Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, September 30, 2011


Up early, no coffee this morning still fighting stomach upset from the antibiotic I am taking. Just sat around the house and blogged this morning for a while. About noon I went to check for any new blogs and was saddened to hear from KEVIN & RUTH that their beloved  dog Whiskey had passed away early this morning. Whiskey was 15 1/2 years old and was still going strong when they visited with us earlier this month. We sure are saddened to hear this news and send our love out to Kevin & Ruth. We have had several dogs that were our companions for 12-14 years but never 15. It is tough to say good bye, as they are truly family.

Today was a another sunny gorgeous day with a nice breeze to make it feel good, I would have gone to the Lake if it weren’t for my stomach distress hopefully we will still have a couple of nice weeks left.

Then before you know it it will be time to winterize until we decide to take the fiver out again. seems like even with several trips and several weeks at the Lake the summer just flies by and that cold weather is upon us.

Looks like most of the full timers that were up north are heading for their winter destinations already. I hope one of these days we will be parked in there among you guys.

The highlight of the day was a trip to Shop & Save to pick up Bread, Milk, & Beer. That will keep us going for a couple more days until a real grocery run is needed.

Donna got asked to work again Sunday which makes it four weeks in a row without a day off. Something about one of her co-workers being in jail so they are covering that persons shifts, why don’t they just pay their tickets like most people do.

That’s about it from the Weeb Ranch. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Happenings.

Another nice day in Dardenne Prairie with sun and temp’s in the low 80’s. Donna was off to the truck company and then the restaurant.

I had a 10AM appointment at the Dentist to have my last tooth extracted, When I got denture about 10 years ago it was because I had suffered chronic gum disease and my teeth would loosen and have to be taken out. When they put the dentures in they had left two bottom teeth in that were still sturdy to anchor the bottom plate with a metal bridge.Back then the dentist said that these two teeth would eventually loosen and have to come out, the first one did about 2 years ago, and now the remaining one did.

So here I am I have to wait two to three weeks before I can get impressions made for a new bottom plate. Which is fine since I want all the swelling to go down.

Not much else going on, Nicole and Rigg’s are playing, and I am going to have some chicken soup and lay down, the stuff they inject and the antibiotic for the gum infection have my stomach in an uproar.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Was up early for coffee with my bride, she stayed in bed most of the time from yesterday at noon until )4:30AM and then decided she felt well enough after a dose of medicine to head to the truck company.
I want to Welcome my 125th follower canterina serra I couldn’t find a blog for you in your “ About Me”  block, but I apologized for my lack of knowledge of what appears the  Italian language. I too am of Italian –American heritage, but have trouble remembering a lot of the language as it has been 40 years since it was spoken with regularity in my Grandparents house. If you have a blog send me the URL as I have activated the translator to translate into English from Italian. Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy reading about the happenings around here at the Weeb Ranch and our travels.
I puttered around the computer, but just couldn’t get going, I felt tired and achey, and I decided to call Donna and tell her “ she makes me sick”. Yeah I hope I am not coming down with what she has, There was one swig of Day quill, left in the cabinet, so I told her I was not leaving the house and went in and laid on the bed with two mutso’s keeping me company and slept until Nicole got home, Don’t know if it was the rest or the medicine but I do feel better now.
Not much to report other than I have a Dentist appointment tomorrow at 10AM to have my last tooth extracted. When I got dentures about nine years ago  they left two bottom teeth in to act as anchors for the bottom denture, about two years ago the one loosened up and had to be removed, now the other is loose and infected so it has to go too. I will have to have a new bottom plate made.
I hope everyone is having a great week, today was dumpster day so I had to walk the dumpster down to the end of the drive. They’ll empty it tomorrow and then the next time I drive in with my truck I will haul it back.
That’s about it for today. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

Overslept when I woke up the room was dark and I heard the garage door closing so by the time I got into the Kitchen Donna had left for the truck company, bummer, didn’t get a chance to say good bye.

About Noon though she sent me an e-mail that she was coming home as she was sick and must have come down with the flu, After she got home she took flu medicine and has been in bed since. I worry whenever she gets this kind of stuff because I know her resistance is down, wish I could hold her down and put an ohmmeter on her.

This is going to be a shorty today just another nice sunny Indian summer day here at the Ranch.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Meanderings

Well we were up at the customary 04:30AM and had our coffee, then Donna headed out to the truck company for the day.

Want to take this opportunity to WELCOME Wild Blue Yonder, They have a blog Life's a Journey...(formerly Wild Blue Yonder) but it gives a box that says by invitation only, so I will have to wait for an invite to see it. Welcome aboard folks I am sure you will enjoy reading about the antics od the crew here at the Weeb Ranch and our travels..

Yesterday Rigg’s had his picture in the blog and sure enough Sadie saw it and demanded equal time she wanted everyone to see where she was when Rigg’s was snoozing next to my leg, she was behind my chair in her place in the sun.


Not to be outdone they both then wanted to make a post, so here it is.

Hi everybody, it's Riggs and Sadie

I'm really sorry Grandma about throwing up on your bed the other night. I tried not to but by the time you noticed I was sick I just couldn’t hold it any more.  Think maybe I ate too many bugs while I was outside.  But you know they really are fun to chase and eat.  Now I have to tell all of you about a really scary experience I had.  I was out in the back yard enjoying the nice sunny day and this creature came by, he was gray and had this bushy tail that curved over his back.  Well, I'm a terrier and ferocious, so I gave chase growling all the way.  This creature ran straight up a tree !  I tried but couldn't do that, so I just stood on my hind legs and barked.


Then all of a sudden, the creature started back DOWN the tree,  I took one look at him and he was bigger than me.  I'm no dummy.....I yelled retreat and off I took to the back door, as you may have heard I can run like the wind and I did.

Well, Sadie, guess I would have run too if something was bigger than me, but so far haven’t met anything bigger than I am.  But talk about someone being scared, I played a trick on dad the other day.  He took a nap and when he came into the kitchen all he saw was you. So he called me and I didn’t come, he looked outside and I wasn't there, then he checked the whole house calling my name.  I've pulled this trick on Mom before.....I was hiding in the bathroom !   Finally I could hear in his voice that he was really getting worried so I whined and he heard me.  It was sooo funny listening to him walk right past the door , calling my name...I was just laughing and laughing.


Of course when he opened the door, I had to stop laughing, but you can see I still had a big smile.  Dad told me how much I scared him.  Sorry Dad it was suppose to be a trick.

Speaking of laughing how come you were laughing at me yesterday when your mom gave us our good dog treat?

Are you kidding?  We both know that we have to sit before we can have our treat, but after you stopped doing your "I'm so excited spins" you were half way across the room.  When it was your turn to get a treat instead of getting up and walking across the room and then sitting down, you stayed sitting and then scooted on your butt across the kitchen.  Do you know how silly you looked ?

I just didn’t want to lose my treat because I wasn't sitting down, you know she always says butt on ground or no treat..

Hi, it's Donna.....many who know me wonder why I don’t get more sleep.....maybe this will explain.


no room for mom.

Well everyone.....we both promise to be better tomorrow.....and Mom. next time I'll curl up like Sadie so you have more room.

As you can see our bed is prime real estate at the Weeb Ranch.

Nicole just got home from school and Rigg’s was right there by the door ready to give her his after school kiss & lick, she just screams and runs for a towel. I know she loves it though.

While we were on the River Boat cruise with Kevin & Ruth, and Jim & Dee, we passed a large barge used for the helicopter tours downtown and it had a small platform barge moored behind it for some paint work. Jim is an Air Force Retiree, so not one to lose a chance for some inter-service rivalry, I told him the Air Force uses the big barge for their helos’s when their here. but the Navy pilots use the little one, their used to it. I found a picture to illustrate some of those little platforms from my Navy Days.


                         US Navy UH-2C.

Your main gear couldn’t pass the middle of the circle and then you only had a couple of feet clearance for the blade to that tiny hanger for a drone that they never used. This was a DDG Guided Missile Destroyer, When they went to the FFG Guided Missile Frigates they were quite a bit longer and they moved the missile mount and extended the helo pad to the stern, it was also wider and could accommodate a UH-3C which was quite a bit bigger helo. My son Tim was aboard the USS Rentz during Dessert Storm it was an FFG.

That’s about it for today, Hope everyone is having a good week. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna…

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Up early again and had my coffee. Donna got up again about 06:00AM she was late getting home from the restaurant last night well after 01:00AM and she has another extra shift today from 10:00AM until 03:00PM so she won’t have a lot of sleep today.

I started the day with some blog reading and then just sandbagged it all day. Adam came by for a little while this morning and then his Mom took him shopping.

Another nice sunny day with the temperature around 67. That’s just enough to stay comfortable. The furnace did kick on last night a couple times.

Rigg’s is laying at my feet in his usual place and looking like a snooze is imminent


Not much going on Donna has the chicken in the oven and the stuffing on the stove and supper will be ready soon, nothing like the smell of baking chicken to make a house smell nice, just like driving by a KFC on a nice day with the window of the truck open, almost smells as good as a donut shop.

Oh here’s another Navy patch from days gone by.


Well we hope you all had a good weekend, be safe out there. Sam & Donna……..

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Mumblings.

The day started for me early, Donna slept in until about 06:00AM by which time I had my morning allotment of 3 cups of coffee, since it was Saturday I put the octane booster in two of them.

Donna has the restaurant tonight so I hope she isn’t going to tackle any outside work like tree trimming or such and then go to work after that. I should have never got her that chain saw for Mother’s Day, Now she thinks she’s the only one who can use it. I told her I will fire up my big one once the weather cools down and we will try to do some trimming.

I think I mentioned that we decided that we would put off our planned fall trip to Florida and any Rally’s until the money situation improves. Would have like also to go and visit Kevin & Ruth in Mexico. But that will have to wait till next year. As you all know we have my Son Andy & his girlfriend living with us along with Nicole, Samantha’s daughter, So of course the grocery bill is now for two families instead of one. They both have been out of work but last week Samantha found a job, not the best, but like I told them sometimes you have to take what you can in life, Andy started this week at a landscaping company. So maybe things will improve. Samantha was eligible for food stamps while she was off so she helped with milk and the stuff you could get with those.

Once they are both on their feet, we will resume our quest for affordable health insurance or Cobra what Donna has now and she can retire and file for social security.

Then we will either sell the house to them or rent it to them until the commercial property market improves.

Gas in the St Louis area was at $2.99.9 for unleaded, diesel is still $3.37.9 this is supposed to be the cheapest in the country and the paper said it is a sign of a rebounding economy. How about some jobs now. That young people can afford a house and place to raise a family.

Got this from one of my old Navy Buddies who flew with my old Squadron HC-2.

HC-2 Rescue Swimmer

We used to free fall, (jump) from 20-35 feet depending on the sea state. It was almost like landing on the ground, the higher you were the harder you hit the water.

Ah to be young again, had a couple of comments on my search for a watch that was water resistant to 100 meters, There are a ton of them out there good to 25 meters(that’s the one good for beaches and pools) and then a smaller number good to 50 meters, but darn few good too 100 meters. That was the standard we used in my Navy days and and I always kept that standard. truth is it’s been along time since I scuba's anywhere near that depth and will probably never again go more than 25 meters due to my blood pressure and diabetes. But I did find one and bought it just to keep up to my old standard.


Another sign from my Navy days, after 12 hours in a wet suit you could appreciate the full meaning of this, we used to peal those things off under a running shower, boy were you ripe.

On a rescue helicopter there were two crew members , the wet man(swimmer) and the dry man (hoist operator) they alternated each day and both were qualified crew chiefs, and were rated in a craft, in addition to being air crewman.

We had a nice sunny day again only go to about 66 degrees today but a nice day none the less. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..

Friday, September 23, 2011


Up early and had coffee with my bride, Then she was off to the truck company and the restaurant. Rigg’s has gotten into the habit of while I am having coffee he gets up on the bed and lays and keeps Donna company while she gets ready for work, then when she leaves she shuts the light off and he snoozes and sleeps until Nicole gets up at 07:00AM. What a life.

It is a cool cloudy day, only 61 degrees  at 03:00PM so I doubt it will reach the projected high of 68. Rigg’s is outside waiting for his buddy Nicole to get home from school.

Donna sent me this from work so I will share it with you.



They are from the Dr Suess book for older kids.

Haven’t heard from Adam’s Mom yet so I still don’t know what the plans for the weekend are. When your retired you can be flexible to almost anything. I’d like to get the kid’s out at least once more before the cold weather gets here.

Not much to report, a really slow day here at the Weeb Ranch, hope to get out at least once with the fiver before the weather crashes, We have decided to put off our trip to Florida until Spring when maybe the  money situation will improve.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna…….

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Happenings

As usual we were up at 04:30AM and the coffee was hot and ready, my bride and I had a cup and sooner than wanted it was time for her to head to the truck company and then the restaurant.

It’s been cloudy and threatening rain all day, didn’t get anything outside accomplished, but Rigg’s managed to give me a scare.

I had gone into my room for an hours nap and when I came out Sadie was by the kitchen door doing her spins that she does when she has to go out and pee. After I put her out I thought usually as soon as Rigg’s hears the door open he comes running too. So I thought I ‘ll bet he’s snoozing on the couch ,went in the family room and no Rigg’s, I then thought I would check the basement to see if he had gotten down there somehow although he doesn’t like going down steps, no Riggs’ I checked the upstairs sewing room ,no Rigg’s. Now I am beginning to worry, I checked the bedrooms and then even went out the back outside and called and he had not gotten out somehow. I went back in the house and called again and then I heard a little scratching noise in the hallway, I then noticed the hall bathroom door was closed, it was locked, when I opened it you know who came flying out, he had gotten in and managed to lock himself inside. Have to admit I was more than beginning to worry. I don’t let him run loose although yesterday when I went to bring him in from his run he had about 3 feet of cable hanging from his collar where  it had broke, and had still stayed for who knows how long in his area without wandering off. I made a run to Petsmart to buy him a new cable.

Donna thought you would like this, since I’m not a big card shark I don’t understand it.


Rigg’s and Sadie & I are anxiously awaiting the arrival Of Nicole home from school. That always adds some life to house and it add’s fun to the Mutso’s routines.

That’s about it for today, I hope everyone in blogland is having a good week. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Up early and had coffee with my bride, then it was time for her to be off to the truck company and the restaurant.

It was supposed to be sunny and a high of 77 today, but the sun stayed out but the temperature is staying right at 69 degrees all afternoon. All in all a pleasant day.

The dog’s are enjoying laying on the kitchen floor in front of the door sunning themselves an snoozing the afternoon away.

Not much else going on here at the Ranch, so I will do some reading and make a supper for one, the kid’s and Nicole are going to a birthday party so Grandpa will batch it for most of the evening.

That’s about it foe today. Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

Was up early for coffee with the bride, last night before she went to bed, she baked some blueberry muffins so I would have a treat with my coffee. What a gal. She was off to the truck company. Then home as she is off from the restaurant tonight.

I decided to go to the other Wally World in Lake St Louis to see if they had a watch like the one of was going to buy yesterday. they did and it was the same price so I went ahead and bought it.I am holding on to the old one on the hopes that someday I find a small town jeweler that can replace the crystal. It is getting tough to find watches good to the depth of 100 meters. I really do like to be able to keep mine on in the water.

Another slow day around the ranch today, it is still a little to wet to cut grass but we have a nice sunny day going today, so maybe I will be able to start on it tomorrow.

The electric company had a tree trimming crew out and I asked them about cutting down a tree at the end of our driveway, if it would fall in a storm it would take the wires out. he looked at it and said yeah it’s pretty much dead except for the very top and they will be back in a day or so to take it out,  he said normally they cut anything at least 15 feet from the wire line on each side. But since this is so tall and dying it would pose a hazard to the wires.

That will sure save us a bunch of money, as it would be expensive to pay a tree service to remove it.

Nicole should be hitting the door anytime now, I’m waiting for Rigg’s to go to red alert and be at the door waiting for her.

Not much going on, it will be a good day for outside play for Nicole and Rigg’s like they did yesterday, first she went out with Sadie and Rigg’s was at the back door crying like a baby. Then it was his turn and he was a happy camper.

That’s about it for today. Be safe out there, and check the batteries on you CO & Smoke detectors. Sam & Donna…


Hi everyone, its Donna.
Some information I'd like to share.
Yesterday on the news there were 5 campers that died due to carbon monoxide poisoning
Sunday many locations across the country had rallies for Bikers for Babies and various charities.
A group of bikers in Tennessee were at a campground.  The 5 people were in a fiver and had
a generator going.  Details are still sketchy but initial thought is the carbon monoxide was
from the generator.  The one couple that perished left behind 8 month old twins.
So please everyone check your generators, how are they vented, how is your heating system, etc.
Better safe than sorry.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Meanderings.

Up at 04:30AM and had coffee with my bride, The donut stealer struck while I was asleep and only left one plain donut in the box. Donna headed out to the truck company, no restaurant tonight.

Not much going on today, went out to the Hobby Shop to pick up a couple train magazines. Also over the weekend I noticed the crystal on my watch had a crack in it, which means it is no longer water resistant to 100 meters. I like to wear it while swimming and that’s why I always buy a divers type watch with a stainless band. Went to the jewelry Dept at Wal Mart and guess what I was told, they no longer put crystals on, they still change batteries, but the crystal replacement costs just about as much as a new watch, I looked at what they had and decided on one but I told the girl I wanted a new battery in it since who knows how long they are on the shelf, my last watch the supposedly new battery lasted 6 months, Well would you know it when she was taking the back off she stripped the threads out of it, and it was the only one like it in the store, so no new watch today.

After last nights meatballs that’s always a tough act to follow ,but tonight it will be cube steaks and scalloped potatoes with ham bits and cheese sauce.

Nicole had a good day at school and now were waiting for Donna to get home from work.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna….

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Donna & I were up at 05:30am and had our morning coffee, it was a wet cool, rainy day. About 09:00AM Donna headed over to the Restaurant as she had been requested for a private party, she thought she would be home by 03:00PM.
It was a quiet day as rainy days are, Nicole played with her dolls and watched the morning kid’s shows on TV.
About 11:00AM Chef Sam got all the ingredients out for making Grandma Genett meatballs and started that. The worst part is mixing up all the stuff and the eggs in a big bowl, your hands get cold to the bone, never knew ground beef and eggs out of the refrigerator could be so cold, after it’s all mixed up I have to run warm water over my hands like when the cold gets through my gloves when I’m plowing.
The sauce was made up and after the meat cooled it was added to simmer for a couple hours this afternoon. The smell of the kitchen is heavenly.
Pot of meatballs & Sauce, notice the dark reddish maroon color, just like Grandma’s.
Donna got home a little after 03:00PM and said she did well with the party and they had left her a generous tip. She appreciates that especially when she comes in on a day off to do it.
She will relax and about 05:00PM I will have a nice hot supper on the table for us, I know Nicole and I will be anxiously awaiting supper time after smelling that sauce simmering all afternoon. Just had to have a small taste when I was stirring it before.
Adam will be missing out as his Mom picked him up last night to go to a family function in her family.
Well that’s about it for now, supposed to be sunny the next few days and on Tuesday get into the middle 80’s, That means I will have to take advantage of it and make another tour of the grass with John Deere. Last year I had to make a final cut around the end of September before I left for PA.
Hope everyone had a great weekend, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Mumblings.

Well Donna & I were up at 05:00AM had a cup of coffee together, then we decided to see if we could get a little nap in.
I picked Adam up after school yesterday so he could spend the night with Grandpa, His birthday was last week and I told him we would wait until Saturday to go out looking for a birthday present.
He is getting so big, we went to Wally World and he headed straight for the toy department. He said he already had a present in mind. There it was and just put out on the shelf a  Vortex Nitron Automatic Nerf rifle. Only two left so Adam is now the proud owner of one.
            A happy boy with his birthday present.
A couple more to show how big he is getting.
                  To Rigg’s he is still his boy.
It is so good to see this young man grow up, he lived with us all of his baby years and Grandpa was the chief diaper changer. Then he was here until about a years ago. He has literally grown before our eyes, We are so proud of him he is an honor roll student, and has learned the country values That Donna & I profess. We love him dearly.
Nicole is at a Girl Scout camp sleep over, It’s raining today and was cold last night. I’ll bet they froze there butts off. She will be glad to get home to a warm bed at our place tonight.
Rigg’s is enjoying having Adam here and bugging him every minute for attention. At least with Nicole gone he has another kid to play with, same with Sadie.
Hoping all of you out there are having  great weekend. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…

Friday, September 16, 2011



Up early for coffee with my bride, Then she headed out to the truck company & restaurant.

I decided to postpone the trip to the lake this weekend because Adam was sick all week and there is rain in the forecast for Sat & Sun. We will have to see what next week looks like.

I am posting a letter from Little Sadie, a few of you who are on Donna’s work mail list may have seen it.

(Sadie) Boy has this been a rough few days. 

You see my grandparents had some guests and their dog Whiskey. Seems like they were always around.  And even though my brother Riggs would protect me from anything, he likes strange people, so he wasn't any help at all.  No matter how much I barked at them, they just wouldn't go away, then I got locked in a room because of my barking......Hey its my house not theirs.

(Rigg’s) Oh, Sadie, you're just a big chicken.  They were nice people, and you know if it were something bad I would protect you, that's what big brothers are for. If you'd been a little nicer you would have gotten a lot of pettings and they would have played ball and tug with you....but oh no, little brat that you can be all you would do is bark.

BRAT, did you say brat?  Maybe if you only weighed 7 lbs. instead of 100, you'd be a little more afraid too!

Well, I did notice that being only 7 lbs. didn’t stop you when you thought there were treats to be had.  Every time Whiskey or I got a treat your little butt was sitting on the floor waiting for Ruth to give you a treat too.

Well, that's different, didn’t you notice I was always at the back, that I had you between me and her in case

she tried to snatch me away I knew she would have to reach past you and I would be gone, because you know

I run like the wind.clip_image001

(Whiskey) Gosh, can't you two stop bickering.  How do you think I feel. I'm a Canadian dog and sometimes I don't even understand you. Plus I am very old, if I was a human I'd be 105. And then there's the fact the my Mom and Dad paid more attention to you than they did me.  I'd bark, but my voice isn’t very strong anymore, just to let them know, I wanted the attention too.  But no mostly they played fetch and tug o war with Riggins, and tried to coax Sadie to be friendly and I got left out.  Then I always get a treat when I come in from outside, even that turned into both of you getting a treat, now tell me that's fair, you didn’t do anything to get the treat.

Now wait Whiskey didn't your mom play fetch with you at the doggie park? And how about when she threw your toy in the water and you decided you wanted a stick instead.  When my mom told me to get your toy, didn't I go and get it and give it to your mom so you wouldn't lose it ??


Yes, you got my toy, but I think you did that more to show off than anything.  Every time you jumped in the water all I heard from mom and dad was, 'I've never seen a dog swim that fast"  "Look at that he actually has a wake"

Oh, talk about whining....I didn't even get to go to the dog park because I was told that Riggs gets in trouble because when one the other dogs bothers me he comes over to protect me and its just a hassle.  And since everyone has been here I haven’t been able to sleep in my bed in the kitchen in the sun


my favorite spot in the kitchen in the sun                         Everybody left me out of the park ! Well, I guess I've told you enough, they are gone and I'm back in my spot.  Whiskey was nice, she left me alone and didn’t seem to mind my barking at her mom and dad.  Bye from Sadie.

Yeah, guess you have said enough and by the way Whiskey didn’t mind because she didn’t hear you, as she said she's old and doesn’t hear that well anymore. I bet if she'd been younger she'd have been plenty upset at you barking like that.  I'm tired...Bye from Riggs.

Eh, eh??.....sorry I'm a Canadian dog, that means huh?...oh well, Bye from Whiskey, maybe we'll meet again real soon.

Sounds to me like the mutso’s had a good time. And yes they all did get along well together and yes Sadie was very vocal at first when the company arrived. But she is like that whenever someone comes in the house she doesn’t know. Rigg’s is another story he is very fast to make up and want attention from anyone that comes to the house.

Went for a quick trip to the store this morning and picked up a couple things.

Pizza night will be cancelled because Samantha said she wants to cook up a big pot of chilli and needs my help eating some of it, I will melt Mexican cheese over mine with a couple of crackers. It has been simmering on the stove all afternoon, she is making it from scratch no mixes or cans. The house smells great.

Now Sunday I bought enough ground meat to make Grandma Genett style meatballs and Sauce so the house will smell good then too.

Well that’s about it for today,hope everyone is having a good week. be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Happenings.

Up at 04:30AM and had my morning coffee with my bride, it was a cool 51 degrees. Donna then headed for the truck company and then the restaurant.

Have a couple more pictures from the weekend.Dee&Donna09-12-11a

    Dee & Donna on the River Boat Cruise.


       Sam,Ruth,Donna & Dee on the River Boat.


                       Rigg’s new pal Whiskey.


The Doggie Park. Rigg’s is in the middle of pond.

As you can see we are still sitting here and enjoying the glow of the the memories of our weekend with Kevin & Ruth our new Canadian friends, and fellow bloggers Jim & Dee. What a great time we had, So you all know that if you get in the middle of the States and are in the Dardenne Prairie area, you are all welcome to take advantage of the Weeb Ranch hospitality until we hit the road, just let us know you are coming. Don’t need Pass Port America, or Escapees or a Campground USA card. just bring a smile and that is all that you need. Were just simple country folks with a big dog and a small one too.

Well Nicole just hit the door after a day at school, what a whirlwind of energy and Rigg’s is right there trying to get his after school kiss and lick in. He knows exactly when she is on the way up the driveway and is waiting at the door, so there is no escaping his sloppy kiss.

I was planning on a weekend at the Lake but the weather forecast says rain and Adam isn’t feeling good so it will probably be postponed.

It will still be camping weather for another month so it is not a big deal.

Hope everyone is having a great day, I know we are, well maybe Donna isn’t as happy with being stuck at work. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Was up at 04:30AM had my morning coffee with the bride, Then Donna had to head out for the truck company & then the restaurant, back to the old grind for her. We had a wonderful time with our guest’s from Canada and also meeting up again with Jim & Dee. But all good things come to a finish and they have a plan to visit more places on their way to Mexico.
I saw this Quote when I was looking at Facebook and felt compelled to pass it on.
The United States flag does not fly because the wind moves past it. The United States flag flies from the last breath of each military member who has died protecting it. American Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen don't fight because they hate what's in front of them...they fight because they love what's behind them! Unknown Author.
Today is a rainy and cool day here in Dardenne Prairie I will be watching the weather forecast to see if I will be taking the trailer to the Lake for the weekend, So far it says partly cloudy and in the 70’s so if that holds out it will be a go. The Grandkids want to go. But if it stays like today and is raining and a high of 62 , I don’t think the kids will enjoy it as much.
Been a little behind in my blog reading and keeping track, with all the touring we have been doing the last 3 days. I did notice I have two new followers, and now am up to 122, however only one new picture showed up so I can only identify one right now and we would like to WELCOME,  RICK & ELAINE NB who are RV”ers from New Brunswick Provence in Canada. We sure hope you enjoy reading about the antics here at the Weeb Ranch, I didn’t see a blog listed so if you have one e-mail us the URL. or better yet put it in a comment so our readers will also see it. And yes if Donna and I finally get on the road and make it up your way in the warm summer season we will stop and use your driveway. Whoever the other follower is l that just joined us leave a comment so we can recognize and Thank you for your interest.
Boy with the company gone and Nicole in school the house is like a tomb, Rigg’s is sleeping at my feet and he is evidently having a dream about some bunny or squirrel as his feet are moving in his sleep like they do when he has a happy dream. I wonder if my hands move in my sleep when I dream of having another cold one.
My Truck&Donna’s Escape parked on the levee as seen from the top of the Arch by Kevin.
                            Happy Campers…
That’s about it for right now to wet to plow or cut so I guess a nap and a train movie are on the agenda. Everyone please be safe out there. Sam & Donna…

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

Up early and my bride and I had our coffee together, We were joined by Kevin & Ruth for breakfast. Ruth whipped up some super gluten free pancakes. Kevin & Sam worked on the laptops and then we decided to go to old town St Charles and then see the Lewis & Clark Museum and sights on the riverfront. St Charles was the embarkation point for the Lewis & Clark Expedition and that is where they started their journey up the Missouri River.


                            Kevin Ruth & Donna.

53 intl 3-4 ton

                 53 International 3/4 ton pickup.

Saw this gem parked in Old Towne.

After the sights were seen we headed back to the Ranch as Kevin & Ruth wanted to head for their first stop at a campground in Mark Twain Forest.

After many hugs and see’ya’s, and One Adios Amigo.With much reluctance we bid our friends a safe journey and watched Sherman head down the driveway.

We are happy they are starting there southward adventure, but sad to see such a nice couple leave. We truly had a wonderful three day visit and look forward to meeting again one day.


           ‘ADIOS ‘ Sherman & Company.

Thought everyone would enjoy one more picture of the three k9 buddies so here is a picture taken while we were enjoying supper last night, Look at that concentration.


Three panhandlers waiting to see if they are getting a handout.

Now it’s back to the routine here at the Weeb Ranch, Donna will return to her jobs tomorrow and I will have to find a project around here.

Everyone have a safe week and be safe out there.

Sam & Donna……….

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Meanderings.

Up at about 06:00AM. Had our first coffee, Donna baked some apple pastries for breakfast. Kevin & Ruth joined us for breakfast and then we made our plans to go to the St Louis Riverfront.
Once we got down to the riverfront we met JIM & DEE-TUMBLEWEED at Laclede's Landing and then we all went down to the Arch, where the Visitors from Canada went up to the top with Donna, Jim & Dee who had already been to the top stayed down in the museum with Sam.
      Jim,Dee,Kevin,&Ruth on steps of the Arch.
                    Dee & Jim taking our picture .
                 Kevin & Ruth at Arch.
                    Kevin& Ruth at top of the Arch.
When we left the Arch we went down and took the Riverboat cruise.
                                       Jim & Kevin.
                    Kevin,Jim,Ruth,& Sam.
Then it was up to Laclede’s Landing for lunch. which was great.
                  Dee, Sam Kevin Ruth, & Jim.
Sam managed to get a few train shots on the High Line along the riverfront.
Then it was back to the Weeb Ranch,
Sam learning how to sayEH-09-12-11a
    Sam learning how to say “EH’ in Canadian.
      Whiskey & Rigg’s.
We are all pretty tired out but a great time was had.
Hope everyone is having a great day.
Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Notes.

Donna & I were up at 06:00AM had the coffee brewing and then Donna baked some gluten free pastries.

Kevin & Ruth slept in until after 07:00AM and then we all gathered for coffee and later breakfast.

We decided today would be a laid back day and we would go to the doggie park with Whiskey and Rigg’s, Boy was Rigg’s excited. Kevin & Rigg’s and I took the truck and Ruth  Donna and Whiskey went in Donna’s escape.


                  Kevin,Rigg’s and Donna.

Rigg's Donna,Ruth&Kevin09-11-11b



                          O’Boy The doggie park.


             Whiskey likes the water too..God love her 15 years old.



While the dogs were playing the word must have gotten out that Rigg’s the champion swimmer was there as a blimp made a surprise fly over so the passengers could see.




                         Pretty neat blimp.

Once we got home we decided tonight would be Pizza Night at the Weeb Ranch, I am making one PA. style square pizza and one gluten free crust pizza for Ruth, Of course Kevin & I will have to wash that pizza down with a couple of  Miller High Life Lights. I will have a couple of pictures of the pizza party in tomorrows blog.

We are truly enjoying our company and having a great time.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna.