Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, May 31, 2013


Another sunny gorgeous day in Florida. Sam got his pool fix, Donna went shopping, and although its Friday Instead of pizza, Donna put together a lasagna supper that out standing in every way.



                             Helen ,Paul & Donna.

In addition to the main course, Donna also put together a blueberry, strawberry, cake for desert. Boy the Weibel, Tempesta clan ate good today.

We will be here one more day and then Sunday we will be heading for Pensacola for a couple days.

Since I am late getting this out I will say, Be safe out there.

Sam & Donna……..

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Happenings.

Another great day in Florida, for the most part it was sunny and warm, Sam got in an afternoon swim, we did have a couple rain showers  though.


                               Donna relaxing out front.


                Rigg’s showing his pie plate size tongue.

Paul put a this vehicle Lab tested sticker on his Motor  Home.



Later in the afternoon we had two of Paul & Helens RV friends, Fulltimers Brian and Sue and their pup Tilly arrive. They have a beautiful Tiffin Motor Home.


                                  Brian and Sue.

The rig's 05-30-13c

                     The Tempesta RV Park is filling up.


                                            Helen & Sue.

Here’s three of the pups after a hard day.


                                Rigg’s, Coco, & Sandy.

Another great day comes to a close in Florida. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Musings.

Another sunny and great day in paradise, weather wise, Donna woke up yesterday with nausea and just not feeling well, she spent the entire day in bed, I went to the drug store and the pharmacist recommended coke syrup for the nausea, and I got a bottle of white soda, I spent the day watching Donna and getting whatever she needed, Helen, ever the Guardian Angel  made a pot of home made chicken and vegetable soup and brought it out to the fiver. It was just like my Mother used to make. How can you thank friends like that enough, she also visited a few times to see how Donna was doing, Helen used to be a nurse.

Donna seems to be doing a lot better today after a chicken soup supper and lots of rest .

I will make up for missing my dip in the pool today. We are supposed to have another guest arrive today, so I am looking forward to meeting another blogger.

That’s about it for now, everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts.

The start of what looks like another great day. The official Inverness forecast says it will be sunny and 91 today, that means probably a dip in the pool for Sam.

Donna got up nauseas, don’t have a clue why.

Yesterday after a great lunch of the best “Fall off the bone ribs you could hope for, we, including the pups had a swim to celebrate memorial Day.About 1500hr the IMC announced, “ swim call, all swimmers lay to the number three elevator, for swim call, Marine shark team man your station:.


                                   Rigg’s is ready.




              This is so much fun, Thanks Dad & Uncle Paul for letting us swim..


                      Paul launching his model helicopter.



                Rigg’s helping his Dad with the blog.


                        Paul, Barbara, & Sam at Dinner.

All I can say is this has been the best first week of a retirement I could have hoped for, we thoroughly are enjoying Paul & Helen’s hospitality and friendship. Thank God we met when they were returning from Alaska. The four Lab’s all get along like brother and sister and just love the water. After a swim they all have to lay down and snooze.

Still haven’t decided on a stop in Destin, I saw a nice RV Park advertised right on the beach, but then it said No Dogs Allowed, so they won’t be seeing us.We may just go up to Summerdale at the Escapees Park and visit Pensacola from there.

That’s about it for now, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…

Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Meanderings.


Daddy's girl2.jpg

As this Memorial Day weekend draws to a close please just take a minute to remember our fallen who put a down payment on our freedom with their lives.

Another day begins in paradise, aren’t sure of today’s plans yet but it is starting off as another gorgeous sunny day, temps to be around 88 . We have been lucky and not had a cloudy day since we arrived here in Florida on Thursday.

Last night Sam made a pot full of his Grandma Genett meatballs and spaghetti, what a feast.

Spahetti&meatballs supper05-213a

Then after supper the pooches had an ice cream social with special doggie ice cream in a cup.



Doggieicecreamtime05-26-13c Looks like they are all enjoying their treats, they licked it down to the last drop.

Donna is doing some sorting and repacking here in the fiver, since it was set up for summer at the lake and not traveling.things like putting extra blankets and linen under the queen bed in that storage area and just making more room in cabinets.

Haven’t even looked at the camping choices yet for Destin , if anyone has a favorite park there let us know.

I went on the internet yesterday to see if I could find a wi-fi extender, for low signals, Paul has an Alfa USB model that I liked. so I went to Amazon and they had it regular $99 for $24.99, so I ordered it to be shipped to my Niece Tammy’s and it should be there waiting for us when we get to Ms. Couldn’t believe our luck to find it on sale.

All is going well, Donna is getting used to her retirement, she is even sleeping in now until 06:00AM instead of 04:30AM.

That’s about it for now hope all is well with all our friends in blogland. Be safe out there.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sat/Sun Notes.

What a weekend. My bride and I were up for coffee at 06:00AM, one good thing about the fiver is there isn’t as much room to chase her with the pancake turner.

So everyone knows we are having a great time as guests of the Tempesta’s here in Inverness Florida. You could have ordered 3 more beautiful days and there are supposed to be more to come, 90 during day sunny all day. just perfect. Paul & Helen are just wonderful hosts and Rigg’s has his three girlfriends, The Empresses of William Ave, Coco, Jodie & Sandy.

Had to combine todays blog since yesterday went by so fast, and I was whipped at the end of the day. So no blog last night.

Took a header,on my grass mat in front of the trailer, I hooked my foot under Rigg’s rope lead and he took off at the same time, boy I can’t remember falling faster, one second I was on feet and the next second flat on the mat with my left arm under, me, not time to get your hands out and brace. my ball cap kept my nose from hitting the mat. I felt something snap under my arm. So first of all I laid there a minute and then looked around to see if anyone had seen that dumb stunt. Don’t you always do that when you fall. I went in the house and Donna wanted me to go to the E.R. but I declined I said it really didn’t hurt and I might just have a bruise. So far there is only a little  discomfort when you move in certain ways. but I think I was lucky and no serious damage. What a klutz.

Looking forward to a soaking in the pool, it seems that soaking and floating is therapeutic for my feet ( neuropathy) when I am in the pool  there is no pain and the numbness seems to go away. That’s okay by me because I love being in the water.

That’s about it for now maybe some pictures later.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..

Saturday, May 25, 2013


We were up by 06:30AM and had coffee, trhen we went over to Paul & Helens and had a terrific Ham & Egg breakfast. Paul & I went to the RV Place later. while Helen & Donna made a Walmart run.

In the afternoon it was pool time. the dogs and Helen & I enjoyed a nice afternoon in the water, ( water temp 85), but that just wasn’t quite warm enough for Paul & Donna.

The pups as usual just loved it and played until exhaustion set in.Big news, Rigg’s has joined the ranks of the the jumpers, like Coco and Tucker, he now leaps off the pool wall when he goes after his toy. Will have to get a picture next time. After there swim the dogs get a fresh water rinse and Paul air drys them with the compressor. Rigg’s had never had that done, but has taken a liking to it and Paul. When I took him back to the fiver he was so wore out he got on the couch and went to sleep.

Jodie,Rigg's.& Coco0524-13a

                                 The crew in the water.

Being Friday we decided to have a pizza night so Paul ordered some pizza.



                       Some serious pizza hounds here.

Supposed to be a great weekend weather wise here in Inverness, sunny and 90, we will probably have another pool day Saturday.

Love this retirement no schedules, just do whatever you want. Hope all is well with all our friends out in blogland. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna………..

Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi everyone…as you can probably tell from title, it’s Donna writing instead of Sam.  So I’ll give it a shot.

First off I want to highly recommend anyone staying in this area to stay at Florida Gateway Recreational Park in Jasper. It is gorgeous and the staff is super friendly and helpful.  Savannah at check in desk could not have been nicer both on phone and in person. They have just about anything you could want including golf and horseback riding.  Children's play area with a huge inflatable slide, a fishing pond, a beach, shuffle board, volleyball,miniature golf, hot tubs, cabanas etc.  I am a breakfast person, Sam is not, so I went up to their cafe, the chef, yes actually chef was very friendly. For 4.99 I got 2 eggs, 3 pcs of thick cut bacon, grits ( i declined) toast and all the coffee I wanted.  Cooked fresh while I waited and it was very good. Here are a few pics.Fla.GatewayRVPark05-23-3a Fla.GatewayRVPark05-23-3b Fla.GatewayRVPark05-23-3c Fla.GatewayRVPark05-23-3d Fla.GatewayRVPark05-23-3g Fla.GatewayRVPark05-23-3h Fla.GatewayRVPark05-23-13i Fla.GatewayRVPark05-23-13j Fla.GatewayRVPark05-23-13k 

Ok we left here and headed to Paul and Helen’s on the way we stopped at a rest area. I took Riggins on a short walk, saw a sign that said Dog Walk, as we got close we turned around and went the other way.

Doggiepark05-23-13b Doggiepark05-23-13a

Rigg’s wanted to know Doesn’t Florida like dogs ?

Back in the truck and off we went. A few miles up the road thankfully on opposite side of the highway was a bad accident, life flight helicopter had landed on roadway and tons of emergency response people.  The traffic was backed up at least 10 miles, two lane highway and exits few and far between.  Hopefully the people were okay.

We arrived at Paul and Helen’s about 1300. Boy we were all ready to get out of the truck, 2 1/2 days in it was enough. We were greeted at the door by the Tempesta girls, Jodie, Coco, and the most vocal Sandie, if you didn’t know better you’d think you were going to be eaten alive, but the worse than can happen is being beaten by the wagging tails. The girls came out and greeted Riggs, of course Sandie had to snap at him to let him know she was in charge, being the gentleman that he is he accepted that.  In a little while it was into the pool.  They all swam until they were ready to drop.


Paul, Helen, Sandie


Riggs and Coco


Riggs and Jodie


Riggs and Sam

When Riggs was least expecting it when he was outside the pool with his toy, Jodie would come and take it right out of his mouth. Though I didn’t go in pool I got as wet as Sam. Every time a toy was brought me no matter how far away I was the dogs had to wait until they were next to me to shake. 

Helen made us a wonderful dinner, sorry no pics I was too busy chowing down.  Baked ham, mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots and hot biscuits.  Later dessert peach cobbler topped with whipped cream. Hey Helen I wanted to drop a couple of pounds on this trip not put them on. It was all so delicious.

We chatted the whole evening away.

That’s about it for Thursday.

Everyone be happy and safe out there

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Musings.

Was up at 05:00AM Donna was already up and having coffee, I had a coffee, but since Rigg’s was still zonked out I went back for a another nap.
            Rigg’s sleeping in at the Nashville Campground.
A Little after 08:00AM we headed out from the campground and headed south which put us right in rush hour traffic, who’s in a hurry when your retired.
Nashville Skyline05-21-1c
Nashville Skyline05-21-13a
                                  Nashville Skyline.
We continued south on I-24 to I-75. in Chattanooga Tn. Stopped at a truck stop that had a Mcdonalds, and Donna ran in a got some sandwich’s.
Rigg's enjoys a McDonaldsburger05-22-13a
Rigg’s couldn’t believe his luck when Donna got him a cheeseburger too.
Then it was onward south, we decided, not to stop in Perry but push on to the Florida border where there was a new Passport America Resort Park.
The name of the park is the the Florida Gateway RV Resort, it is at exit 451 in Jasper Fla. This place is awesome everything is upscale and with the Passport America card instead of $40 a night it was $20.
Florida Gateway Resort Campground Jasper Fla.
Florida Gateway Resort Campground Jasper Fla.b
Florida Gateway Resort Campground Jasper Fla.c
Florida Gateway Resort Campground Jasper Fla.e
Florida Gateway Resort Campground Jasper Fla.h
                          Florida Gateway RV Resort.
Wish we were staying more than just overnight it has beaches, pool, horseback riding, golf course, all of it first class.
                 How about a full moon for romance.
Welcome to Florid05-22-13b
               This says it all Welcome to Fla.
Tomorrow we will head down to Inverness to stay with our friends Paul & Helen, and Rigg’s three girlfriends , Coco, Jodie & Sandy. It’s late so that’s it for today.
Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..