Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Home Again.

Well after 2 !/2 months Max & Chappie pulled into the drive at the Weeb Ranch in Dardenne Prairie MO.Not to say we weren't looking forward to being home, well Donna was Sam probably could have stayed out another month till summer was over. I may take a short trip just to get out to a lake for some swimming before August is over. Hardest part of getting home is unpacking, Donna’s two piece oxygen machine contains two section, one for supplying her air 24-7 in the RV and the other for filling her two portable tanks for when we are away from her life support in the RV. But what a job to get those back in the house and setup for her. we were extremely fortunate aside from a converter failure in the first week of our trip, which had to be replaced ($400). our trip was trouble free kept a check on the oil and tire pressures and Max & Chappie just kept rolling along through 7 states. found out we could get almost two weeks out of our holding tanks when we stopped at relatives in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. All but one campground was a pleasure to stay at. the one, Green Acres in Lake Milton, wanted to move us away from an electric  site when we wanted to extend a day, even after us asking if that would be okay when we checked in, what part of your wife needs her O2 24/7 didn’t they understand. I was getting ready to hitch up when they sent a peace emissary to tell us to go ahead and stay put, Donna was pissed.
Sam got his pool fix at just about every stop. Last stop was in Terre Haute N. instead of staying one night we stayed three, a little pricey since it is a KOA, but as Donna said they made up for it in great customer service.
Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.
Welcome home to MO08-18-15a
Now the unpacking begins, mostly Donna’s clothes, I will leave  some of mine for a short trip latter this month,maybe some train pictures and some swimming. I  want to go to a veterans reunion in Oct.in Va Beach but we will probably just drive and stay in hotels.
Not much more for today, Be safe out there. Oh yeah Rigg’s is glad to be home with Sadie and Charlie, but I think he is spoiled by being a camper dog and the only attention getter.
Sam & Donna…………………….


  1. Glad you had a mostly pleasant trip. We're sure that Riggs will enjoying the freedom of running around in his own backyard.
    I'd noticed the size of Donna's Oxygen Machine in the pictures and it is quite a bit larger than our CPAP machines but it would still work off of a Pure Sine Wave inverter. The inverter takes it's power from the batteries but would give you the benefit of the odd dry camping days.
    More and more lakes are becoming unsafe to swim in as they are carrying Amebas that attach the human body so stay safe and only swim in pools.
    Even Kathy and I sometimes use motels rather than taking our trailer. The fuel savings offset the difference with the camping fees.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. When you first took off on the trip, I had no idea you were staying out that long. Must have given you a good taste of what it feels to be fulltimers.

  3. So glad you guys were able to get out and about for such a long extended period of time! is this the longest time off away from home for you two? We liked following along your adventures and it was good to see you two using your rig and getting to have a variety of camping adventures! Seeing your families and seeing the country is a fun thing to do too....