Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts.

Still having gorgeous sunny weather,with a high today of 85 again.

Donna and I went out and did some yard work, I finished cutting the back grass and then carried some wood that had been laying next to the garage to the campfire pit and we decided to have a campfire, put some in the burn barrel and the rest stacked on the campfire pit. from looking at it I think our pit is just like Dennis and Donna Cave’s pit (old and rusty). My Donna the Indian princess, proved her worth again. she is got two roaring fires going.they will probably be burned out by the time it is getting dark if not I have a hose I can put them out with.


                                    Donna’s Fires.

As long as we were both in the back the pooches wanted out with us. Sadie just runs like the wind while Rigg’s just take his time unless he has something to chase after like a Frisbee or ball.


                                   Sadie running to her Grandma.

Tuesday is Donna’s day off so we will just watch the campfires and set a spell.

That’s about it for today. Be careful out there. Sam & Donna…………

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Musings.

Having another gorgeous sunny day here at the Ranch, high of 85, almost like another Indian Summer. All the pools are closed and we are still having swimming weather.

As of last night, the World Famous and renown St Louis Cardinals have made it into a berth for post season play.


                              I liked the old Busch Stadium better.

Here at the Ranch we have a late season tenant in the Bird Motel.


                                    The Wren family.

Donna had the day watch at Walgreens, I just sat around and watched movies, in fact never left the house and stayed in nice comfy jammies all day.

Rigg’s stayed right next to his Daddy all day so he could get his pets and rubs.

Not much else going on here. Next week I will start putting some stuff in the fiver, such as beer, soda and frozen stuff, also check for what clothes is still in there and pack some stuff incase it cools down by Oct 9th. We have reservations until the 11th, but John and Bridgett Hatch will be arriving right after that so we may extend our stay to meet up with them.

Everyone who is traveling be safe out there. Sam & Donna…….

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Notes,

Another Gorgeous day here at the ranch, Donna started out by meeting her old co-worker Renee for breakfast at Cappuccino's in O’Fallon. She said she had a great time and always loves to spend time with Renee.

I had to run to Schnucks to get a prescription picked up.

When Donna got home I had cut the front and side acre grass yesterday and then parked John Deere in the back to get to the back today.

Donna decided she wanted to see if she could do some cutting without overdoing her breathing. She got most of the back done which is between a half and three quarter acres before she had enough. I told I would finish it.




                                  Donna & John.


Our friends with lab rescue of Florida ferrying 2 more....they have helped transport, have fostered pregnant ones, in fact Sandy that they have now is a female they took in to foster while she had her pups....she is such a sweet thing and even though they already had 2 labs they welcomed her.

Helen Davis Tempesta's photo.

Helen Davis Tempesta's photo.

Helen Davis Tempesta's photo.

Helen Davis Tempesta's photo.

Helen Davis Tempesta with Paul Tempesta.

Meet Mickey & Minnie! We drove to Gainesville this AM to help transport these guys to their foster home in New Port Richey. Mickey & Minnie have developed a bond and best scenario for them would be to be adopted together. They are very sweet dogs and love riding in the car...........good thing because they started out early this AM from Tallahassee. They would love a "forever" home

God Bless Helen & Paul they have given animals a second chance they might not have gotten.

Not much else doing here, I think Chicken Alfredo is on the menu for the evening meal. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…….

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Happenings.

Here we are on another gorgeous Day here at the Ranch. Donna had to do some running this morning, I went out in the back and did some trimming of wild bushes near the back fence. Rigg’s got stuck back there at midnight and Donna went out to the rescue.She had worked the night shift at Walgreens and left him out when she got home at 11:30PM .When he didn’t come right back to the door, she noticed his cable was stuck in a bush.

During her errands, Donna stopped at JJ’s to see her fellow employees and let her boss know that due to her breathing problems she is no longer able carry heavy tray and stay on her feet for long hours.Maybe if there is a marked improvement she could go back, but right now that’s a small chance. She is winded just coming in from the car to the kitchen. I carry all the groceries now.

How about a couple of throwbacks.


Donna & Sam 1998, I always had one of the prettiest ladies on the dance floor.

John Zensen&Sam1990

              John Zensen and Sam at work 1990.


Donna & Sam, In Nashville Bar, 2006, Sam is the the stool used by US Presidents.

That’s about it for today, hope all is well with all our friends, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……….

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts.

It was another great sunny and mild (77) day here at the ranch. Donna’s Brother Pat and his wife Kathy decided to stop here on the way back from a vacation in Wisconsin.  We met them in Old Towne St Charles for a nice lunch at the Lewis and Clark Public House & Restaurant.



                                   Pat & Kathy.


                               Donna & Sam.


                             Donna’s lunch.


                                         Sam’s Lunch.


                    Old Towne St Charles Mo.

Good food and company, good service, but all to soon Pat and Kathy had to head east toward Cincinnati where they live. It was nice to get out for a lunch like that.

Not much else is going on here in Dardenne Prairie. The other night when Donna came to bed she said boy somebody over in the subdivision behind us is having is having a hell of of party with a live band and all, only when the fireworks display started did we realize we missed the annual Prairie Days picnic. Oh well maybe next year. This year church picnic is on Oct 12th when we will be in Branson. They still have a turkey shoot and chicken fry like when it was country out here.

Everyone would bring there best shooting 12 gauge and that’s what you would shoot with. A lot of hams and turkeys would be the prize. paper targets were used and no live fowl was used or harmed.

That’s about it for today. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saturday, Sunday Notes.

We have had a gorgeous weekend here at the ranch, sunny sky’s and highs right at 80 degrees.
My Son Andy and Samantha got tickets to the Cardinal game last nigh so they had a nice night out, He has been working 6 days a week and doing side jobs on Sunday, he needed a night off to have some fun. Wish I would have thought to get their picture before they left as they looked sharp in all their Cardinal regalia. The Cards beat the Reds and that puts them 3 1/2 games up in the Central Div. If they can keep it up for the remaining 7 games we will have another playoff year, and possible World Series appearance. Don’t you just love the Cardiac Cards.
Haven’t heard much from any of the Grand's, they are all back in school and football has started for Adam.
Donna had the day watch at Walgreens today and again tomorrow, then she is off on Tuesday.
Another 3 weeks and we will be in Branson for the reunion, I am hoping Donna is feeling better and breathing better. The fiver hasn’t turned a wheel since our Indiana trip in May. As much as I wanted to get out for a few days with Rigg’s, I just didn’t want to leave Donna home, and she didn’t feel up to a trip yet. I am hoping she will be okay for Branson, if not, I know she will insist on me going it alone to meet my service buddies I haven’t seen in a long while.
I see most of our full time friends are on the move heading south or west to warmer climes, The Bayfield bunch will be leaving soon for their place in Az.
It looks like we will try for the Escapees Rally in Az. this spring and then after that a stop in Texas, and then maybe our friends place in Florida.
That’s about it for today, I am putting some spaghetti together for supper tonight. That way Donna can sit down to a nice hot meal after a tough day at the salt mine.
Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……..

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Happenings.

Looks like another nice sunny day here at the ranch, Donna is off, and I took a couple jackets to the Tailor shop to have some patches sewn on. before our Branson trip. Finally got a couple of my old squadron patches to put on a flight jacket.

Hey today is TBT. Here we go.


My Mom and her twins,Sam &Bill in 1949.That was our first ride.


Sam at NAS Jacksonville in 1967.


                     Donna in Colorado 1978.

Dt 62Rescue1968

US Navy Photo and article from ships’ newspaper. USS Independence CVA62 1969.

Hope all is going well for all our friends who are traveling out there.Be Safe. Sam & Donna..

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts.

It’s a cloudy but warm day here at the Ranch, should have a high right at 70 degrees today. Supposed to have highs in the 70’s for the rest of the week and then back into the upper 80’s on Saturday.

Several people have asked about how Rigg’s is doing, since he was at the Vets three weeks ago, He has been taking a prescription and his supplement twice a day, He finished the prescribed medication yesterday, and the Vet said to watch him and make sure the limp doesn’t start again. He is still going to have to take the supplement probably forever. So far he hasn’t been limping and seems to be back to his old self, although he can’t jump up on our pedestal bed like he used to so he gets on the low bed in the guest room. Even when he had the limp he never showed any sign of pain when you touched him or rubbed his leg. He has been taking advantage of his Dad to take him for rides in the truck a few times a week. He loves his rides.


Here he is giving me the “my bowl is empty look”.


               Him and his Sis next to Dad’s Chair.

Rigg’s knows he is the big boy of the house, and also his Dad’s bestus pal and truck buddy. If I let him out even off leash he will go right to the truck and sit by his door.

Donna is on her day off today, tomorrow she will have the night shift at Walgreens.

We are looking forward to a nice country Pot Roast supper, good stick to your ribs meat and potatoes.

That’s about it for now. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saturday,Sunday Notes.

Having a great sunny and warm but not hot weekend, got cold the last couple of nights and the furnace was turned on. But it is in the 70’s and sunny during the day.

Andy & Samantha took advantage of the nice weather and went camping this weekend. That gave Donna, Rigg’s and I the house to ourselves We made a trip to the grocery store, to stock up, yesterday.Today Donna is working the day shift at Walgreens. Rigg’s and I are manning the home front.


Grand, Meghen decided she wanted a mustache like her two Grandpa’s.

Every once in awhile I try to find one of the foreign beers I had during my trips around the world with the US Navy.

Yesterday at Shop and Save I saw a six pack of San Miguel from the Philippine Islands, Had a couple with supper and it tasted like I remember.

That’s about it for today, everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna………………

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Happenings

Today is the anniversary of the attack on the twin towers on 9-11-2001.



We must always remember the sacrifices made and the lives lost on that day. Miss Liberty will always gaze on a free city.

I let a couple days go by since I last posted, Donna had the night shift last night at Walgreens, Her car is acting up again, seems like it does it when it rains, and then the check engine light comes on, and it runs rough. Will have to get it in and fixed one and for all.

How about a couple of throwbacks.


                         Donna at work 1978.


                    Sam, Victor CO. 1978


                   Donna, Victor.CO.1978

A couple days ago on Sept 8th we celebrated Adam’s 13th birthday. Can’t believe he is going into his teen years already.


        Adam is 13 now.

We are still looking forward to our Branson trip in Oct. Always like going there just a great town to visit. We will be there from Oct 9th to Oct 12th.

That’s about it for now, hope all is well with all our friends out there. Be safe Sam & Donna……….

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Mumblings.

Well the cooler air arrived this morning it started out about 60 degrees and was supposed to have a high of 76, I went to the store and it was beautiful window down weather, except for the off and on rain.


This is what I was planning on for today, to wet, oh well maybe tomorrow.

The grass was really high when the picture was taken although that is a brush pile in front of the tractor. It’s shorter now and I wanted to get it again before it took off. We have had so much rain that the 90 degree hot spell never slowed it down.


Here’s Sadie’s new “Do’. She got it cut Friday.

Sadie is showing off her new hair do, Rigg’s just gives her a sniff and the brushoff, like what’s the big deal I never have to get mine trimmed.

It is a slow news day here in Dardenne Prairie, looks like even the Sheriff took the day off since his car is parked at the City Hall.

That’s about it for today. Be safe out there.Sam & Donna………

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Happenings.

It is another hot and sunny day here on Dardenne Prairie, high for the day so far is 95. We are supposed to cool into the 70’s for the weekend.

Donna was off yesterday,for last nights supper a made up a batch of Grandma Genett meatballs and we had spaghetti with it.

Today was a lazy relax day, it is just to hot again, can’t believe with all the hot weather the grass is still growing like crazy, must be all the rain we have been getting at night. I will take advantage of the cooler weather and do some cutting this weekend.

How about some Thursday Throwbacks.


Donna & Grandma Weibel 1978.


                       Sam at Ft Knox 1978.


                     Donna at Ft Knox 1978.

Donnawith Rick'strains,ca1978,09-04-14a

              Donna with Rick’s trains,1978

That’s about it for today, Everyone be safe out there.

Sam & Donna……………

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts.

Started today out with rain after a night of heavy on and off storms.  About 02:00PM the sun broke out and now it looks pretty nice out there.

Donna is off today, so we have a nice supper planned, Chicken Alfredo.

My new Jersey Grand Meghen won another horse outing.


Meghen & Dude at New Jersey Show-de-o.

Meghen & Dude09-01-14b

Meghen gets a kiss from Dude.


Dude lifted his head up while Meg was giving him a hug.


Katy get a turn in the tree stand.

Lugarin his cowboyduds0992014a

Granddog Lugar in his cowboy duds.

Both of these girls are fearless and their Mom and and my Son Tim encourage their participation in all kinds of sports, Katie and Meghen also do martial arts classes. and Katie plays piano and takes lessons. While Meghen is in Ballet classes. I am so proud of both of them they are also good students.

Still haven’t been out in the fiver yet, I want to get a couple days out before we go to the military reunion in Branson on the 9th of Oct.

While it is still hot I want to go where they have swimming facilities for Rigg’s and I.

Hope all is going well with all our friends out there. Be safe.Sam & Donna……….