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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Had a morning eye opener.

At 07:00AM this morning my Son Andy and I set off for Florissant MO. for my 07:45AM appointment at the Surgical Center for my Cataract surgery. It took about 2 hours and when It was over the doctor said it came out excellent and I will be happy with the results,I could see right away on the way home that I had brighter and clearer vision.

Tomorrow I have a follow up appointment at the eye center in St Peters Mo. I will have to keep it covered with plastic cover while  sleep at night for about a week, and Donna will be putting drops in until they are used up. In about a month they will do my left eye, I don’t have a date yet.

No pain and really not a bad experience. Just a little sleepy from the medication, they don’t put you to sleep but they give you a heavy pain masker. No driving for at least 24 hours.

That's about it for now,everyone be careful out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. You had it pretty nice. I think I had to wear the patch until I went back to the doctor the next morning for the initial checkup. Then I did have to wear the plastic cover at night.

  2. Happy for you,Sam! So glad that all turned out well. H & P

  3. Happy for you,Sam! So glad that all turned out well. H & P

  4. Glad your surgery went well. Stella will be having both eyes done in June.

  5. Amazing what they can do. Good for you in getting it done.

  6. Good news, some times it is better not to see it all.....best regards