Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Windows 10

Last night after debating for weeks whether to upgrade my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. I decided to take the plunge I have read about the upgrade from many other bloggers and I must say the vast majority are happy with it. Most say it takes a little getting used to but that’s about it. Anyway last night I started the download, I got a blue square that said you can continue working and gave the  progress of the download. I must admit I finished what I was doing and closed out my programs and let the download continue and went to bed.
When I got up the square said the download was completed and I was ready to start the install. About an hour later, it was installed and I set it up with my default browser ( Chrome) and my default mail program (Outlook). I also made the desktop view my default. so far so good. does seem that all my programs run faster, and no hang ups. we shall see how this goes after the first day.
Here is a picture of my two boys laying by their Dad’s feet.
                                  Rigg’s &Charlie.
Today  made a quick store run and that will be it for the running.
Not much else going on here at the Weeb Ranch, I found a flash for my Canon on Amazon for $34 regular $100 so I Pay Paled it and it should  and it should be here in about 4 days. Hope all is well with all our friends out there. Be safe Sam & Donna……

Monday, September 21, 2015

History Tidbit.

I found this today on the internet, everyone has  heard of the North American Veeblefetzer Co. who was the sole maker of Veeblefetzers here n the USA until going out of business in the 70’s. This should be of interest to my buddy Al Bossence in Bayfield On.I just found out that Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer had a small plant in Flusherville Ontario just outside of Toronto. They were taken over by the Toronto Mossmagator Works. until going out of business, this explains the Mossmagator sightings in the southern Ontario area. Al I also found a picture of their company logo, here it is
Just a small bit of information for my friends.

Today we started new week with a nice sunny day and temps n the 70’s, Donna is feeling better and having a pretty good breathing day.
I’m just grumpy, sometime this weekend while the kid’s were camping Charlie stole my moccasins I had two pairs and would you know it I found  two of them both left shoes, have still not located the two rights. These were basically the only shoes I could  squeeze on my swollen feet. so  have to find before going out.
That’s about it for today, be sage out there, Sam and Donna..

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A beautiful September Day.

Today is Sunday and it is a great sunny and mild day here in Dardenne Prairie it’s in the 60’s now with a high predicted of 76 . Made a quick store run to Shop & Save now just relaxing and enjoying the three mutso’s. Andy & Samantha are out camping this weekend. So it a do nothing weekend. Bobbie our carpenter finished the hall bathroom, the new shower surround s really sharp, an new tile flooring. Now he is moving to the Kitchen bath where a window needs replacing and a new light and exhaust fixture needs to be installed.When he is done with that he is gong to help install two garage door motors since Sam can’t get on a ladder.

Got some more pictures of the New Jersey Grand girls, they went to another Rodeo. First at the beach.


                                Katie & Meghan.


Meghan with her award.


Meghan at full speed ahead, the smile says it all she knew she would win.






Katie & Meghan.

Rigg’s wanted you to know he has a new Duckie, Charlie got one too, but chewed it up the first day, Rigg’s is guarding his now.


Rigg’s with his new duckie.

Not much new around here going to check into this at the next bar I go in.


Not much else for today, everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..

Friday, September 11, 2015

911 Memorial

Today is 14th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York we will never forget this.
th (1)
th (2)
I remember being at work in Lake Sherwood and watching the TV broadcast with Linda my dispatcher ,who is now deceased, and Mary the Office Manager who’s husband was a fireman and she was crying when she saw the destroyed Fire Trucks. I later  found out one of the guys I was stationed with in HC-2 in the Navy , Jim Cherry, lost a brother, Vernon Cherry when his entire company of NYFD Ladder Company 118 was killed and their truck destroyed in the collapse of the WTC.
Firefighter Vernon Cherry 10-10-51,to 09-11-01,
Please never forget the sacrifices these men made for their country we will never give in to terrorism of any kind.
Donna and I are doing fine she s feeling better, no more dizziness. Sam went to the doctors for his 3 month physical that turned into a 6 month physical because we were gone all summer, all turned fine and I am good for another 3 months or 3000 miles. I can only hope I can talk Donna into another trip this winter so we don’t have to worry about any snow or another Mo winter. Hope all is well with all our friends out there. Be safe. Sam & Donna….


Friday, September 4, 2015

In another heat wave.

We are now in our fourth day of 95 plus heat here n the bustling burgh of Dardenne Prairie. wish we were a big enough town to have a city swimming pool.Have let the blog sit for a couple weeks, WE have had some trying days with Donna’s health. she is having breathing problems and attacks of dizziness. Saturday my Son called the  paramedics to the house when she passed out in the kitchen. They checked her heart and determined it was doing fine, they then checked her medications and determined a new prescription was causing the problems.  She made an appointment for yesterday with her Doctor and she had new medication prescribed, we shall see how this goes, she said she still had some dizziness today.

WE are having the hall bathroom redone, new drywall, tiles and flooring due to leaks over the years, that should be done this week, the carpenter who is doing it is working hard and he will be repairing a wndow and sash n n Kitchen bath, and other repairs before he is done. He was supposed to do it while we were out of town this summer, but he was in a bad car accident, and is just now back to work on a reduced schedule, these jobs here have no time limit, and we told him if he gets tired or stressed to quit for the day and relax.

I have some pictures of my Grand girls in New Jersey.


Dude & Meghen


Meghen & Turtle.

Meghen and newborn donkey09-02-15a

Meghen and newborn donkey.


Katie on board.


Meghen & Katie canoeing.

Charlie & Rigg's08-22-15a

Rigg’s and Charlie chilling.

That’s about it for today, while Donna is feeling under the I am putting off any more camping until she feels better. I was going to take a week or so and Rigg’s and I go out by the railroad and then swim at the campground but I will wait until Donna’s health improves. Hope all our friends are doing fine out there. Be safe.  Sam & Donna………..