Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Heard from New Jersey.

As many of you know my one Son Tim and his girlfriend Bonnie along with the Granddaughters live in Farmingdale New Jersey on the coast on a a horse farm.Just heard from them they had in excess of 20 inches of snow and high winds causing drifting, As Bonnie said.”Got alot over 20in.wind is howling, its like a hillbilly hoedown tractors 4wheelers built a 7 feet tall igloo no time to complain livin it up, we are trying to drum up some a set of skis to get pulled by the horses with.when life gives you lemons make lemonade


Bonnie on her Tanger ATV.


Grand Katie & Bonnie.


Bonnie at the store.

Can’t wait to see the horses pulling a sleigh ski’s my Son Tim will find someway to get them out and exercising.I wonder how long the Grand’s will be off school, They just don’t have snow removal equiptment in South Jersey.

By comparison we only got a couple inches jere at the weeb Ranch.Good to hear alls well and he kid’s are making the best of it. Lots of food in the freezer and a warm house. Have fun kid’s…….

We’re back..

Haven’t had a post in awhile, just due to lazyness and the way the weather is keeping all us older folks in the house. In the last two weeks my truck left the house to go to the chiropractor.Thank God for my Son Andy and his girlfriend Samatha, they have been making grocery runs and Andy has been keeping the fireplace going and stocked with wood for each night. Our electric furnace is only working 2 of it’s 6 coils so we have to have a fire to heat the house while it’s below freezing, once it gets above 35 degrees or so the furnace will carry it. The furnace man said, our furnace is so old that they stopped supplying parts for it. Things like sequencers that send power to the coils.one at a time, if all the coils were fired up at once it would overload the 100amps dedicated to the furnace. So far he hasn’t come up with a figure to replace the furnace, I’m sure we  will get several estimates. Right now with all the medical bills amd hospital costs, we couldn’t afford it anyway,but we are so fortunate to have the wood stove backup so we have heat and no frozen pipes.

As I said everything is relaxed around here, Donna is doing a lot better and is looking a lot healthier.Even the mutso’s are relaxed.


The fiver is sitting out covered in snow and ice, maybe in a couple of months we can make a short trip somewhere.Around March 15th here in Dardenne Prairie it starts to show a big warming trend.

That’s about it for today, we will be sitiing in the kitchen in front of the fireplace, or in the great room on the other side which also has a door to the fireplace, with a fan blown heatalator on each side to warm those rooms.with about 3 logs it can raise the temperature in those rooms to 80 degrees and if we turn the fan on the house thermostat on it carrys some of that to the back bedrooms.Eevryone be safe and try to stay warm, Sam & Donna………..

Saturday, January 9, 2016

First Snow.

Well this morning it started snowing for the first time this year, big heavy wet flakes, that covered the ground in no time. It is still snowing an hour later so who knows how much we can expect.
I hope this desm’t make my Buddy Al from Bayfield homesick for his snow at home. Right now I wish we were with our friends the Caves, down in Florida. We will just put some wood on the fireplace and sit around until the snow is gone.
Donna went out before the snow started to meet her BFF Renee for breakfast, they get together every so often which is good for both of them.Hope she has no trouble in the snow with herfront wheel drive new car.
That’s about it for now, be safe everyone. Sam & Donna…….

Monday, January 4, 2016

Getting back normal.

Friday, Donna was released from the hospital, she got home about 04:00PM and settled in. I could see right away she looked a whole lot healther than when she went in. She said they really gave her a lot of information on her COPD that she didn’t know and she thinks now she was on to much oxygen which is just as bad as not enought, Of course the pnuemonia didn’t help any nor the infection in her throat so she really needed antibiotics and medication. Since she’s been home she is getting around better and even went out and got a haircut. Tonight she is baking a ham and the house smells just super. Like I said we are slowly getting back to normal and maybe she will let me take a picture of her soon.

THe Grandaughter Meghen is starting early practicing for this seasons horse meets, She is wearing her club jacket everywhere.



Hope everyone is enjoying better weather, the water is going down around here although it never was close to us as we are on top of a hilly area here in Dardenne Prairie.

THat’s about it for today, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……

Friday, January 1, 2016

Big Scare at the Weeb Ranch.

Been holding off posting till we saw what was going on, Last Saturday, Donna was admitted to St Josephs Hospital in Lake St Louis,she was having great difficulty breathing, and with dizzyness and weakness, she didn’t want me to post about it until we saw what happen. Believe me I have been worried sick, she just didn’t look good and the thought had passed me that I might lose her.
ok here's what I know
Olonoscopy and colonosocopy clean, have a few polyps but because I am an blood thinners they cant be removed until I am off them..he said anytime. they could cause cancer in about 10 years so I got time
found a yeast infection in my throat which could be cause of all the nausea after/when eating so on antibiotic. 
have been on cardiac monitor....all good heart rate and all doing well.
breathing and tremors still not good, could be many causes. main one is low blood counts so need to take iron and other measures to raise blood counts and get rid of the anemia. also pneumonia almost gone but still a lot of lung congestion still on antibiotics but at a lower dose.
have been taken off cardiac diet and now on a high fiber diet.
After almost a week she is doing much better and they may let her come home later today or tomorrow, Everyone pray that all this comes together and she recovers to a more normal life, her breathing and COPD are what really need to be addressed.
That’s the news from the Ranch, Rigg’s is really missing his Mommy, he comes in the bedroom and looks for her and checks the house periodically, at night he jumps up on the bed and lays next to me and sleeps with me. Be glad when Donna gets home and he see’s her.
Samantha went to Oklahoma for a week with relatives so it has been just the boys all week,except Sadie of course, she let us all know she was in charge while the Mon’s were gone.
THat’s about it for today, be safe out there. Sam & Donna……