Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rigg’s turn to see the Doc

Over the last few months just  about the whole Weibel Clan has has there turn with medicals issues, I had surgery on both my eyes, Donna has had two hospital stays and a broken leg, So yesterday since he was due for his shots, Rigg’s had an appointment with his vet he got his new Rabies shot, and several other shots along with heartworm medicine.The Lady Vet said, he is 105 lbs. which for his age (7)  is too heavy, she suggested cutting down on his food.So effective immediately Rigg’s is on short rations, He will still get two meals a day but the quantity of food will be cut.
On the Donna front she is doing well at home and getting around in her walker/scooter,I keep the wheelchair in her car for when we go out. Yesterday I took her to her Doctor at St Joseph’s where she had an infusion treatment for her blood count.That took nearly three hours so she sent me home and I went back for her when she was done.
She now has three in home nurses that come, a rehab nurse, a home care nurse from Medicare, and a second home care nurse from her medical plan (Esse Health).  So far she is progressing just fine.
OH yeah this morning Rigg’s saw me take the tag for his new rabies shot off the paper, he must have known it was his because he came running over and sat by my chair while I took his collar off and put the tag on it and then put the collar back around his neck,he was a happy guy.
Nothing else new around the ranch, so everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna……..

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Update on my bride Donna, today at 04PM Donna was released from St Joseph's Hospital, and allowed to come home. She will have in home rehab and I will have my bride back, she really looks good.and her blood level is back up. they will be keeping a check on her blood levels. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and well wishes while she was going through this ordeal.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Back in Hospital

Donna is back at St Joseph’s Hospital again, they discovered her blood counts were dangerously low, also her iron level. When I went to visit yesterday she was getting her second transfusion, will probably need one more before she leaves, Don’t know if she will be going to rehab or not seems Medicare is balking on the cost, Doctor said if not he will try to arrange home care. Either way in one way I would like rehab to continue to the point she is walking without trouble,in the other I would like her home with me. After the flu last week and this setback I am exhausted, however I will do my best to make visits and help as much as I can. I will cut this short so I can get a nap, haven’t heard from Donna yet today, but I got her laptop over to her yesterday so now she can communicate again, yesterday she was out of touch because her phone ran down. Hope all our friends are doing a lot better than us. Be safe Sam & Donna..

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Back on the blog.

Been neglecting the blog, for the last couple of weeks. I am busy with a lot of things one trying to get over to the care facility. Donna s in the O’fallon Complex of Delmar Gardens.

Here is a picture of the facilities.


Don’t have a clue yet how long her rehab process will take but she is now able to get out of bed and into her wheelchair, and take a couple steps,when I visit she wheels herself down to the reception area and if it isn’t to hot we go outside for a little fresh air. She really doesn’t care for the place but does concede it is a beautiful place.

The latest news from the Circle W Ranch in Farmingdale NJ.


Grandaugher Katie sprained her ankle in a fall, she is challenging Grandma Donna to a wheelchair race.



Grandaughter Meghen with the volley ball at her mm and Tim;s wedding.

I have been fighting some kind of a flu bug the last couple of days, seems like all I want to do is lay on the bed and watch a train movie, only thing is I fall asleep before they are over.

Not much else going on be safe out there Sam & Donna,,,,,

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Donna at Rehab.

After spending all day waiting for the Hospital to decide to discharge Donna about 03:30PM she was ready to go, On the way out of the hospital, I got my foot tangled up in a carpet and took a header, Donna’s laptop which I was carrying went crashing to the floor. I was sore, but I said no to be taken to the emergency room and told them I just want to get my wife to rehab. Luckily besides a crack in the case and a bent USB plug the laptop is in working order,

We got to Delmar Gardens and I went in to tell them I would need someone with a wheel chair with oxygen to come out and get her,the receptionist said someone will be right out. 20 minutes later the girl came out with the wheelchair and no oxygen, we got to the room and their  was a big tank but no cannula or key to turn it on.It took forever to finally get that straightened luckily it was just before her little tank ran out. She is in room 108. I stayed until around 06:00PM and then she said I might as well go her supper which was due at 5pm hadn’t arrived yet. Because I was really sore from my fall, I went on Home and skipped supper had a couple of beers and Tylenol, and went to bed.

Not much else to report, Hope all is well with all our friends out there. Sam & Donna.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Kind of in a holding pattern.

The latest update on Donna is she is still in the hospital. After her surgery last Thursday, she had one good day, and then her blood pressure dropped and they had to get that under control. Since then she has been eating better and is still pretty weak  and the weight of the boot she is wearing makes it difficult to lift her leg by herself. She said today it looks like several more days n the hospital and then they will transfer her to a rehab center. I miss her so especially at night when I wake up and I am alone in bed. Well sometimes alone Rigg’s I think senses how I feel and he will jump up for a while and then go back on the floor, but he stays in the bedroom until I get up.

Last Saturday was my Jersey Grand's Ballet recital, there Mom said they did great.



Meghen & Katie.



Here is a picture of them at Wall Speedway.


Girlfriend, Katie, & Meghen.

The youngest Meghen is our wildcard, absolutely fearless, she will be a success in anything she does. I am so proud of all three of my Jersey Grands.


DIL Bonnie, and Son Tim at races.

That’s about it for today, everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna……

Friday, June 3, 2016

A better day and good news for a change.

Yesterday we took Donna back to St Joseph’s Hospital, her orthopedic surgeon had her scheduled for surgery at 04:00PM . They were going to insert a steel rod in the bone that was broken in three pieces. The anesthesiologist said they would try a block on her leg since putting her under a full anesthetic would be a severe risk with her COPD.

Ended up they were running late she didn’t get into surgery until 06:00PM, The procedure was supposed to take an hour, you can imagine my fear when almost two hours went by while I sat in the waiting room. Finally the surgeon came in and told me she did really well and was in the recovery room,I was allowed to go see her for a few minutes and then I came home.

Today I called and she said they will be keeping her one more day and she as feeling much better today. Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes, we are blessed with many,many friends and relatives an I am so happy for their Blessings.

That’s about it for today I am keeping busy here at the Ranch, watching Rigg’s, he goes in the bedroom and I know he is looking for his Mom.He is so smart and loving.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..