Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday Meanderings.

It is a cold (40degrees) rainy day here in Dardenne Prairie, the pooches only go out when they absolutely have to go. I read On another blog where it is tough to find idea’s to write about in a daily blog when you are home and sitting around and not going places or visiting friends. My buddy Rigg’s came to the rescue by suggesting a few of his vacation pictures from the vault, so here we go.


Swimming with my Dad at Paul’s in Fla. I love swimming.


My Fla. girlfriends, Coco,Jodie,& Sandy. were all best friends.


Our ice cream party with the girls.


            More swimming with the girls.


Watching for my Dad to come home at Cousin Tammy’s.


             Watching my Mom in the fiver.


Sitting in Dad’s chair, see how big I am.

Florida Gateway Resort Campground Jasper Fla.h

With my Dad at the campground in Fla.

He says he can’t wait until we take another trip in the fiver.

Donna was supposed to work tonight but she is feeling down so she called off. I won’t complain, I like when she rests here at home.

We plans this morning to go to the grocery store together, but when I went to start the truck, the battery was down. I haven’t used it in a couple weeks and I noticed the GPS was left plugged in and on, can’t believe it dragged two batteries down but it did. Donna went to the store in her Escape, and I dug out the charger and charged the truck and then took it for a ride. I’ll try it in the morning after it sets in the garage all night to see if it is charged, or I If I need the batteries checked. Can’t remember but I know there are at least 2 or 3 years old.

Other than that nothing is new. Hope all is well with all our friends. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. Hey Sam, I enjoy seeing your "vault" photos. It's nice to be reminded that the sun does shine in some places. Sure is cold here today, but probably not as cold as where you are there.

  2. Loved the pool pictures...They warmed me up...temporarily. Suppose to be high in the 20's this weekend for our Cave-a-palooza..SHEESH!

  3. I enjoyed looking at the old pictures too. That Riggs certainly is a big boy1

  4. Most blogs that post on a daily basis rely on pictures from the vault.

    Looks like Riggs was enjoying himself.

    Tell Donna not to push herself so hard and take time to enjoy life.

    It's about time.