Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Musings

Started the day with coffee with the bride, then she was off to the truck company and then the restaurant foe another long day. I went down to the computer for a while and then up stairs to watch a movie. The stuff I have been taking for my throat seems to be helping but I still have that sick ache feeling so after a nighttime pill, I took a daytime pill.  I hope I can nip this in the bud if not Friday I am going to the Doctor’s anyway so I will have him look at it.

Not much going on I am waiting fir next week to get here and then head out for PA. They are having warmer than usual weather, so i guess I can only hope that the cold weather doesn’t hit just as I hit town. I am looking forward to visiting a little since we didn’t get to do that much last year when Donna & I were out to see my brother.

October is fall foliage month in PA so maybe I can get a few nice pictures and post them and I will surely hit the Coal Museums and Steam town National Park again. plus some PA. pizza joints. I can’t forget to get my gold card and passport at the National Park Service while I’m there.

Can’t decide what to do about supper, it’s just me so I won’t go to much trouble. Rigg’s and I have the house to ourselves as Andy went off to do a job with a body and won’t be home till late.

Donna said to tell everyone to cover there mouths and nose when they read our blog so they don’t get my virus over the computer..Feeling a little better, so I hope it’s going away. Be safe out there, until tomorrow anyway. Sam & Donna….

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts.

Got up at the usual time and had our coffee, Donna headed to work and I went down to my office, I had a bad sleep night as I went to bed with the start of a sore throat and then my sinus's started draining so not much sleep.

I wanted to clarify something about my winterizing procedure as Rick,  Rick&Paulettes RV Journal brought up a point I didn't explain in my text. He was worried about putting to much air pressure into the water lines and perhaps breaking one, this is a very real possibility since most shop compressors are capable of a tank pressure well over 100 psi, the easy way to preclude this happening is make sure and have a valve and gauge in line and set it for 40lbs of pressure, this is more than enough and most water lines are rated at 70lbs probably with a little fudge factor. Then before I even attach the air fitting to the city water inlet, I open or remove the two low point drains under the trailer, this provides an outlet for the air pressure so it won't be bottled and build up pressure in the lines, then I attach the air and turn it on at the valve. Since the low point is always open through out the procedure, you still have enough air to go from sink to sink and shower and then the toilet and open them one at a time and drain them of water in the lines, you will be surprised how much is actually in there, when each of them show clear and only dry air comes out you are finished. then I shut the air supply off and cap the low points. You will still need some pink stuff for the P traps and like I said I put a gallon in each tank(Black & Grey) not the fresh water tank, since that is drained empty.I put the gallon in the tanks just so it will lay against the slide valves and not let any water freeze and damage the valves.

Hope this makes it clearer for those that have access to a compressor, If your wondering why I don't put a fitting on the water pump and pump the lines full of antifreeze, That is a good system too, but I feel the air pressure does a better job of getting rid of trapped water and have not had a problem in over a dozen years, the one time I had a problem I did it with the pink stuff in the lines and somehow water was still trapped in the toilet valve and froze so when I charged the water lines the first time I had a mess in the bathroom and a valve to replace, went back to the air system after that.

Anyway I am going to stay inside and try to doctor this throat before it gets worse. Hope all is well with our friend's out there. Be safe, Sam & Donna.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, Monday

Back into the home routine, We were up at 04:30AM and had coffee, then Donna headed out to the truck company , and I went down to catch up on blogs and file the pictures we took while we were gone.

Before I forget I want to welcome a new follower who came aboard while we were at the Rally. Welcome to Lynn-Country Heart and Roses, I couldn't find if you had a blog going yet but I am sure you will let us know if you do. I hope you enjoy reading about our life and times in Dardenne Prairie MO. until we hit the road fulltime.

After it got above 60 degrees this morning I went out and hauled the air line out and started on winterizing the water and tanks systems on the trailer, I opened the tank valves over a bucket and let them drip whatever was left in the lines into the bucket, while I was doing that I removed the caps from the low point drains and hitched up the air line and gradually increased the air pressure to 40 lbs and then went around and opened one faucet at a time and blew each out and the toilet for about 10 minutes a piece.

Then I closed the tank valves and poured a gallon of RV Pink into the toilet for the bottom of the black tank and inside of the slide vale and put about half a cup in the toilet, then poured a gallon down the shower drain into the grey tank to coat the bottom and its slide valve, after that a cup in each sink P trap and I was done, Oh yes I made sure the water heater was drained dry and then switched the valve over for winter which really won't do anything since I don't charge the lines with antifreeze like some people do. I have never had a problem with blowing all the water drops out they way I do it and we have plenty of subzero weather.

When I was done with that I had noticed that the wall on the cook station and sink cabinet next to the entry door was bulging out next to the door. I took the drawers out so I could see under there and I saw where they had drilled a screw into the wall to hold the cabinet in one of them had been over torqued and cracked the frame board. Did they try to glue it and move the screw, of course not they just backed it out and said good enough for government work. Don't you love the quality control when an RV is being assembled, makes you wonder how many more are the same way. Well after the vibrations of road trips it cracked all the way through and there was no support for the wall there, hence the bulge,Luckily I had a piece of furring board the same width as the frame so I made a splint and then drilled two screws in one above and the other below the crack and it pulled the wall back into place and since I used counter sunk screws I just put a drop of white paint on the silver heads and it looks good for non government work.

Since I had way to much fun for one day I decided tomorrow would be a better day for a good carpet cleaning and then buttoning everything up until the next trip, I did however defrost the fridge and put all the food except canned goods in the house.

I haven't decided when I will be leaving for my sisters in PA I want to give myself at least a week to get settled and move the hospital bed in before she has her surgery. I have my every three month checkup on Oct 1st and then later that week I will decide when I want to leave.

Rigg's is back to his old self after being the king of the hill at the Rally, he must know I am going to leave him because he is like a shadow around here. I swear he knows what you are talking about and listens to Donna & I when we talk. A couple of times when I said something about the trip he would run between me and the back door like if your going, I'm going too. Animals are truly amazing.

That's about it for today, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday, The parties over.

We were up before the sun around 04:45AM Donna got the coffee going and we enjoyed a couple of cups at the table in the trailer since the Rally closed last night and there would be no free breakfast today, while we were enjoying each others company we heard snoring and turned around and this is what we found on the couch.


Rigg’s snoring up a storm, sounded like a neighbor running a generator.

He must have been beat from his day of walks and playing because he slept in until after 07:00AM, then it was playtime as usual with ball chasing and pestering for attention, Hear he is watching his Mom do some blogging.


                         Rigg’s and Donna.

It’s 09:00AM and in a little while Sam will go out and hitch up, he doesn’t want to get in a hurry since we don’t have far to go home so he said he will wait until there is no line at the dump station.

About 11:00AM we headed to the dump station it had two lanes and we didn’t have to wait, most people were just dumping the tanks and pulling out, but since Sam has to winterize it as soon as we get home before he leaves for PA. he had to flush the black tank really good so they would both be empty as possible, he also drained the fresh water tank and left the valve open so the sloshing would empty that completely. It really only took about 10 minutes longer and now he can blow everything out and put some antifreeze in the bottom of the tanks and in the P traps and be done.

Rigg’s of course had his nose glued to the window next to the mirror where he could watch his Daddy the whole time and slopper and whine. What a Daddy’s boy.

It was a nice trip home, about 90minutes and we got back at about 1:00PM Sam unhitched and he said he would winterize it tomorrow and defrost the fridge and have it ready to sit until next trip.

Now it is back to the grind for Donna and the Dardenne Prairie routine for about a week before Sam leaves.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pet Contest at the Rally Saturday

Up early had a free Coffee and donuts breakfast at the Hall. Then it was back to the trailer to wait and get Rigg’s ready for his first public appearance. Mom found out the Men’s medium shirt was to small and had to put it on him backwards,  But she saved the day, complete with a rope belt he was finally ready.


                         Donna dressing Rigg’s.



                                Hillbilly Rigg’s.

The big news is Rigg’s won the first prize in the Trick’s category, by doing his High Five, Taking a Bow, and Standing straight up for a treat. Donna had been a patient teacher and he came through after just a bit of distraction from the other dogs.

There were a lot of pretty costumes most were on small dog’s and were pretty fancy, even the one little lady who lost her panties when she was being walked by the judges. it was hilarious but she did not win. Rigg’s was the only male in the costume contest and I think all the pretty girl doggies had the judges swayed, but he performed his walk like a trooper.








      Our Happy Prize Winner getting his prize.

What was the prize Rigg’s won, A bag of doggie treats of course, We were both so proud of his behavior since he was biggest dog entered he was the center of attention and everyone had to give him a pet and you could tell by the tail wagging he was eating up the attention. It was truly a lot of fun for all of us.

Got another moon shot when we got up this morning next week it will turn to a Lair’s moon.


                  05:00AM Moon shot.

We both have a couple of seminars to go to this afternoon and then we will be going out again for dinner with another couple from Nebraska. Last night Donna & I went to a nice Italian Restaurant in Columbia MO. called La Bambino’s, very good food and not overly expensive.

Better get this posted, hope everyone is enjoying their day as much as we are. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday at the MO Good Sam’s Rally

Friday started out early, Mom & I had coffee, then at 07:00AM we headed to the Hall for a free Pancake and Sausage breakfast sponsored by Loveall’s RV in Columbia MO. Thanks to those folks for a great Breakfast.


Sam’s new Rally friend, they had a nice long discussion on all the worlds problems, Sam said he was very agreeable on everything.

Anybody want to see Donna’s Moon Shot?


Moon just before the storm front moved through last night.



The New Guys at the Free Pancake Breakfast.

After the breakfast Sam went to a seminar on RV repair’s conducted by a 25year RV Tech from Lovall RV, He fielded questions from the audience and answered everyone’s questions in a very easy to understand manner, and to my surprise at no time solicited business for the dealership, I was really impressed.

After that there was a first timers meeting to welcome all the new guys like us to the rally, more door prizes were given out, but Donna & I didn’t win.

Then they had everyone go out the the front and get two pints of ice cream for their RV’s. Compliments of Prairie Farms Dairy Co.

Since the next event we wanted to attend was a tractor pull at 3PM We found a County Doggie Park about two miles from the fairgrounds so we took Rigg’s for a good Romp.




Then it was back to the trailer with one worn out pup who fell asleep as soon as he hit the trailer.


                After a tough Day at the Rally.

That’s about it for now, we have a nice sunny mild day and hopefully there will be plenty of people out tonight for happy hour.  Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday thoughts from Rally

We were up at the usual, 04:30AM had coffee and made sure we had everything we needed packed in the trailer. About 06:30AM We decided since the sun was coming up that we would head west.
Has a nice sunny drive to Columbia MO. and went to the Boone County Fair Grounds where the Rally was being held.
                                 This Way..
                      The Fair Grounds..
When we pulled up we had pre-registered but we were told there would be a delay because of a broken water line, after about 30 minutes they took us to our spot and I unhitched and setup, when I was setting up I found out that the water hydrant for my spot didn’t work, just then the neighbor in the motor home on my left said “hey if you have a y connector you can hook up to mine it works,” That’s what I did so we now have water & electric. Nice to have a good neighbor right off the bat, like that.
Our spot, Good Neighbor on right shared his water.
The lot we are in was empty when we parked next to the  MH but the Good Sam Rep said it should fill up today, they have two other fields all ready full.
After we were settled in we went up to the main hall and signed in, Sam won a nice hand made napkin holder as a door prize and Donna turned in her cakes and they said they would be the main prizes in Cake walk. True to there word they held Donna’s cakes until the last two draws and people were waiting for a chance to win them.
The Cakewalk Table, Donna’s two are at lower left.
                The Big Prize of the Day.
                            The Lucky Winner..
For all the Quilter's out there here is one that was being raffled off..
                   Midwest Rally Quilt.
Rigg’s is signed up for the costume parade, and the tricks contest. They will be held on Saturday, so he will have time to practice.
We are going to rest until 06:00PM when they will have an opening ceremony and a Veteran’s Recognition. Sam will try to hide for that one.
So Far so good have met a lot of nice people so far and haven’t had a happy hour or a drink yet.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Musings

Up and had coffee early with Donna, then she was off to the truck company and then the restaurant for a double today. I did some blogging and then went to Shop & Save and got the supplies for the trailer for the Rally, I even splurged on a box of treats so we can reward Rigg's if he is good, He doesn't know it yet but they are going to have a Doggie Parade and since the theme is Hillbilly, Donna stopped on the way home last night and bought a shirt that she can make appropriately ragged and hillbilly looking for him.So she can dress him up in costume. I can't wait to see her putting it on him like he will sit still, The clothes are packed and now the only thing to do is a little later I will go out and hitch up the truck and turn the whole rig around to face West out in railroad speak. so we will just have to unplug and do a walk around and then head west in the morning.

Since we have never been to a rally and won't know anyone there, we have high hopes that we will meet a lot of good people and have a lot of fun.

If we have a free evening we might even take the new Dinner Train if it is running.

Besides medicines, the camera's and the laptop all is packed and loaded and ready.

Hope everyone is going to have a good weekend also,we will try to post if there is wi-fi available.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts.

Was up at 04:30am and had our morning coffee together,then I went down and did my blog catch up, ran to Wal-Mart to see if they had an item on sale that another blogger had found, no luck there and the item they bought for $50 dollars I was told I could order for $98. no thanks why have it on clearance in one store and not give you the same price, that Manager couldn't answer that question, so I came back home empty handed. That is certainly a new record for a trip to Wal-Mart.
Anyway I was looking through some old pictures and I came across a car my late younger brother Rick had made for a demolition derby back in 1981. I was  on the Police Department then and he knew I had owned a copper colored 1970 Plymouth Satellite Sport 2dr, so when he found one just like it he decided to doll it up like a police car and entered it in the demo derby, unfortunately I only have the after photo's but he said it was really a sharp looking car before the derby. The light on the roof stayed on throughout the entire race even after taking some real smashes. 1970Plymouth DemoDerbycarc

1970Plymouth DemoDerbycard
                    Rick's Demo Car
1970PlymouthSatelite Sport
My 70 Satellite w/ my oldest son Sammy on trunk.
Of all my brother's, Rick and I got along the best, never a dull moment when I would visit and we got together, My Dad used to say they had to put another shift on at the Gibbon's brewery the week they knew I was coming for a visit, Rick's main interest in racing was the modified's at Middletown NY. and Nazereth PA, spent a lot of nights watching those babies.
I am reposting a picture of my tribute to Rick painted on the Demo Derby Car Karen's, Kareninthewoods nephew drove in Wisconsin to sponsor a benefit for his Dad who has Cancer.
Thanks Karen, & Fuzz so much for doing this for me, it meant so much and I must say going back to PA in October without Rick there will be tough.
Went out to the trailer and took the frozen pizza and stuff Adam likes out of the freezer and put it in the freezer downstairs, I will put what Donna & I will use on the Rally trip Thursday in it tomorrow and then top the truck off with diesel and we should be good to go Thursday Morning. Even packed my clothes for the Rally just not like me to wait till the last minute.
Tonight we will be having Tovers for dinner, like in leftovers. Donna will work Wednesday night and then it will be rally time. Do I sound like a kid excited over an upcoming trip, I think we both are and Lord knows Donna can use a few days away from the truck company and the restaurant. Everyone, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Meanderings.

After a really dreary, rainy Sunday we woke up early and Donna got off to work, it is turning out to be a nice sunny day, with the temps predicted to be into the 90's again so the air conditioner will be back on. We had shut it off for a few days when the highs were in the low 80's and high 70's. Donna wants to thank everyone for the compliments on her cakes, she is self taught on decorating, reading how to, books to learn. But believe me they taste as great as they look. To bad I started that darn type 2 because we used to have a new great dessert every weekend, and now she bakes mostly for friends and coworkers celebrations, rarely is a cake made for poor me (Sam ).

Donna took a picture of me and my helper when I was putting my grandmother's secret recipe meatballs together,yesterday, I made about 25 or so. They turned out great, my son will eat them like treats watching TV at night.



                           The Meatball Crew.

I managed to get John Deere woke up early and he & I went out with a chain and dragged the tree limb that was blocking our drive back into the back acre next to the burn pile.

Tomorrow I will make a list of what we need to stock the trailer for the Rally Thursday and will get that stocked so that Wednesday night I can hitch up and turn the trailer and have it facing out and ready for a morning departure for Columbia MO. it is only about 90 miles so we will be there in the morning hours after about an hour and a half ride.

Thanks again to Rick, Rick & Paulette's RV Journal. yesterday when I was downloading some pictures from Donna's camera into my desktop, I somehow lost the pictures in Picasso after I had thought they were imported. I then deleted the SD card in her camera. Imagine my surprise when I went back to Picasso this morning and no pictures, Well I did what any quick thinking blogger would do I remembered Rick had mentioned something awhile back about him recovering some after he did the same thing. First I went back through a bunch of his blogs but couldn't find it, Then I fired off a help e-mail to him. Then finally I did what I should have done first and look in his Bloggers Survival Manual. and there on page 82 was exactly what I was looking for with a link to download the program he used. About 15 minutes later after downloading and running the program I had my pictures back from the SD card, and I fired a cancel the help e-mail off to Rick again. He did answer right away and said he was just getting ready to send me the information when he received the second e-mail. Rick to the rescue again, What would we do without him?

Well I guess that's enough excitement for today. I am going to see if Rigg's wants to take a short walk and then me & him will take a short afternoon nap, being retired is great. Be safe out there. Do it to them before they do it to you. Sam & Donna.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Happenings.

Quite a Saturday night in Dardenne Prairie, about 09:00PM a tremendous thunder and lightening storm came through, the power was off from 09:00PM to midnight. Donna said a house in the new subdivision across the road from us was hit by lightening and caught fire and the police and fire department were over there and also at another residence a block away so maybe two houses were hit. It has rained steady all morning and when I went out the go the store, I found a large tree limb had fallen across our driveway, blocking it, I hitched a chain to the truck and pull it straight, but I was soaked, so I will wait until the rain stops and trim it with the chain saw and then hitch John Deere up to it and pull it into the back yard. We can still get out on my neighbors drive so it isn't a big deal. On the way to the store I saw the power company was still working in the rain replacing a pole that was snapped off when a large  entire tree fell on it. That must have been what caused the power outage. as it was only about a block from the house.


                       Limb across the drive.

Adam & Grandma spent the morning working on cakes for the Rally this week.


                             Adam the icer.


          Look's like even Rigg's wants to help.


Adam wanted to show off his birthday present.


                 Rigg's after I said cheese.


        Rallycake09-19-10c                Here's the first one, 5th wheel vagabonds.


                    Here's the second one. Good Sam.

Hey before I forget I finally got a picture worth showing of our hummingbird that has been successful in eluding the photographer.


        Mr. Hummer.

 Sam is going to mix up a batch of his famous Grandma Genett meatballs from scratch and tonight we will have Spaghetti and Meatballs. His Grandmother Genett was born in Italy and was his Mom's mother, she was famous for her cooking, even homemade spaghetti noodles, pasta and bread, anybody remember "pizza frias".

Well that's about it for today, Adam had a great stay at his Grandparents this weekend and got to play with his buddies Brandon and Taylor, he also learned how good it feels to give rather than receive, when he decided it would be a good idea to give Brandon's new little brother his battery powered Gator that he is to big for this year. Of course  some lessons in life are a little tougher to decide on than others but he knew he made the right choice when he saw the little guys face when he saw his "new Gator". Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday at home.

Well, didn’t get a Friday blog out, just got to be too late and I figured I would do one in the morning. Donna worked the restaurant last night , but she said it was a slow night, I want to thank everyone for the well wishes on my fall. I have been improving over the last two days with the swelling going down and the pain now is just a dull discomfort. Of course I may have helped it in not doing any chores outside and generally staying off it. I did manage to get two loads of laundry done so I am confident I am on the road to a swift recovery.

Got a pleasant surprise yesterday, when about 3:30PM my Grandson Adam called and said he wanted to come over Sat & Sun. I was so glad to hear from him as it had been two weeks since his Mom & my Sons spat.

I will pick him up about 110:00AM and our first stop will be Wally World so he can pick out his birthday present, I am then going to take him to this place where this guy sells used bikes and get him a bike to keep at our house, since he took his good one home. I wanted to have another one here for when he stays and when we take the trailer out.


The Three Buddies, Adam, Grandpa, & Rigg’s.

Donna is baking this morning, she is going to make big cake and decorate it for the Rally this week she will freeze it until we leave. She has found that if you freeze a cake it retains it’s moist taste, just the way I like it.

Rigg’s is just laying around watching Mom bake, now that the temperatures have gone down he is also enjoying romps in the back yard and generally terrorizing the rabbit and squirrel population. For some reason even being a Lab he doesn’t give a bird more than a second glance. I had to laugh when he tried to follow a squirrel up a tree and only made it a few feet before finding out his claws don’t grip like a squirrels. What a lop.

Well that’s about it for now, I will be leaving in a little while to go to Warrenton MO. to pick Adam up, ten the fun begins, Donna has a shift tonight at the restaurant. so Adam & I will have boys night together. Be safe out there, and watch out for low leaping kangaroo’s.Sam & Donna.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Thoughts.

I almost didn’t get a blog out at all today, I started the day with coffee with Donna, and got her off to the truck company. I Then went back in my Grandson’s room and put a movie on and laid in the bed.

If I hadn’t told you I fell yesterday in the garage when I tripped on an air hose that hadn’t been rolled up and stored properly, when some one used it. I was carrying a box of Tide in one hand and a forty lb bag of softener salt in the other and before I knew it I was on the concrete garage floor with my right knee jammed and in considerable pain. Luckily I landed on top of the bag of salt and didn’t break an arm or wrist last like my last fall in 2005. Again I will repeat it sure seems to hurt worse in your 60’s than it did in your 20’s, and I was slow getting up. My right kneecap swelled to twice the size of my left and I could barely walk. I took pain killers last night and this morning the swelling was down some but still there and the pain was a lot better. I couldn’t say much to Donna or she would heave insisted on a trip to the emergency room which I have found in most cases is just an added expense.

Anyway I stayed off my feet most of the day except for a trip to the Post Office to pick the package up they said they were going to deliver today and didn’t, and a stop at Walgreen’s to get a couple of Donna’s prescriptions my buddy the pharmacist said to take the same pain killer’s I did and it will probably be a few day’s before the pain is gone.

I know this pales in comparison to other’s physical ailments I have read about in the past few weeks so I am not in the least complaining.

Anyway I will close with this be safe out there and watch out for hose’s on the ground. Sam & Donna.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Musings.

Another great day in the Greater Dardenne Prairie area. Up before the sun and had coffee with Donna. Then she was off to the truck company, and I went back for about an hour knap as I was restless most of the night for some reason. Donna has double duty with the restaurant tonight so I will be batching it for supper, unless Andy is home, which he usually spends supper hour with his girlfriend.

Rigg's went through a couple days where he didn't eat hardly anything, I told Donna if he wasn't eating today  I was going to call the vet today in case he ate something he shouldn't have and was blocked up. He must have been listening because as soon as I got up he wolfed down his dish of food and I put some more in it and he ate half of that. he is usually good for two bowls a day so I hope is back to normal. Now we'll see what the other end tells us.

Not much going on when I went down to get the mail there was a notice that a package had come from Canada, it's probably the flash drive ordered.  I must have been out back trimming and not seen the post truck.  Anyway it said if I signed the slip and put it in the box they would deliver it tomorrow. Two weeks ago when I got a package from the same place they just put it in the box.

Al from The Bayfield Bunch had a little problem putting a bra on his new jeep, does anybody else wonder why they are called bra's, what do they hold up?.On a BMW SUV are the called Hollzenfrumfloppens ? Anyway that's enough for today before I get into to much trouble. Please everybody, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts.

Had a good start to day the with coffee with my beautiful bride, the went down for some blogging, Before I Forget I noticed yesterday I have a New Follower, number 55, Dave, Welcome Aboard and I hope you enjoy the blogging, and the content. After the grass was dry John Deere and I went out for about 2 1/2 hours of leisurely cutting, I haven't taken the three blades off in about a month so they have about 4 good cuts on them and so I decided to slow the pace slightly since as they get dull they have a tendency because of their weight to knock some of the taller grass down instead of cutting it if you slow down that doesn't happen. I try to sharpen then once a month and after two season's I replace them and I usually get a nice level cut.
My oldest son Sam sent his Mom some picture's from his business trip to Singapore, he said it is a 20 hour flight there, and 18hours to get back. He also said business wise the trip went fine, but he was sick and suffering from jetlag most of the time and didn't get out to do much sightseeing with the limited time he had, he sent some pictures from the Hotel.
IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021
From the pictures Singapore looks like it has quite a skyline and is a modern bustling metro area.
I had to laugh this morning Donna said when she was watching TV last night Rigg's as usual was bugging to play ball and for attention as usual, after a short period of no attention she said he hopped up and put his feet over her lap and hooked his paws on the arm of the chair on the other side and then held on, she said she was effectively trapped in her chair until she said okay get the ball. What a guy Rigg's, hope you know that won't work with Dad. He found out yesterday that when he steals something and tries to run around the couch, Dad will reach over with a broom and spank his behind. No place to hide Rigg's, Dad is still bigger and smarter. How do you hide 100lbs of Lab anyway he doesn't fit under anything anymore.
Hope everyone has a fine day, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.