Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursdays Thoughts.

A normal start for today, up at 04:30am, coffee, Then Donna is off to the truck company, she has restaurant duty tonight, so it will be a long one for her, I haven’t heard from the bus company other than an overnight trip to Chicago for Friday was cancelled. Maybe I won’t get anything this week. Adam is off to school and it is another gorgeous day with a high in the 80’s predicted, I got my new Death Ray TV antenna yesterday so I will ask my son Andy to climb the ladder with it today the will be the big project for today. Good news, after dropping the deck, literally since it weighs quite a bit, I use a long pry bar to lift each side one at a time to get the rear pins loose. I took the pulley covers off and discovered the belt had jumped from one of the keepers that are supposed to keep them on the belts, how it got past that little space I don’t know but that was what was binding and making the noise. Luckily Andy shut the deck down before the belt was ruined. I had to pull the pulley and keeper off and put it all back together right, and then it ran like a champ, I cut the 2 acres of grass just to make sure it was right. Only cost me some muscle and an hours time no money this time.

Here is the BIG Project in pictures.


                               Studying the job at hand.


                                         off with the old


                                  Here Dad get this will ya.


                          On with the new, I’m outa here.

Thanks son for your good work in keeping me off the roof.Total time was only a couple minutes and it came with high recommendations from Karen and Stevio, and Ken & Nannette.

What was Rigg’s doing while all this was going on in the driveway.


           Just laying on the floor with his “Please play with me look”

Anyone needs amplified batwing parts they will be free to a good home.

Got a nice E-Mail from Dee & Jim of the Tumbleweed’s blog, they are in Scott Air Base Fam Park, and will be going to Troy MO later in May, They want to meet up with us and we are going to try to reserve a Sunday which is the only day Donna is off completely. I hope I will be home one Sunday from bus trips, But we are going to try our best to meet these good folks, They are new to full timing so we will pick their brains, since we haven’t started yet.

Well that’s about it for today, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Doings

A normal morning so far, up at 04:30am, coffee with Donna, then she was off to the truck company, got Adam off to school, then I made a meatball sub with provel cheese and wrapped it in foil to put in the oven for lunch today. Also got a casserole dish out and put cannelloni and sauce in it and put it in the fridge, that will be baked for 45 min then a topping of cheese will be applied and 15 more minutes in the over at 400 till the cheese is a melted gold color. Boy, this is making me hungry just typing this.

My son Andy told me when I was up in Wisconsin last weekend he had taken the tractor out to cut some of the grass but the deck did not seem to be coming up to speed and it was making a noise, so he stopped till I got home to check it out, Since it is a gorgeous sunny day with the high supposed to be about 75, I will tackle that as soon as it reaches 60. I hope it’s not the clutch. The 6 foot decks have three blades and a large hub on the motor, with a clutch similar to a car A/C clutch (electric), if that’s worn out it will cost about $300US to buy a new clutch, nothing is cheap, especially if the name John Deere is on it.

Here I was hoping with the trips I was taking I could get a new Canon Digital camera, Wal-Mart had them for about $300-350 dollars, well having to get new hearing aids, and now this tractor trouble, has set that way back on the priorities list, so I can dream for a while and continue to use the Sony Lumix my wife got me a couple years ago, I’d really like to move up to a 12 megapixel camera body with a zoom lenses and I can add an adapter to use my Pentax Takumar lenses from my 35mm Pentax’s.

How about some picture’s of dogs from the past in our family.



This is our first Police dog, a male German Shepherd he had a light tan mask, very large, about 110-120 lbs, not afraid of anything, but he didn’t know how big he was and would try to lay on the bed with Donna, and end up taking my side.



This is Heidi, after Sir Coal died, we got Heidi, she had a dark muzzle and was very protective of the family and her police car. she was unusually aggressive as a female and performed her duties well. when Duke the Lab& Husky mix came to us as a puppy, The first night Heidi went over to where he was lying on the floor picked Duke up and carried him to her bed and plopped him down and this was the normal sleeping arrangement while he was a pup.

Duke as aboy

This is Duke a Yellow Lab & Huskie Mix as a year old. Duke was Donna’s boy he won her heart early and lived to be 14 before leaving us.Duke 03-15-08

                        Duke as an adult with his winter coat.


This was Led Zeppelin, We called him Zeppy, he was a Rott and Pit mix, he came into our lives when my son Andy was 16 and his girlfriend brought him home, originally for her mother. That didn’t work out so now we were a two dog family again.


Zep with Rigg’s this was two days before Zep passed away, he was Rigg’s mentor and even when Zep wasn’t feeling good Rigg’s would stick by him.

All of these guys and one gal provided us with a lifetime of companionship and fun, the two police dogs loved going to work in the police car with Sam.

Rigg’s as you know is a big goof and is just a bundle of joy for Donna & I. I hope all of you out there have had the wonderful gift of love and companionship a loyal pet can bring into your lives.  We truly enjoyed the time we have had with all these guys. Donna will sit at her desk and quietly cry when she see’s these pictures, Me too.

Be Safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Musings

The normal routine, up at 04:30am coffee with Donna, go down to the blogs, get Adam off to school, then back to the blogs, thought I might show you some of the campers the Weibel clan has used over the years.
It started with a trip out west in a borrowed Coleman popup and our conversion van.
The original plan was to stay now and then in a campground, and hit a motel maybe every other night. Well after the first campground, none of us even thought of a motel for the entire trip which lasted three weeks, guess we were having to much fun.
Our first trailer I bought from a friend for $200US an old Shasta.
This is the only picture I could find, camping on the train station lot in Fort Madison IA.
Our next was a 1988 Kit Road Ranger 18foot trailer.
This was the first to have a bathroom and shower, it was still pretty cramped for us.
Next we traded for a 1996 Fleetwood Wilderness 5th wheel, it was a big improvement with a front living room and no slides.
Campsite ar WallSD09-03
When we bought the 5th wheel Sam traded the Conversion Van for a 93 Chevy Z-71 with a diesel. It had the small 6.2 in it but it pulled hard until we replaced it in 2004 with the Chevy 2500 with the Duramax, now that was an improvement, Even when we traded for our present trailer, the 2005 Coachman 5th wheel. It still had more than enough to pull it and the best part is now they are both paid for. so it will just be maintenance costs for awhile.
So there is the camper history, we have had a lot of fun and hope to have plenty more when we hit the road soon.
Be safe out there and have a great day, Sam & Donna.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday thoughts,or a blast from the past.

Got home a little earlier than I expected, we left Janesville WI. at 08:00am instead of the afternoon departure that was originally planned, Had a great lunch at Cheddar's in Springfield IL. and arrived at the St Louis School for the Blind at 04:30pm.
Still had 100 miles to deadhead back to the terminal, get the bus put away and then 65 miles back home in my truck, so it was after 08:00PM before I finally arrived home. That’s a lot better than the expected 02:00Am.
Rigg’s was in seventh heaven that his Dad was home and slobbered and wiggled all over me, Mom & Andy & Adam all received their surprises from Wisconsin, Mom got a nice girl’s tee shirt, Andy wanted a cheese head hat,what a job finding that item.And then grandpa got Adam a tee shirt and a soopersoaker that was on sale at Wal-Mart, it can be outfitted with a 2 liter soda bottle for extra water capacity. Adam graciously told me that I could have his old one, which probably doesn’t have near the soaking capacity, so I will be outgunned again.
                              Rigg’s always the ham.
Rig's and Donna04-04-10
                        Watcha makin Mom,Huh, Huh.
Now here a couple for the car buff’s out there from our younger days.
                 Donna and our Mustang Mach 1 (1971)
                         Donna and her 1973 Thunderbird.
See when your young and no kids around the house yet, you can have some nice cars. Boy did that go out the window when the boys came along.
Anyway After our morning coffee together, Donna went off to the truck company, and Adam went off to school and now with it still being to wet to plow, or cut grass, Grandpa will relax until the phone rings and Mike from Trailways wants to know if I will take another trip, I always say yes and it’s always a nice surprise to find out where in this great country i will be going to next. No routes for me, only charters, so I go wherever the group wants to go. Is this a great country or what, Sorta like what me and Donna are going to be doing soon.
Be safe out there and thanks for the comments on my last trip, Sam & Donna.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday morning notes

Got up at 04:30am just like home, I have to pick the kids up at 08:00am. I managed to go back for them a little early yesterday( 30 minutes) so I went into the pool complex to see the last of the meet.
The rubber tipped pole is to touch the swimmers head before they reach the wall.
This kids are just marvelous, and fiercely completive,I still can’t get over the spirit and fun they all had, By The way the St Louis Girls  returned with a gold medal,and the Boys managed a Silver medal.There were kids here from Schools for the Blind in six states, this is an event everyone should be lucky to see at least once in your lifetime,you sure come away with a good feeling, and a different perspective of what life is like for someone who is challenged with a vision handicap.
This is a young lady that brought her guide dog with her. The dog was a small German Shepherd female and you could see this was a match made in heaven, it’s hard to see in the picture but she has the guide harness and was very well trained, but obviously in love with her mistress.
Well I should be home this evening, Adam if you read this , I didn’t forget you, Grandpa got you a surprise from Wisconsin. Also your Dad & Grandma have one.
Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Morning in Janesville

Wow what a nights sleep, I had my home style Wisconsin pizza last night and two ice cold beers, The name of the Pizza, Sam’s Pizza Shop. it was excellent. I put a movie on and laid on the bed around  08:00PM, that was it next thing I know it’s 05:30 am, that’s a great nights sleep.

Picked up the kids to go to the swim meet at 07:30am, what a bunch of great kid’s, all excited, bubbly, they all knew my name as I helped then up the steps. you count the steps for them, one said “Sam you have such strong hands, another one reached up and felt my beard and said ” Sam you have a beard just like my Grandpa”. one of the other girls had told her what I looked like and that I had a white beard.

Money just can’t buy life’s experiences like that. You can bet I will hug and kiss my grandson when I get home and he will wonder why grandpa is doing it.

I had to go back to the motel with the bus while the meet is on as there was no room for busses to park and there were several unloading at a time, I really would have enjoyed sharing the excitement with this kids.

Anyway wanted to get a post out while I could and just relax while I wait. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday in Janesville

Got in to the terminal at 03:30am left about 04:00am and arrived at The Mo School for the Blind in St Louis at 05:30am, We were supposed to leave at 07:00am but they had to wait for two stragglers so it was about 07:45am, when we finally goy going. Arrived at Janesville WI. at  01:15pm. The kids are having a swim meet and some other sport events tomorrow and Sunday most of them are just about sightless, but what spirit, God Love Them.I have about 20 girls all teenage and four boys. Staying at the Janesville Best Western, nice place, a full restaurant and lounge here.

Not much planned for me, I will catch up on blogs now and then order a Wisconsin pizza, from a Mom and Pop Shop that was recommended by the girl at the desk. I love trying the home pizza wherever I go.

Nothing else short and sweet today. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday thoughts

Got in at 00:30am got up and got Adam off to school, then had to go to the hearing place to have my hearings aids looked at, been having trouble with the left one, found out it was only putting out 25% and the best it could be adjusted up to was 50%,huh, since they were six years old and had been repaired a couple times, I guess I’m hard on them, The audiologist said, Sam its time to think about a new set, the ones you have were state of the art open ear canal jobs when you got them but they are sort of like computers and the new open ear stuff is head and shoulders over that technology, so I tried a new set and yes They were a lot better, and yes I could hear better than with the old ones, and YES she would knock $600 off the asking price, so what could I say. I just sort of wonder what kind of a markup is on this kind of stuff if at the stroke of a pen $600 is deducted, it had to go somewhere. Anyway That was the big news for today. Looks like a lot of macaroni and cheese suppers for awhile, ever notice how you can never get ahead, I was just saying to Donna how those couple of extra long trips really helped out and bingo it’s gone. Well it’s up at 02:00am to be at the terminal for 03:30am. Then I'm off to St Louis, to pick up at the MO. School for the Blind, and then we will be off to Janesville Wisconsin. Looks like a 350 mile trip and we will be there until Sunday and come back on Sunday. I’ll put a blog out from up there maybe tomorrow night or Sat morning. Depends on how late I get to the motel. Be safe out there and if you see a Huskey Trailways Bus going north on I-55 tomorrow it might be me. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday doings

Got a call from my terminal manager last night he asked if I would take a trip from Central Methodist College, to Hannibal LaGrange College in Hannibal Mo. Normally I don’t take one day trips because of the drive back and forth to the terminal. I like to split it up over a couple of days so I don’t spend as many hours driving in one day. However he was desperate and the school is a good account, and also it’s the boys baseball team, so I said yes. So here I am sitting on the bus writing my blog and waiting for the games to start.

I should be home by 10:00PM so that won’t be bad, Then I have a trip on Friday morning from St Louis MO to Janesville WI. Hey Karen I’m finally heading up to your neck of the woods, How far is Janesville from you & Stevio?

I will be up there in Janesville until Sunday night and then return for the early Monday morning hours,

Not much else to note, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday musings

Adam came back last night, and is off to school, Donna came home last night sick and took off today to see if she can go to the doctors, she thinks she had a kidney infection. Still haven’t heard from Trailways if a trip is planned for this week.

A couple of readers asked about my snaps for the covers that I mentioned yesterday, so I will post a couple of pictures to make it easy, The snap kits are available at most hardware stores, I had to buy a card of them at Home Depot to replace the  two snaps I was missing. I have a tray full of snaps but invariable when it comes time to do a job you will run out of the one you need. The card comes with the tool you need to rivet them together, Only other things you need is a hard surface and a hammer.



                                                Snap kit


Living room cover, Make a hole and rivet a snap in each corner. Then take small screws and put the other snap on the plastic trim piece after lining them up with the top.


Bedroom cover, this one slips inside the vent and stays put by friction, it was about twice the price of the other cover,but it does a better job of keeping the light out of the bedroom.

The whole job only takes about 15 or 20 minutes and is not bad looking when its finished.

Were looking at sunny and in the 70’s for the rest of the week so, that means me and my buddy John(Deere) will be seeing each other.

Not much going on other than the wash having to get done and other chores, This won’t change much after we hit the road.

Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday, Monday

Got up at the usual 04:30, coffee and then Donna got off to work at the truck company, Adam spent the weekend with his Mom so he wasn’t here, he was sick this weekend and his mom is having him checked for Crohne’s disease, hope that isn’t so. He will be over this afternoon and then go back to school tomorrow. Sam has no plans other the some chores around the house, Have to make a run to the hardware store, for some refill’s of snaps I am missing, I bought one of those covers for over the inside of the roof vent in the living room it is silver metallic and since it’s a stretch to reach the vent anyway and it lets heat in in the summer, I was going to install a snap in each corner to make it handy to remove, also Velcro tape when it gets real hot doesn’t stay put as the glue melts. Ask me how I know. So the snaps sounded like a great idea. Only trouble was when I started the job the other day I was missing two of the fasteners. so today I will finish the job. The trailer has three roof vents one in the bedroom one in the living room and the one in the bathroom, The bedroom vent I bought a thick cover that fits snugly inside and keeps the heat and the light from the top out. The bathroom I replaced the little vent fan, with a Fantastic Fan and it will ventilate the whole trailer when it is on, even with the door closed there is about a two inch opening at the bottom so it pulls air in from the rest of the trailer.

Might just talk Adam into a short nap with Grandpa later before the kids that live behind us come home from school so Adam will be fresh for playtime.

Then Grandpa will start planning for a nice supper for when Donna gets home from work, It’s always nice to have a meal waiting for you at the end of the workday.

That’s it for now. be safe out there. Sam & Donna

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home on Sunday

Sam got in at 02:30am this morning, it turned out to be one of those trips, you just want to forget, Got the kids down to Rolla MO. okay, Then because it was a nice day and warm I shut the bus down for the stay at the college field. Bad idea, About a half hour before we were to leave I went to fire it up again, and there was nothing , turned the master switch on, no dash lights or relay clicking no nothing, So I went to open the access door for the batteries, Did I mention the VanHool busses have a special tool like a big square peg screwdriver to open some of the access doors, No tool, it had been removed by someone from the bus, I finally got my Fence repair pliers out of my bag and one of the blades got the door open, I found the 12volt cable that is connected in the 24 volt setup to have either broken or melted off the bolt on the terminal. Luckily there was another bus there and that driver held the cable against the post till I got the bus started, Drove it back to Kirksville without trouble, but after dropping off the kids, I went to fill with fuel and while I was fueling an orange light on the dash came on that said Lo Batt. Now what, so I shut down the Heating and A/C hoping that without any extra electrical drain I could make it back the 90 miles to the terminal, well I made it except for the last few miles when the lights started to dim and look very yellow instead of bright, Then to top it off just as I turned into the lot I heard a rumbling sound from the back of the bus and as I backed it in to the spot, smoke started coming from the engine compartment, no fire , but evidently as I pulled in the A/C compressor, which was off at the time, had its clutch seize and that melted and broke the belts, cooled everything down with water and called the boss and gave him the bad news,These compressors are huge and they cost big bucks to fix. So I finally was able to get in my truck and head home. Got my usual Hi Dad, Hi Dad. from Rigg’s , all I could hear from the rest of the family was snoring. Anyway I need a rest and then the dreaded shopping trip to the grocery store, The Emergency Low Food warning light came on on the refrigerator, I hit the reset button  to silence the klaxon horn, but the light won’t go out till food is put in. When I was younger I used to call it the Emergency Low Beer warning light, but those days are gone. Hey everyone be safe out there, Rigg’s says hi to you all too. Sam & Donna.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday in Rolla MO.

Left the house at 02:00am to make the hour drive to the terminal, got the bus and left for Kirksville Mo. at 03:30am. Yesterday I got my schools mixed up, instead of Central Methodist College in Fayette MO., this trip is with Truman University in Kirksville. it is still going to Rolla MO. It is a Track and Field meet. It’s 90 miles to Kirksville, and then 184 mile to Rolla. We are not supposed to be done in Rolla till late with an arrival back at the school for 11:00PM since its 2hours to  the terminal and an hour home, plus about 45 minutes to get the bus finished it will be about 03:00am before this puppy hits the house, Bus driving entails long days.

Yesterday I went to Wally world looking for a short sleeve dress shirt, none in my size, but as always I happened to see an inverter in the computer aisle, that plugs in the lighter outlet and has enough power to run a laptop. At least that’s what the package says. So I parted with $29.95 and took it with me on my trip so I don’t have to use the battery while I’m on the bus. Also got Rigg’s a large size retractable leash good for 110lbs.Been looking and they are always sold out.




                                       Bus laptop station

So far it is working and not hot, so maybe this a worthwhile purchase.

I like being able to read blogs and post while I’m on the road and this allows me to do it even on trips where I am not in a motel.

It will also be of use when we start to travel in the Duramax and are rolling down the road between campgrounds, the Delorme program will be able to be accessed by the passenger.

That’s about it for now, Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

Friday, April 16, 2010


It’s Friday, up at 04:30am, Coffee, Donna off to the truck company, then Adam up and at em, and getting ready school, he’s glad it’s Friday too, he will have the weekend to play. Grandpa took Adam to school and caught some picture’s.


My what a serious look, he was listening to Grandpa’s instructions for the day.



                    Running to the door, he’s always running.


              Here’s the Weeb Lane sign at the end of our driveway.


Here’s the easy way to get the dumpster to the garage door.


Here’s the trailer sitting on her pad next to the driveway. She really needs a bath. We love being able to have her home with us and not in some storage lot, but in most places you have to have a big lot or the municipalities won’t allow it, We are in the unincorporated area next to the cities of Dardenne Prairie and O’Fallon so we have enough area for legal parking. That’s the satellite dish ( direct TV)  on the post on the pin box, I also have a post on the rear so chances are with them able to rotate, one end or the other is pointing near the southwest sky, when we leave for fulltime I will also carry a tripod post just in case.

Don’t know what the day will bring yet, I need to get a dress shirt for work as I only have one short sleeve and the weather is nice now.

I will have to get to bed early as I have to leave for the terminal at 02:00am and I like to leave on eight hours rest. My trip has been changed again, I will be taking Central Methodist college from Fayette MO to Rolla MO for some sporting event. The high school trip got cancelled. So this is not really and overnight trip but since I won’t be back to the terminal till after midnight I will get two days pay. only the dead time during the day will be spent with the bus so I won’t get much rest.

Anyway everyone have a great day, and be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Up at 04:30am, three cups of coffee this morning, I should be walking on water, Donna got off to work at 05:30am, I went down to my office to do some serious blogging, only trouble is I left most of my thoughts upstairs in the kitchen, anyway, today was supposed to be rainy but the new revised forecast says Fair and 84 degrees, what a job these weather forecasters have, are they union or what. anyway I will now have some nice weather to plan for a day of puttering. Rigg’s got up with us and naturally after his mandatory potti break outside was willing to bug Mom and Dad while Donna got ready for work, good thing he doesn’t drink coffee.Sam&Rigg's 04-15-10

Here’s Rigg’s this morning pushing against Dad’s legs for attention.

Adam will be getting up soon and then it will be off to school for him,

I think many times how lucky we are to have him with us to share in our lives and give us the opportunity to have some real time with him before we set off on our adventure, he has already asked about going with us for the summer until school starts, his Mom and Dad will have the final say on that.

I am issuing a plea for anyone who has put a Jake brake on a Chev/GMC 3/4 to 1ton truck to let me know how it went and what kind they have experience with. you can contact me at my pm weeb@centurytel.net with you experience. I really would like to hear from those that have been there and done that, since I like the brakes on our coaches at work and would like to have something similar on my truck before we start our journey.

Also Glad to hear that Dennis & Donna, Al & Kelly and others have made it home safely from their winter travels. With all the driving I do, I see some really crazy things out there on our highways.

Be safe out there, we are still counting down, Sam & Donna….

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday doings

Started the day at 04:30am with coffee with my bride, then Donna headed out for the truck company. Got Adam off to school and settled into the computer for some reading of blogs, About 10:00 am it was already 75 degrees and another gorgeous sunny morning, Supposed to get up to 83 today. I went out and decided to do some more trailer preparation. Fist I put the awning down to let it dry thoroughly after being rolled all winter.
Then I decided to paint the suspension and the step case where water collects and starts to rust.
This has become a yearly touch up task. But it is worth the extra effort.I also painted the pin head assembly so it would be glossy black, I think it just looks better glossy than the flat color that comes from the factory.
That was enough manual labor for today, My son Andy went out on the tractor and did some more mowing, we still have a ton of yard work to get rid of all the branches that fall and saplings that spring up.
Donna is going in to the restaurant tonight, so Sam is going to put some Cannelloni in the oven for supper. Nothing much going on Adam will be in and back out after his homework is done, on such a nice day.
Be safe out there Sam & Donna.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Musings

Well Sam hit the sack right after supper last night (6PM) and didn’t wake up till reveille at 04:30AM. Donna already had made a pot of the Tim Horton’s Fine Grind that Sam brought her home and she said it was really good, look’s like you guys up north make a good cup of coffee if you can get Donna’s endorsement, After US Navy coffee Sam is not hard to please. Donna got off to the truck company, Adam was up at 07:AM his Dad gave him the news that he needed a shower before school since he was playing with his friend Brandon till dark and then went to bed without one last night, Andy (my son) is like Grandma when it comes to kid cleaning, Grandpa probably would have let him sandbag one day, He didn’t smell bad. But Dad’s word is law. I got Adam off to school and now it is blog time.

Today a Broker is coming to look at the house, we are now in the Dardenne Prairie commercial zone so we have decided since this area will be going to business’s we will try to sell to a developer and not to someone looking for a residence. We’ve been told it would be to our advantage, No long list of repairs from 20 years of living in it, to make a used house look new.

Whatever will be will be, but I hope we are lucky and it goes fast, we are on 2 acres so there is room for a small business and parking.

Also my buddy John Deere will have his plow removed and the 6ft belly deck put on, and then a test run around the yard as it started to get overgrown the last week I was gone. It sure greened up fast here in Missouri.

Rigg’s is glad his Dad is home, he spent his time getting his lovin’s last night the whole time Sam was awake.

Remember I said about blogging under combat conditions, this was the picture that was supposed to go with that. It was taken at the College in Ullin Il. on my last Illinois trip.

Ullin Il04-02-10

Even an electric outlet, and a porta-potti out of the picture.

That’s it for today,Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Home on Monday

Left Zanesville at 12:45AM CDT with the kids made two rest stop stops and one breakfast stop, we arrived at the Jefferson City High School at 01:30PM CDT, for a total of just about 13 hours and 9 hours driving. I then had to take the bus to the terminal at Kingdom City MO, about 30 miles, and then I had the 65 mile mile commute home so I was on the road a total of about 690 miles today, I will sleep good tonight. Got home just as Adam was arriving home from school, of course he casually asked if Grandpa had brought him anything back from Ohio. Luckily for him Grandpa had scored a genuine Ohio sheriff’s badge, so he was really tickled, he is taking it to school to show the class tomorrow. Donna got her bag of Tim Horton’s coffee, maybe she will make a batch in the morning to try it. The only ones left out were my son Andy and Rigg’s. Maybe next time, I already have a trip for next week scheduled with the same high school going to Branson MO, and it will be with the same bus, a new one. I forgot to mention I had a really nice new MCI J4500 on this trip. Anyway that’s about it I will post something tomorrow.

Be safe out there, Sam & Donna

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday notes

Well today is my last day in Zanesville OH. I got up early and checked out the blogs, Then I decided to take a ride and look for a coffee shop.What did I find, you guys from the great white north won’t believe this , yes, a Tim Horton's in downtown Zanesville. Since I had never been to one, They don’t have any in the Midwest, South, Southwest or Western states, this was a first, I made a tire smoking turn into the lot and went in and relaxed,I also ordered my first cup of Tim’s finest. with two plain donuts.  While I was there I bought a small bag of fine grind to take home to Donna so she can have her first taste of Tim Horton's coffee.
Tim Hortons04-11-10a
                                          a good breakfast
For all of my Canadian friends like Rick & Paulette that are still south of their home borders and without a Timmy fix, I took two pictures so you won’t get homesick.
Tim Hortons04-11-10d
Tim Hortons04-11-10b
After the breakfast, and I must say the coffee was really good, I could develop a taste for it if we had them, I will certainly look out for them in our travels.
Today I will relax and get well rested as the busses are due in around 11:30PM EDT so it will be a long overnight drive back to Missouri. I  don’t mind the late night driving, very little traffic, just a few trucks, and if it’s dry you can make the speed limit and not worry about any rush hour traffic in the Columbus, Indianapolis, and St Louis Metro area.
I had a reader comment wishing me a safe return home with all these kids, that is one of the hardest aspects of the job is knowing that everyone of those kids has two worried parents and all the brothers, sisters and grandparents, anxious for their safe return. I always pray that nothing beyond my control will ever happen when I am entrusted with these young peoples safety.
Until tomorrow, Be safe, Sam & Donna