Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, September 4, 2015

In another heat wave.

We are now in our fourth day of 95 plus heat here n the bustling burgh of Dardenne Prairie. wish we were a big enough town to have a city swimming pool.Have let the blog sit for a couple weeks, WE have had some trying days with Donna’s health. she is having breathing problems and attacks of dizziness. Saturday my Son called the  paramedics to the house when she passed out in the kitchen. They checked her heart and determined it was doing fine, they then checked her medications and determined a new prescription was causing the problems.  She made an appointment for yesterday with her Doctor and she had new medication prescribed, we shall see how this goes, she said she still had some dizziness today.

WE are having the hall bathroom redone, new drywall, tiles and flooring due to leaks over the years, that should be done this week, the carpenter who is doing it is working hard and he will be repairing a wndow and sash n n Kitchen bath, and other repairs before he is done. He was supposed to do it while we were out of town this summer, but he was in a bad car accident, and is just now back to work on a reduced schedule, these jobs here have no time limit, and we told him if he gets tired or stressed to quit for the day and relax.

I have some pictures of my Grand girls in New Jersey.


Dude & Meghen


Meghen & Turtle.

Meghen and newborn donkey09-02-15a

Meghen and newborn donkey.


Katie on board.


Meghen & Katie canoeing.

Charlie & Rigg's08-22-15a

Rigg’s and Charlie chilling.

That’s about it for today, while Donna is feeling under the I am putting off any more camping until she feels better. I was going to take a week or so and Rigg’s and I go out by the railroad and then swim at the campground but I will wait until Donna’s health improves. Hope all our friends are doing fine out there. Be safe.  Sam & Donna………..


  1. Sending prayers and hugs to you with hopes that Donna soon feels wonderful again. It's not fun not feeling good.

  2. I'll be thinking about Donna too. I wish doctors would prescribe a half dose for the first week, and then increase it to the full regimen. They should do this with any meds especially those for heart problems. A few months ago I quit taking all prescription and OTC meds. I had been having episodes of dizziness and feeling like my heart was stopped, and when I got off the fairly standard and not powerful stuff I had been taking, I haven't had any episodes since! I should have done one at a time instead of all at once, because now I don't know what had been causing my problems. I hope the new meds help Donna and that you are both camping again soon!

  3. Oh gosh, poor Donna. I sure hope she is feeling better. I bet your carpenter is very happy that you aren't in a rush and that he can work at a pace that he sees fit.

    Love the pictures of the girls! If you hadn't said that picture with Megan and the new born donkey was a baby donkey, I would have thought it was a dog. I think baby donkeys have to be one of the cutest baby animals.


  4. Sending our best wishes for Donna's health all the way from Canada up here. Sorry you guys couldn't make it over to Bayfield this summer buy maybe catch you somewhere in the Southwest this winter if your traveling. And Pheebs sends a big bark to Rigg's & Charlie:))

  5. So many times it's the meds that are supposed to help that are the culprits. I can't take acetaminophen. Makes my heart race. Be careful there Donna, friend.

  6. Best of wishes to Donna,take good care of her and send her our LOVE