Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Meanderings.

We were up at 06:00AM in Clarksville Tn. Donna & I had coffee, About 07:30AM we decided to get things organized to get underway for home. We headed out at 08:00AM Donna took the first shift driving and drove to Mount Vernon Il, where we stopped to top it off with fuel so we would have plenty to get home. The state of Kentucky went by pretty fast compared to Georgia.


                Rigg’s navigating for his Mom.

Once we got back on the road we made it to O’Fallon IL. before the sun left us and it started raining, it rained on and off until we crossed the MO line on I-270 at the Mississippi River.


                  Welcome Home to MO. sign.

Got home about 01:30PM an I unhitched and we started unloading stuff we will need into the house. Rigg’s was tickled to see his little Sis Sadie and she was all excited to see the rest of us home.

We are waiting now for Nicole to get home from school.

That’s about it for today we are safe at home and going to relax, Donna has to go to work at the truck company tomorrow. Everyone be safe out there.  Sam & Donna……

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Notes.

We were up at 06:00AM and had our morning coffee, we didn’t leave the campground at Perry Ga. until 09:00AM and then headed north on I-75.


              This is what we saw most of the day.


              Crossing the Tennessee River.


                            Nashville Skyline.


         Rigg’s waiting for dad to finish getting fuel.

We drove a little over 300 miles and we decided to stop at the Clarksville RV Park in Clarksville TN. It is a Good Sam Park and really a clean and first rate park. The cost was $34 a night.





                                    Our spot #8.

We will be leaving in the morning for the final leg of the trip home to the Weeb Ranch. We are just relaxing here and having a great night, warm weather and sunny skies.

Hope every one had a great weekend. Be safe out there.

Sam & Donna……..

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Mumblings.

We were up at 06:00AM and had our coffee, then we started getting everything put away and hitched up and ready to get underway.About 08:00AM we went in and had a coffee with Paul and Helen, and the three Queens of William Ave. Then it was time for hugs and to say See Ya later down the road and Donna, & Rigg’s and I headed north back toward MO. What a week and it went by so fast and the Tempesta’s were such wonderful host’s.

Oh yeah and the Florida pizza we ordered last night was great.


We drove a little over 300 miles today and stopped at the Fair Harbor Rv Park in Perry Ga. It is a Passport America park and it cost $20 a night with the PA discount it is a very clean park and we would stop here again.


                 Fair harbor RV Park Office


                              Our site # 90.


                               Laundry Room.


                                     Rec Room.



                              Lake in Park.

When Donna was walking back from the office she saw a motorhome crash, the man driving lost his brakes so he had three choices, hit a person walking across the narrow bridge,head for the water, or hit the the tree, he chose the tree. fortunately he wasn’t hurt in the crash. But our roving reporter Donna captioned it on film.



While all this was going on Rigg’s found a spot to his liking and was taking it easy.


                       Rigg’s under the fiver.

That’s about it for today we are both relaxing and tomorrow we will mosey north another 300 miles or so, haven’t decided yet where we’ll stop, we like surprises.

Everyone have a super weekend. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..

Friday, April 27, 2012


Was up at 06:00AM and had coffee with my bride, then we sat around and read blogs, and later in the morning Donna put another coat of paint on the window patch.
About noon Paul and Helen took us up on the Rainbow River in their boat, what a beautiful place, we saw and alligator in the wild on the river and an otter and tons of birds, we spent several hours going up and back and the water is crystal clear.
                  Birds and more Birds.
                                 Mr. Gator.
                                        Mr. Otter.
On the way to the river we stopped at the Hernandez VFW to see a Huey helicopter.
Paul and I looked it over and it looked like it had some battle damage patches in the side.
Tonight is Friday, pizza night, so we are going to order a couple of pizza’s in and I will try Florida pizza. A couple of High Life Lights ought to go good with that.
Just a great weather day lots of sunshine and in the middle 80’s, we are thoroughly enjoying our stay and hate the thought of leaving in the morning to start back to MO.
Hope everyone is having a great week. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Happenings.

Up at 06:00AM and my bride and I had our coffee, Then Donna went in the bed room to change, she said, you know the window on my side of the bedroom must have opened because we have a cold draft coming in. The shades were down so I went up and put the shade up and couldn’t believe my eyes, the lower jalousie part of the window was gone. Looks like the rod that goes across and swivels it open must have had the one end break off and it evidently started flapping in the breeze as we were going down the highway and fell off. We never noticed it when we parked and unhitched at Paul & Helen’s until we put the shade up today.
Paul & Sam decided to make a makeshift repair, since the  nearest Coachman Dealer said it would take at least 4 to 5 weeks to order a new window.
Trailer Window04-25-12a
                     Broken end of tube holder.
Trailer Window04-25-12c
                             Missing Window.
          Paul cutting out plywood window patch.
Paul in his shop making brackets to hold the patch in the window frame.
Trailer Window04-25-12d
                           Patch in Window.
Donna 04-26-12b
             Donna caulking around the Patch.
Donna did the caulking around the wood and then painted the primer coat of paint on the patch, because she says she is neater than I am.
Tomorrow after the primer coat is thoroughly dry we will put a topcoat of gloss white over it and then it won’t look so bad with the patch on it until we get home and get a new window. Plus it should be water tight and leak free.
Anyone with an RV knows these kind of surprises happen on your journeys and thank goodness we had Paul to help us out with it.
After that was done it was SWIM CALL for the mutts.Sandy,Coco,Paul,&Rigg's04-26-12a
                           Rigg’s, Jodie,&Coco.
Last night we had another campfire and enjoyed just sitting around and sharing stories.
The weather has started to heat back up and be in the 80’s with lots of sun.
Hope everyone is having a great week, Be safe out there, Sam & Donna……

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Musings.

We were up at 05:30AM and my bride and I had our morning coffee.

We were supposed to have a day out the the boat with Paul & Helen ,but after coffee my stomach started acting up so we put that off until tomorrow.

I stayed close to a bathroom and puttered around the trailer,

Donna and Helen went off for a girls day out, They went into Inverness and Donna managed to get some pictures.


InvernessFlafrieght Station04-25-12a

                               Old Freight Depot.




                  Donna and a caboose.




Bird 04-25-12a

Hello Dere, Judy tell this guys what kind of bird I am.

Rigg's 04-25-12a

I got up to go the the bathroom and when I came back Rigg’s had moved from the couch to take over Dad’s good chair.

Forgot to tell you last night we had a campfire,






                                      Donna & Helen.

That’s about it from sunny Florida for today,It got up to 80 and sunny today and the next three days are supposed to be sunny and in the high 80’s. Hope everyone is doing well out there.

Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.