Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday Happenings.

Another nice sunny day here at the Ranch in Dardenne Prairie. Donna has the night watch at the restaurant and Rigg’s and I are off.

How about a couple of throwbacks.

Wm & Peg Weibel11-15-42

My Grandfather and Grandmother, Wm. and Margaret Weibel 11-15-1942.

GRandpa W.&Dad1942

Grandpa Weibel and My Dad Bing Weibel 1942.


My Uncle Francis Genett and My Mom.1944.

The picture of my Dad was taken the day before he went to basic training in the Army. Spent the next 4 years in the Pacific.

The album this came from has some pictures from the war of planes they flew in Australia, Morotai, and other islands.They always slept in tents set up on wood platforms, Dad said he never saw a barracks until he was back in the states. No wonder he wanted me to go in the Navy.I’ll scan some, the nose art is really something, could never get away with that in the political correct times we live in now.

That’s about it for today,Hope all is well with all our friends and family , Be safe. Sam & Donna……..

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts.

Tuesday another great day, sunny high will only be 80 degrees. Donna is off all day. My Son said he was looking at the fiver and that he will re caulk the roof seams. I went to the RV dealer and got two tubes of Dicor for him to do the job, Glad he is volunteering as neither Donna or I should be climbing up on the roof anymore. I was going to take a few days and go camping, but I think I will enjoy the nice cooler weather here and then when it gets in the 90’s again in a couple weeks, then head out to where they have a pool or swimming facilities.I’d like to go someplace that has a pool and a lake for Riggens to enjoy.
Donna and I are not doing much, she is on her laptop and I am on mine, Rigg’s is snoozing at my feet and Sadie keeps bugging Grandma to hold her on her lap. Then when she gets up there, she wants all the attention and doesn’t want Donna to use the computer.
Here are a couple of pictures from our New Jersey Grands.
                Angel, Dude,Katie & Meghan.
          Meghan & Katie at the Ice Cream Shop.
Meghan & Katie with their Grandpa Kremer’s Hot Rod.
We are hoping maybe Tim & Bonnie will bring the girls out for a visit.
That’s about it for today, be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Musings.

Here we are with another great sunny day here in Dardenne Prairie. Plus it’s not really all that hot, Mid 80’s and a little bit of humidity.

Donna has the night shift tonight at the restaurant.

My Son was going to take my bike out on the Katy trail but he discovered handlebar wouldn’t tighten up and it turns when trying to make a turn. We tried tightening the neck bolt but at the risk of stripping the Allen head off, we could not get it to tighten enough to lock the handlebar. Now is when I wish my welder hadn’t been stolen as I would put a tack weld on each side of the neck and the big bearing bolt which is tight, and that would lock the handlebar in the straight ahead position. My only neighbor who also had a welder moved when the new highway came through so now I have to find someone else. 5 minutes and it would be fixed.

I bought the bike at Wal Mart and hadn’t rode it since I brought it home, I was going to take it camping next week, so maybe I will go look for a shop that can tack it for me.

Got the truck back the other day from the body shop, I was surprised when I went to pick it up they had detailed it completely inside and out, even got the disc brake dust off the wheels, looks like new. Max is ready now for a camping trip.

That’s about it for today, hope all is well with all our friends out there. Be safe. Sam & Donna…….

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Happenings.

Another gorgeous day here in Dardenne Prairie, sunny and a high of 80 degrees.Doesn’t get any better than this.

Donna is working the night shift tonight at the restaurant. Rigg’s and I have the Homeland Security Detail.

Rigg's 07-24-14aq

He sure takes that job serious, always on the alert next to my chair.

How about a couple of Thursday throwbacks.


Donna & Sam Silver Dollar City 1982.


Donna & Sam at wedding 1998.


My son Tim USS Rentz

Operation Desert Storm 1991.

Hopefully tomorrow the body shop will have Max the truck finished and I will be able to bring him home.

Then I can plan a few days away with the fiver. I will go while Donna is working and take my buddy Rigg’s with me.

Not much doing here at the Ranch just enjoying the nice weather. Hope all is well with all our friends out there. Be safe. Sam & Donna………

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Musings.

Here we are with another gorgeous day here in Dardenne Prairie Mo. Sunny and clear with a high of 90. I can live with that. Donna is working the day watch at Walgreens until 04:00PM. When she gets off I am taking the truck Max to the body shop to drop him off and she will pick me up and then we are going out to supper.

The truck will be in the shop for 2 0r 3 days. Then when I get it back I am thinking about taking the fiver and Rigg’s and I get out and camp for a couple days. Donna is off tomorrow and then she works from Wed-Mon again.

Not much doing here at the ranch, Rigg’s and I are just relaxing and watching the world go by.

Hope all is well with all our friends, be safe out there. Sam & Donna…

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Notes.

A sunny nice day here in Dardenne Prairie, I got an e-mail from Danny & Shula Oren I just have to share with all our friends and family, As you may not know Danny & Shula visited with us here at the Weeb Ranch last month. Truly wonderful people from Israel. We have been worried how the events in their homeland would effect there family. Here is the e-mail they sent us.
No country would stand still while missiles are pointed at the civilians .
One side can not play "dirty  " and expect the other side to play "fair" , we try NOT to hit civilians,we send flyers ,make phone calls and send SMS to civilians on the other side to move away and stop being a human shield for the terrorists, I do not know of any army to do this-but the world prefers not to see or hear.
Thank you to all my friends sending me their concerns- our family is OK,our grand kids were sent home from summer camps as there is not enough bomb shelters for everyone,they are a bit shocked but it will pass.
Lets pray that the Muslims will understand that LIFE is more important than DEATH.
Danny & Shula
We certainly hope that peace will come soon for these brave people.
Having seen the effects of war as a young man, I thank God that my family is safe here in Dardenne Prairie and that we still have young people willing to come to the defense of this great nation.
On another note our Grandaughter Nicky is here for the weekend,
Rigg’s is helping Nicky get her baby Rylie down for a nap.
Nick showing off her new glasses, what a cutie patootie.
Did you ever notice that kid’s just sprout up in between visits, Nicky looks like she put on about 4 inches n the last month.
Here’s the New Jersey Grand's Katie and Meghen with
Dude and Angel.
Now I will probably go out with John Deere and cut some grass later.Donna will be going to the restaurant for the evening watch tonight.
Nicky and Andy & Samantha took the dogs to the Doggie Park yesterday, it looks like they all had a great time, but no pictures.
Here’s one for Sam, my old Squadron doing what they do best.
That’s about it for today, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Happenings.

Missed a couple of days, not much going on, got a call from the body shop yesterday and they said they are having trouble rounding up the parts to fix my truck, so it will be Monday before they can get it in and it should be done Wednesday. Donna has the restaurant tonight.

We had a young man come by today to make a presentation for Donna’s Medicare Part D supplement. Boy time fly's when your having fun.

How about a couple of throwbacks.


                       Donna, Sam, & Andy.1995

Sam USS Shangri-LaCVA381967a

                      Sam, USS Shangri-La CVA 38 1967.

Hope all is well with all our friends and family, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna………………….

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Musings.

Was up early, Donna is feeling much better and went in to work on the day shift at Walgreen’s. I waited until about 09:30AM and went over to the State Farm Ins. office to make my claim for the damage done to Max the truck. I was relived to find out we still have a $50 deductible, the lowest now available. We have had it for about 25 years with State Farm and also a pretty good rate. I also found out that the tire repair and road service back at the Escapade for our fiver was covered under the trailer insurance, So I will send them a copy of of the bill and that will cover the deductible for the truck repair.

I then went to O’Fallon Body shop, where they looked at the truck and said they would fax a copy of the estimate to my insurance agent, they also did a little bending and now the tail gate opens. He said he will call in a couple days when the parts are in and then it will take 2 days to fix it.

It was a sunny, hot, humid, morning, but now (02:00PM) it is dark, and raining with thunder and lightening. Good time for a nap.

Donna called and suggested Spaghetti for supper, good thing I checked the pantry since I found we are out of Spaghetti Sauce. I texted her so she will bring a couple of jars home with her.

So far so good the truck is ready to be fixed and it will not be a big out of pocket expense.

That’s about it for today, hope all is well with all our friends. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…….

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Meanderings.

Got up and about 09:00AM I got in the truck and headed for the gas station and then the Shop & Save. When I got to the gas station I went to open the tailgate to fill my gas can for John Deere. I noticed the tailgate wouldn’t open. Only about 2 inches and jammed. When I looked I saw that the back right end of the bumper had been hit and shoved in a couple inches jamming the tailgate. Have no idea who or when someone hit it but they didn’t leave a note so as hard as it looks like it was hit I’m pretty sure they knew it. Since I didn’t use the truck most of the week it must have happened either at Wal Mart, Schnucks, or Shop and Save when I went there at the beginning of the week. Now I have to call the insurance company on Monday since they are closed on the weekends and get the ball rolling on getting it repaired since I can’t hitch up the trailer without opening the tailgate. I guess whatever my deductible is I will be out since I don’t have someone's name or insurance.It just irks me that I haven’t put a mark on it myself ,but because someone doesn’t fess up to damage they do I must pay.




Fender is jammed into tailgate which is why it won’t open. Poor Max he isn’t used to being banged up.

So far today it is a pretty nice day, sunny and hot, also humid.Thy were calling for rain and it really darkened up earlier, but now the sun is shining and no sign of rain.

Donna has a flu bug, she didn’t go to the restaurant, and this morning called and told them she wouldn’t be in this weekend. She is getting rest so I hope that will help.

That’s about it for today, Hope all is well with all our friends and family out there. Be safe. Sam & Donna…..

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday Happenings.

A great day here at the ranch sunny and in the 80’s, went out this morning and managed to get most of the low areas cut without getting stuck, for the first time the front looks pretty good without any real high grass areas. Now if it will stay dry I can hit it in a couple days and mulch up some of the clippings and it will have a better finished look, tomorrow I will do the back and then Donna said we can put Rigg’s pool up. she wanted the grass cut first.

How about a couple Throwbacks, here is Rigg’s when he was two months old. He will be 5 in December and is 113lbs now.



                      Rigg’s at two months.

Donna has the night shift at the restaurant tonight, so Rigg’s and I will be batching it.

The big decision for the day will be what to make for supper. When your only feeding one it can be anything small. Had a sandwich for lunch.

That’s about it for today. Please be safe out there.Sam & Donna……..

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts.

Were having a pretty good day, here in Dardenne Prairie,It rained most of the night, but at about 11:00AM the sun came out, so I pulled John Deere into the garage, jacked it up, and impacted the new blades on.I then cut the front and the side acre, still some areas with standing water I had to go around since we had along rain last night. But all in all it looks pretty good, the old blade , the middle one was bent about an inch down and was scalping as it cut, now with the new ones and everything leveled it looks like a lawn service cut. It got up to about 85 by 01:00PM so I decided to save the back for tomorrow. The heat just wears me down faster now.

Donna is off today so she is piddling around the house, I told her to relax and be lazy since she only gets the one day off a week, but you know Donna, she can’t sit still.

We haven’t got around to blowing up Rigg’s new pool but as soon as we do I will post a picture of him.

That’s about it for today, Be safe  out there. Sam & Donna……

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Notes.

Not a bad day here in Dardenne Prairie, Partly Cloudy about 80 degrees, supposed to get into the low 90’s later this afternoon.

Donna is working the day watch over at Walgreens,The rest of us are home bodies,


Rigg’s and his little sister Sadie being home bodies.

Going to just take it easy and watch a movie today, nothing going on, really just feel like laying around.

The box behind Rigg’s in the picture is his new pool, we will set it up this week on Donna;s day off and see how him and Sadie like it.

Donna has another day shift tomorrow and then she’s off Tuesday, Maybe we will go to the doggie park again to get Rigg’s some exercise, he needs it he was up to 113 lbs at the the vets, so he is on short rations and trying to get him to exercise more, he just doesn’t run in the back as he doesn’t like the hot weather. but if you take him to the doggie park he will run and swim until he is played out, yesterday he was really moving slow at the end. so I said you want to go to the truck and he picked up his water toy and walked to the gate and was waiting for us to open it so he could get in the truck.Then when we got home he was asleep at my feet within a few minutes.

That’s about it for today, hope all is well with all our friends out there. Be safe. Sam & Donna……….


           Navy Swimmers, So Other’s May Live……..

Friday, July 4, 2014

T.G. I.F.


Happy 4th of July to all our American friends, as you celebrate just take a minute to reflect on all who have served this great country of ours to make this possible.


               4th of July at the beach, Pensacola Fla.


I spent a short cruise on Detachment 62 of HC-2, aboard USS Independence CVA 62, went to the North Atlantic countries of England, Norway, and Denmark. Coldest flying weather in Nov & Dec in the North Atlantic. She is now in the mothball fleet at Bremerton Wa.

This is one of the first 4th of July’s I ‘m not camping, we gave up our lake property and private campgrounds are always crowded to capacity, so I decided to wait till after the holidays, when I can relax in an uncrowded pool and take Rigg’s for nice runs without a ton of people distracting him.

The weather here couldn’t be better sunny, low 80’s and not very much humidity.

Donna has to work at the restaurant tonight, Rigg’s and I have our usual homeland security detail.


                             Sam is ready for duty.


            This would be Sam & Rigg’s.

That’s about it for today we will be enjoying the nice weather until Donna goes to work. Hope all is well for all our friends out there and have a safe 4th of July holiday. Sam & Donna………

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday Happenings.

Another gorgeous day here at the ranch, sunny, high in the low80’s, just a great day for anything, and it is supposed to stay like this until Sunday with no rain in sight.

How about a couple of throwbacks.


              Donna 8th grade Graduation.

Sam,Bill,&Rick 1967

Sam, left, with brothers Rick, and Bill in 1967.


Donna and son Andy,1983, he is in his 30’s now.


Heidi by the pond, in 1994, both are now gone.

Giving some thought to traveling a little this Spring, The next Escapade, like to go to that and then after it’s over head across I-10 to Florida with stops in Pensacola and our friends in Inverness.

Also we are still thinking of a short getaway after the holidays are over. The hard part is getting Donna off from her two jobs for a couple of days, it might end up being a boys day out for Rigg’s and I.

That’s all for today, be safe out there. Sam & Donna…

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday Musings .

Today is just about as good as a gets a bright sunny day and temps in the mid 70’s, lower humidity too.

The John Deere Tech was out right at 0800hrs yesterday, he had the neatest workshop trailer behind a pickup, about 20 feet long it had a work bench and tool boxes in the end, a lift to pick up the front of a tractor and electric power generator and air compressor, everything you would need to service a John Deere tractor. It sure beat trying to borrow a flat bed trailer and taking the tractor to the dealers. It only took him about 15 minutes to fix why the deck was jammed up. Silly me when I took the blades off to get the plastic string out that was jamming it I put one of them back on upside down, that jammed it up again. He saw that right away and buzzed it off and reinstalled in correctly and wham the deck was spinning like new, he recommended I go over to their shop and buy a new set of blades since one was bent, which I did after he left. I was lucky he only charged me 15 minutes labor($21) and a (50) service fee for coming out. So I was happy too. Will certainly be more careful now when I install the new blades, didn’t know it would only work if they were installed one way.

Donna was off all day and made a batch of cupcakes for a friends 4th of July party, in a patriotic theme, they were arranged in a US Flag design. She is so handy with cakes and the like.


Today she is working the night watch at Walgreens, Rigg’s and I have the homeland security detail here at the ranch.

When my Son Andy gets home I will ask him to give me a hand putting the blades on and then I will be ready for the rest of the summer.

Nothing much else going on here today. Hope everyone is well out there in blog land. Be safe. Sam & Donna……..