14b

Here he is giving her the play with me look.

Well when that didn't work…

 Charlie&Sadie10-18-14eCharlie&Sadie10-18-14c Charlie&Sadie10-18-14f

He took her for a ride around the kitchen!

There must be twenty toys between kitchen and hallway, but he always finds something he isn't suppose to have.  You can just look at his eyes and they have the “I’m going to get into anything and everything I can” gleam.

Andy and Samantha took him to vet to get his shots and a check up. Being a stray did not know if he had shots or not but they wouldn't take a chance. Vet confirmed what I said, about 5 months old and 25 lbs (and a cutie) .

Not much else going on, hope my sweetie gets better fast, he always seems to get hit much harder with colds and flus than I do.

Be safe, Be well

Friday, October 17, 2014


We decided against going to Hot Springs, with me not feeling well decided it would be a waste if I could not get out and walk around to see everything.  I want to thank everyone for their kind words and concerns. I think because I am on daily antibiotics that it helped shortened whatever it was that hit me. Oh well, it saved us money, before being sick weather was so yuck did not do any shopping wanted to wait until rain stopped. Well rain stopped and I got sick so no shopping. 1st thing my son asked What no t-shirts? Of course he was just yanking my chain. We did miss out on having lunch with Glenda and Jim, they are full timers that travel in a Casita they driveway camped at our place a couple of years ago, and with Bridget and John Hatch. Didn't think spreading my germs or throwing up at the table was a good idea.


This is our site at the Blue Mountain campground. Other than the acorns sounding like mini bombs it was very quiet, and reasonable $23.00 a day and 7th night was free.

If you’ve never been to Branson you really should put it on your list. Yes its touristy, but there is so much to do from zip lining to first class shows, train rides, Silver Dollar City..and shopping and food galore. And since its economy is recreational based the people are friendly and helpful.  But just don't get in a hurry. Mostly 2 lane roads and long lines. We were west of Silver Dollar City when we left this morning traffic headed west to SDC was bumper to bumper for 5 miles.


This was just a normal trip to town the other day, you can see traffic is up the hill and around the curve. Remember also this is the off season.


Dee Walters this ones for you!


Little shopping village behind Bass Pro.


Many of you can take such wonderful pictures from cars but apparently I’m not one of them. Branson is very very hilly and you can see a very long distance.

On drive home saw signs for worlds largest candy store and gift shop. So being the chocoholic that I am we had to stop. What a disappointment, here I thought I would be walking into chocolate heaven.  They had about 10 varieties of fudge and half a dozen types of bark. Rest was bins of tootsie rolls, snickers, hard candy and taffy to my mind all over priced. 3 pcs of fudge were $11.00.

CandyFactory10-17-14a GiftStore10-17-14a

We arrived home, Charlie immediately jumped all over Riggs ad they played and played. Sadie was all over Sam and I, she missed her grandparents.

Also, Sam put out 2 blogs the other day and I think many of you might have missed the Monday blog. It included our lunch with Bridget and John Hatch and then back to their place for some Fred time.  Those of you who know Bridget know that she has a wonderful infectious laugh and you cant help but be happy around this gal.

Now comes the worse part of any trip, tomorrow unloading the fiver YUCK.

Y’all be safe and happy travels

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday Musings.

Still in Branson, although Donna got up feeling much better. The weather report said a sunny day and temps in the upper 60’s. We decided to take advantage of our first sunny day since leaving home last Thursday so we are staying another night, when I went up to settle our bill at the office, I got a pleasant surprise, tonight is free, if you stay 7 days the 7th is free.

We have decided to head home though tomorrow and put off our trip to Hot Springs AR. Just to iffy with the weather and Donna wants to build her strength up so home is where were heading.Tomorrow is supposed to be clear and warmer so we should have a lot better trip home than what we had coming down here.

Rigg’s wanted everyone to know he is having a good time on vacation. don’t know if he missed Charlie though, but I’m sure he misses Sadie.


One more reunion picture.


When I get back I will have to pull the two batteries from the fiver and have them tested. With the way the converter is acting I’m pretty sure I have a bad one. If so I will replace both before we head to the Rally this spring in Az.

Thanks to John Hatch for his help in trouble shooting what he thought was my electrical problem.

Hopefully we will be pulling into the Weeb Ranch sometime in the afternoon, we will leave here around 10AM. and if it’s sunny we should make 65mph all the way up I-44. Probably one rest area stop for Rigg’s and maybe a quick lunch stop.

Hope all is well with all our friends out there. Be safe, Sam & Donna.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts.

Donna had a rough night, between a fever and weakness and trips to the bathroom she didn’t get much sleep. She was still feverish this morning so as soon as Walmart opened I went there to get some Theraflu, and Nyquil Donna says the Theraflu works the best for her, I like the Nyquil so I bought it in case she passed anything on to me. When I got up this morning the heater we bought in Indiana gave up the ghost, the heating element broke off at the bottom where it connects to the post. So I bought a new space heater. Since the trailer was cold and Donna said the furnace wasn’t working. When I got back I set it up and I also tried the furnace and it fired right up so the fiver was toasty warm in now time. After breakfast Donna laid back down and her fever broke and about 01 :00PM she got up and said she was feeling a little better. so we will see what the weather looks like down in Hot Springs, The is supposed to be sunny for the next three day and temps in the 70’s. Were hoping because it’s a couple hours further south it might be clear and warm down there.

Hope all is well with our friends out there. Be safe. Sam & Donna. PS Rigg’s says he’s enjoying his camping trip too.

Monday in Branson.

We had a great day Monday, Although it was cloudy and cool and spitting rain on and off. We met John & Bridgett Hatch, at Mels Hard Luck Diner, If you haven’t heard of it it is a small place mostly a lunch stop, but they have very talented waiter and waitresses that sing to you while you are dining,Really talented young people and very entertaining, an enjoyable eating experience and the food is good too.

Sam,DonnaJohn & Brdgett10-13-14a

After lunch we went back to see John & Bridgett’s new motor home. and set a spell and visit. Of course Fred was just tickled to have visitors, and hopped from one to another to get constant attention.



John&Bridgett Hatch10-13-14a

                                 John & Bridgett.

We hated to leave, but we will meet up again with them in Tuscon at the Escapade in March.

We went back to the Campground as Donna was feeling beat and just relaxed.

Donna ended up with some kind of flu.

Hope she is better tomorrow, we haven’t decide whether to go on south to Hot Springs or head home, depends on how she feels and if the weather gets any better.

Be safe out there. Sam &Donna..

Monday, October 13, 2014

Dixie Stampede.


Sunday dawned with no rain, first time since Wednesday, the sun came out and it started to warm up a little.

We were both really looking forward to seeing it, as many times as I have been to Branson , have never gotten to this particular show. Well boy are we glad we did. It is really a first class act,

Before you enter you can tour the stable.


Then you go in and they have a pre show which was a great juggling act. You are not allowed any photography inside the arena, I can understand why, all those strobe flashes might disturb the animals and actors.

The show in the arena started and what a show, all kinds of equestrian acts, wagon, and barrel races, they divide the audience into Northerners and Southerners and both sides compete against each other.

The most amazing are the Bison and Longhorn acts, these huge animals perform like pro’s.

They also have chicken races where kids from the audience get chickens to run the length the arena to see who wins.

Dinner was a whole Cornish hen with potato ,corn, soup and a drink. more, food than we could finish.

All in all a great night out.

When we got back, Donna called Bridgett and John Hatch, they had made it in to town, so we will be meeting them at 11:00AM at Mel’sHard Luck CafĂ© for lunch on Monday.

That’s about it, the forecast for today is rain again, Tuesday is supposed to be sunny.

Be safe out there, Sam & Donna……

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Still rainy cold and foggy.RaineyBranson10-11-14a

Sometimes the driving can get a little tricky with the heavy fog. Branson has lots of curvy winding roads that go up and down these mini mountains. Would love to be able to get out and walk around and explore some of the shops but weather is just too nasty.

First on agenda today was the TWS (Together We Serve) groups tour of the military museum. If you are a history  buff lots to take in. Uniforms and weapons galore from WWI to Gulf War. They have the names of all the soldiers killed in action WWII on the walls.  Stated that if they listed the names on the walls of all that were killed during the war including the Jews, Germans, British etc, the wall would stretch 7 1/2 miles.  Don in our group found the name of his uncle on the wall.Military Museum10-11-14a

You can see some of the walls with names on them.

USS Missouri BB63

Replica of USS Missouri.

Next on itinerary was lunch and tour of the School of the Ozarks. Since we were just there this summer with my brother and weather is so yuck we decided to skip this part. This is a worth while stop when you are in Branson. Food is all fresh and such a huge variety. Its a tough school to get into. The entire place is run by the students. There is a working farm, dairy, cattle etc. All students must work from ground keeping to serving in the dining hall, but when they graduate they are debt free. All work goes to their tuition, so none of this graduating and being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.  As I said we skipped this part and just ran some errands. We had lunch Sadie's10-11-14b

Rather disappointing. Only a couple of others there and service was very mediocre. I had lunch buffet as I was starving. Food ok but for having just been put out was just barely warm. The cobblers were almost all crust and you really had to search to find the berries. Sam got a burger and was just ok.  But with a name like Sadie, in honor of the pooch at home how could we resist.

The farewell dinner was at six. The meal was first class, wish I hadn't eaten lunch so I could have enjoyed more of it. Petit filet, chicken breast with white wine sauce, roasted potatoes, broccoli and carrot veggies, hot hard rolls and carrot cake for dessert.

Branson is a very vet oriented town and were many other groups having reunions. One of the gals from group went out and snagged a guy to come in and take pics of our group.  Poor guy was given half a dozen of different cameras to use. Sam had to be seated as with him on end the guy couldn’t get everyone in frame.


Me, Marshall, Don and Carol.TWSReunion10-11-14a

A bit camera shyTWSReunion10-11-14b TWSReunion10-11-14g 


Dianne planned the entire thing, hats off to her as you all know it is not easy to organize something like this. Next year is suppose to be in Virginia. Though the group was small the organization is large.  Many of these people traveled long distances to be here. Represented by Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Kansas City.  Good time was had by all, lots of jokes and stories about service, these guys, and gal, all really enjoyed being young and being in the service, from jet pilots to supply clerks.  Hugs and kisses all around and we called it a night.

Turns out ones that went to the college had their lunch but declined the mostly outdoor tour because of the weather.

Today is a free day, so we will do a little shopping, again weather sucks, and plan on going to the dinner show at the Dixie Stampede tonight.

It rained all night again and some the acorns sounded like little mini bombs hitting the roof, at first Riggs went into high alert and then after a while got used to it.  I’ll sayRigg's04-19-12d

Friday, October 10, 2014


We left yesterday for our trip to Branson for Sam’s reunion with some of his Navy buddies from the Together We Serve group. When we got Riggs in the truck and told him we were going on a trip and no Charlie for a week, this was his reaction


Boy was it a long and tiring day. We had rain, more like downpour, the entire way. The kind of rain where you could only see about 10 feet in front of your hood. Not fun. Neither Riggs or I had eaten all day so a few miles out we stopped at a KFC for bathroom break and food. Well Riggs and I split a 10 pc nuggets. Just something to tide us over. We got drenched just getting to truck. Wet humans, wet dog…boy our truck smells nice

I called Alice Workentine to see what weather was like in Branson when we were about 50 miles out…she told me sunny and nice….woohoo. sure enough we get into Branson and there is the sun.


Great we will be able to get set up without getting drenched. Yeah right. We made it to he Blue Mountain RV park where Sam’s buddy Don Lewis had made reservations for us.  Uh Oh its clouding up! Sam quickly starts getting in set up mode, my job, keep Riggs out of the way.  Ok all set up time to put out slide….well that was short lived. Sites are tiered and the patio area with wooden rails next to us is too close, cant open slide all the way.  Time to un-set up and try to move closer to the right…owner comes by and tells us just take the spot all the way at the top, its bigger and no obstructions. And as it turns out Sams friends fiver is in shop and he is staying at hotel next to the park.

We have a leak somewhere, think kitchen window as some things are wet..  And inverter is acting up. lights dim and then get bright again…and furnace wont kick on…oh the joys of a camper.

Don and his wife Carol came by and we chatted for a few hours and made arrangements to go to breakfast together.

Didn't sleep all that well besides my normal insomnia, stormed all night and the oak tree next to us kept dropping its acorns on the roof.  Riggs apparently didn’t have same problem that I did


Since he won’t out in the rain until he absolutely positively has to, his record is 18 hours, he only made it to 15 1/2 this time.

Don and Carol came by and picked us up for breakfast. We went to a small place called Donnie’s they said it is one of their favorites.  Food was good so was service. We will meet up with them again at 600 for the meet and greet and the Grand Hotel for opening of the Together We Serve festivities


Don and Carol                   Sam and I.

That's all for now. Everyone have a great day, and anyone with any pull, please make this rain stop!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday Musings.

Today is a cloudy but warm day, Donna took the night off since we will be leaving for Branson in the morning.

We finished stocking the fridge, and are now loading clothes and we will be loaded and ready to go. Since it is only a 4 hours drive we won’t leave until later in the morning , no 06:00AM getaways like some trips, we will be staying at the Blue Mountain Campground on Hwy 76, These reservations, were made for us by another reunion goer, and were already made when I found out about them.

I am going to talk Donna into when we leave Branson we will head south to Hot Springs Ar. Neither of us has ever been there and we would like to see it and visit the hot spring baths. If anybody out there has been there and has a campground suggestion and some sights to see lets us know.

This should be our last trip until the Escapade in Tucson in March.

Finally got a relaxed shot of Charlie,


                             Charlie snoozing.

Since my Son and Samantha want to adopt him he will be another Grand dog like Sadie Mae.

Not much else going on we will send out a post when we are settled in the campground tomorrow. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Meanderings.

Had a nice weekend here at the ranch, today is another sunny and warm day, Donna is working the day watch at Walgreens.

Rigg’s is taking advantage of a warm sunny day and spending some time out in the yard. Charlie is running around and looking for stuff to get into. He is now buddies with Rigg’s and doesn’t pester him all day to play. Rigg’s just lets him know when he has had enough and he entertains himself.


                Here they are in a rousing game of tug.

Sadie still just wants  Charlie to leave her alone, she is happy to be up on a lap or a bed when Charlie is out running.Even with Rigg’s Sadie was never one to be big on play time.

Thy all three head to the door when someone looks like they are going to leave, puts a hat on or mentions the word car or truck.

Tomorrow I will go to the store and get stuff for the fiver and make it all set and ready to leave Thursday morning.

Donna is off tomorrow so we will both make sure we have what clothes we are taking packed and the wash done.

Nor much else today. be good to get out for a week or so and back in Chappy.

Hope all is well with all our friends out there. Be safe. Sam & Donna………

Friday, October 3, 2014


Another rainy stormy day, Not as much thunder as yesterday but still a windy and nasty day.

Charlie has thoroughly inspected his new domain and evidently approves. He is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to get in trouble.

You forget how much stuff a puppy gets into. some of it is hilarious, he stole one of Donna’s bedroom slippers and led her on the merry chase. Once she got it from him she hung it on the top of a kitchen chair. So he promptly jumped up and got it and took off with it again.You could just see the wheels turning as he was thinking of how to get it.


                   Charlie & his pal Rigg’s.


They just noticed Donna putting a pie together.


                           Hi Dad I’m resting now.

He does slow down and rest on the doggie bed for about 3 minutes at a time, then it’s back to playtime.

Thank God Rigg’s is such a gentle Ben and good natured, Charlie thinks nothing of grabbing his ears and pulling, Rigg’s doesn’t even acknowledge it. Plus Charlie has learned when Rigg’s has enough and will now look for other mischief to get into.

It looks like it will be a long puppyhood, I can remember when Rigg’s was a pup, luckily he had his big brother Zep to play with and show him the ropes.

cherry pie10-03-14a

                      Donna’s Cherry Pie.

Monday we will start making sure all is packed and stocked in the fiver as we will be leaving Thursday morning. We have decided to stay a couple extra days so we can meet up with John & Bridgett Hatch, they are due in Branson on the 13th. Our reunion is over on the 12th.

That’s about it for today, be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..

Thursday, October 2, 2014


That’s what we have had for the last 24 hours.  I got totally soaked going to my car after leaving work last night. Luckily we live close and only small 2 lane roads home as visibility was about 3 feet, most of the time couldn't even see the lane markings. Has been storming steadily. We needed rain but these heavy rains run off more than soak in. Thunder has then the window rattling kind.  I am so happy our animals are not afraid of storms.

TBT Heide1994

1994. Our beloved Heidi and our beautiful pond. Heidi was such a special girl. She was the family protector and my BFF. When Sam would have night or graveyard shift she would come in and jump on bed.  I would ask Heidi how was your day…and she’d start to talk and tell me all about it. Then it was my turn to tell her. She gave her life saving a pup from the road. The protector to the end.

Right now we have some very unhappy campers here. New kid is driving Riggs crazy with his constant playing. Riggs has tried growling and snapping, but the little guy doesn't take hints very well. Poor little Sadie just gets beat up. Charlie is about 25 lbs Sadie 8 and when he jumps on her to play …well you can guess. She tries desperately to avoid him. So surprised not one phone call about him, no flyers up in neighborhood where he was found. I’m sure in the long run it will work out but right now it is chaos.

That’s about it…next week at this time we will be in Branson for Sam's Navy reunion

As Judy would say



Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday Musings.

A surprise start to our normally dull weekday routine here at the ranch. My Son Andy’s girlfriend Samantha was driving home from her overnight shift at the Marriot this morning when a small beagle pup ran into the road in front of her car. she stopped and got out to make sure it hadn’t been hit and with that the puppy jumped in her car and didn’t want to get out, IT had no collar or way to tell where it came from and was in a shopping area near Walmart. So Samantha brought him , it’s boy looks to be about 4 or 5 months old.

When the vet opened Samantha took him there and he does not have a chip.

So back he came to the ranch.Evidently he finds the Weeb Ranch an exciting place  with big Rigg’s to play with, Sadie doesn’t much like his rambunctious puppy nature, but Rigg’s is always game for a new playmate.

Donna made calls to all the Vets and shelters around and no one has reported she put his picture on the Dardenne Prairie FB page, but so far no calls. When she called the County Animal control, they wanted to come out and pick it up, but they are not a no kill shelter, and Donna told them no we would rescue him if he needed a home.

He has moved himself in and made himself at home, has already found all of Riggens toys and put them on Riggens bed so thy are handy for playtime. Donna decided we will call him Charlie, It has also been decided that if there is no way to find his owners. We will Rescue him and let him stay here as a forever home.


                          Here’s Charlie.


As usual Rigg’s is allowing the little guy to win in tug.


            I got all the toys Rigg’s. lets play now.


                    Oh Boy I got a new big brother.


This tug wears a guy out, I’m going to lay by Rigg’s.


Rigg’s this place has everything, a big kitchen, a big yard, a good Mom & Dad. What more could a little pup want.

How many of you have noticed he looks like John & Bridget Hatch’s dog Fred, We noticed it right away, this morning. Now when he meets Fred he will have another friend.

Well that’s the breaki9ng news here in Dardenne Prairie today, Hope all is well with all our friends. Be safe. Sam & Donna……..